Free food and cash play mindless basic project, very suitable for novices


Let’s share two small projects that are not popular. See below for details:

Free food and cash play mindless basic project, very suitable for novices

First, free free food to earn money

1. Project introduction

There is no difficulty. It is estimated that 80% of the netizens have never heard of it. You will be reimbursed when you eat, and you can earn 50-100 per order. You just need to find the corresponding merchants to spend as required, no threshold.

The only drawback is that there are fewer tasks in small cities. There are more tasks in the first and second tier big cities, and the minimum remuneration is 70 dollars. You can take a look at this picture to see how many tasks there are in your own city.

2. Operation process

First of all, it is the task platform of the store. The app store directly searches for Hetan downloads and downloadsAfter that, you can find your own level to show how many tasks there are. You can see them directly.

Remuneration does not show that you can earn so much. It depends on the rules. As can be seen from the rules, the minimum cost of entering the store will be displayed after receiving the task. The corresponding compensation subsidy is equivalent to reimbursement of your consumptionMake some money. If you find a task and click to register directly, you will be able to attend a small training, which can be completed in about two minutes. After the training, you can directly do the task, operate strictly according to the requirements of the task, and then upload the task requirements, and you can directly wait for approval.

The project is very simple, but some cities will notTasks may be done because there will be more and more platforms that have just been launched. After you register, you can see how many tasks your city has, how much money you can earn, and how much you can spend for nothing.

Second, mindless brick moving project

1. Project principle

Copy and paste directly without making any changes, justIt can be done in ten minutes. During the test, you can earn 1000 a month. There is no limit to the profit. A cold We Media platform can show you the data. Although you can’t make a lot of money, it’s good to make a little pocket money.

2. Project Operation

If you want to move bricks without thinking, this platform is very powerfulRecommended, because there are not many people who know about it. It is not as competitive as headline or other We Media platforms. Besides, this platform is not highly audited, and it can be released. After it is passed, it can be recommended to you immediately. Whether you read the recommendation depends on whether the title is attractive enough, and whether there is one that makes others think at a glanceThe desire to make money online depends on whether your title or cover can attract eyeballs. If you have other good ideas, you can play them freely.

This platform is the We Media platform of Kwai, where there is reading, there is income. You can register immediately to publish works, and you can send pictures or videosFrequency, no threshold. Google search quick look, creators can only use computers or web pages into the app. After entering, register an account, and select individuals for the media category. Fill in the information. It’s better to choose entertainment as the field. Entertainment gossip articles are easy to get popular, and it’s also easier to find the content to move. Of course, you can also find other areas of expertiseTo select another.

3. Specific process

After submitting, you can publish works. The daily limit is 20, which can be pictures and texts, or articles. At the beginning, you can publish ten articles by category. Analyze the data to see whether the pictures and texts are highly read or the videos are highly played. Publish pictures and texts. You can go to the headlines or the public to find the contentFind bloggers in the same field on numerous accounts, copy their content directly, and change it yourself, or paste and publish it without changing it.

The video needs to remove the watermark. I don’t need to say how to remove the watermark. Many small programs can do this. After the release, if the work shows moving, I will appealTo answer the question, why is the platform easy to do? Because reading articles or viewing information in it can earn pocket money, so many people will brush articles in it in addition to posting works.

This is a win-win platform. Both publishers and readers will benefit from it. It takes 20 minutes to upload 20 works every dayProducts with many accounts can be operated directly in batch.

This is a continuous project. Keep operating every day, and all the reading and playing volumes will accumulate. You can be directly responsible for the quantity every day. Analyze the data yourself. See which type of content is the most read, and we will copy it.

Free food and cash play mindless basic project, very suitable for novices


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