Quickly Monetize small side projects: How to increase your monthly income by 5000 when social networking sites sell more followers?


The most pathetic people in the world,

Someone who seems to be working hard,

They get up early and work late every day,

Putting in 10 times more time and effort for less than 10 percent of the money,

What is the reason for this?

The real money isn’t in death,

But by thinking,

The development of the mind depends on learning,


Just like going to work,

Work is execution,

But without thinking, without growing,

Then you’ll always get a dead bottom wage,

A man who has lost the ability to learn, a man who is unwilling to think,

You can never make money in the Internet age!

I’m going to introduce one to you today

Use flow rate to change quickly

My current side project,

Social networking Sites

Rising powder sold for cash,

I hope that through the implementation of this project,

It gives you a different kind of insight.

Account Location

Because our goal is very clear, is to quickly increase the powder, and then out of the account to cash out, so before the operation should consider the account positioning problem:

What areas of notes are better

Easy to get hot, more quickly grow fans?

Solve this problem, you can quickly operate a mature good number in a short time.

We all know

Social networking Sites

It’s mostly young women, about 70 percent, and women are the best money to make, but what we have to do,

It’s not about getting their money directly, it’s about getting them

Are concerned about.

It’s a very difficult operation to get users to spend money

A novice

It’s harder, but it’s much easier to get attention and get traffic.

What are the areas where women are most likely to get high attention? Movies, animation, music, inspirational, emotional, constellation, these six

The field can definitely lead to bubble net to earn unlimited interest of female friends.

As long as you find a field to do a good job of positioning, the rest is handling simple editing, it is OK.

Early preparation of account

1. Beginners are advised

A novice

One machine, one card, one number, all need a mobile phone to log in to multiple accounts, if it is a mobile phone operation

If you have an account, don’t connect to WiFi.

2. Do not use a virtual mobile phone number to register an account.

3. Do a good job of raising the number. Raising the number is actually very simple, as long as you use it like a normal user, log in every day to see works in the same field, so that you can stick to operation for about a week.

4. Because of your target audience

The household is female, so we must prefer female aesthetic, or directly find a good-looking female head, animation head can also be.

5, if you do not want to divert, the signature can be written casually. If you want to earn a little more drainage, then the signature can use homophonic diversion to the public number or micro signal.

Types of Notes

And practical operation

Social networking Sites

There are two kinds of notes, video and graphic. You can choose the one you like to operate, but

Video notes are more recommended.

Note making practical operation

1. How to find sources of materials?

Major we-media platforms, such as graphic materials, can be found in Toutiao, hundred, Big fish, Quora, see

Frequency material can go


Kuaishou and other short video platforms here to find.

Here, video footage needs to be watermarked. The method of watermarking can be directly 100 degrees, which is very simple.

2. Video and graphic production

Video production can be operated directly with the mobile phone clip APP.

Google can cut the operation skills, learn a

It’s easy to master, as long as you don’t copy, change the background music, change the beginning, it will increase the originality, don’t forget to give the video

With a catchy title.

If it is a wallpaper account can directly send text, so the operation is easier, the prepared wallpaper can be directly uploaded, one can upload 9


This account operation is very easy, it takes about 10 minutes every day, the wallpaper is basically downloaded from the public account, every day can be harvested like, collection.

3. Make notes

(1) If it is video, choose the best frame as the cover; If it’s graphic, go for the best

A wallpaper for the first image.

(2) The best time to publish is at noon and at night. The frequency of publication is recommended to send 3 to 5 notes every day, so that it is easier to increase fans, but do not publish too frequently.

Converted into cash

The way to monetize this project is to sell the number, which can be posted on new media accounts such as A5, Fishclaw, and New Media Tiger

Trading platform sale, the current market price of these fields of ten thousand powder can sell more than 1000 dollars a.

As for 10,000 users, it is only a matter of one or two months. If we operate several numbers at the same time, it is not a problem to earn more than three or five thousand per month.

As for other means of realization, we can also consider if we have the ability. Carry out the moving work

Modify, increase its original degree, multi-platform operation, together to the public number diversion, traffic main advertising number, a year easily 100,000 .

That’s all for this article

Quickly Monetize small side projects: How to increase your monthly income by 5000  when social networking sites sell more followers?


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