Sideline operation money project: easy to start income 1-300, part-time can do!


Recently, I have been basically playing Quora. After all, for entrepreneurial fans, Quora is very accurate, and it is allowed to insert your public number advertisement in the personal introduction column, so many people are in the layout of Quora drainage. After browsing Quora for so long, I can see all kinds of questions and answers every day, among which the most

“How to have a side business”, I can say that every day I ask at least 1-20 questions about side businesses.

In the previous side project, many people are mainly renting wechat, 1 to 300 a day


No, some depending on the number of your fans, the price will have a certain deviation, but this

Side jobs are not recommended, you don’t know what the other person is doing with it, at least the account will be permanently banned/gagged, at worst there may be other results, you know…… So, today we’re going to share a list of real side projects that can make money.

The specific projects are as follows:

First, salted fish to sell goods. For salted fish

Operation, the previous article has written, Xianyu is currently the largest second-hand trading platform, another platform is TX cooperation around (around the above mainly to sell mobile phones, can buy second-hand mobile phones, a single earn 100


Around the price many people will buy). At present, salt fish the most popular bubble net income is no

Source goods with goods, they are through PDD or 1688 to find the source of goods, resell, from the profit margin. One of the simplest examples, Dyson’s hair dryer, costs 1-3K on a treasure, 800-1.5K on a salted fish, and from 200-600 on a 1688


Between, and the sales of salted fish is not low. (It can be operated after work, and it doesn’t take much time every day)

Second, the ground to push and pull new. I’ve been doing it myself, mainly promoting the Speedhand,


Speed edition, Amazon special edition and orange heart preferred, in addition to Amazon special edition, now the other flat

The commission is decreasing. The commission of Kuaishou Super speed version has not changed, it is still 12 3 red envelopes, among which 3


It’s a face-to-face invitation. The other thing is that there are more iPhone users than Android users


That is, pull a new person 20


. When I was doing it, I was driving traffic with laundry detergent, dolls, yeah

Partners are in the market promotion, send cabbage, a day’s income as long as to do 1-300 is basically no problem.

Third, project promoter. This is to promote others to make money, such as the loan aspect, whether it is money or micro loan or Jingdong Baitiao, you invite people and successful payment, a single

The amount is in the tens


To thousands


Different, mainly depends on how much the customer turnover amount. In addition, it was big data credit inspection. The most I ever did was to earn more than 500 orders on Bubble net in a single day, with an income of more than 10,000. At that time, many people were working on this project, and many partners operated it at home after work. On the other

Outside is the project we are about to put on the shelves now, drainage tutorial is also equipped, there is a computer can operate, so a day to earn 1-300


Actually implementing it is not a big problem.

Fourth, takeaway CPS. This is a huge amount of work in the early stage, and there are many people doing this in the market now. Don’t think like last year

To do do not know how to start, now directly see peers know how to operate. Of course, this year’s market is definitely not as good as last year’s, so we need to be psychologically prepared to operate this. CPS for takeaway food is mainly the early flow, which can be intercepted for cash or cooperated with takeaway food riders. Interception is a popular keyword interception

For example, the previous wechat red envelope cover, Xisixing PPT, ship tickets, etc., this kind of cash takeout coupons is very good. Therefore, after the operation of this account, sideline income is not hundreds


Can meet, specific or depends on whether you can do it.

Sideline operation money project: easy to start income 1-300, part-time can do!


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