Brainless generation grab Maotai, the use of software can make money automatically


Every time, there are always some online wool money projects, and some do make a lot of money, like some new activities, the promotion of traffic card, some to pull the head, some just complete the task, that today we talk about this grab Maotai is actually a big wool, with a script is a fully automatic money

The eye.

Yesterday, a student found me, said he saw more than an hour of video in the morning, and then took a bottle of Maotai in the broadcast room, bubble net to earn me a look, more than 2600 a bottle, this is too black, higher than the ordinary market price, the student said he was only fight speed, even didn’t see, look back to find

It’s not two bottles, it’s one, and it’s still a viable business, because the profits are there.

Now on the market to grab Moutai, in addition to the direct business software collocation, is the agent plus crowd tactics, yes, you are not wrong, grab Moutai this business can recruit agents, and make full use of more people

I don’t know if you can get the software if you buy it, but I will receive it if you get it. In short, I don’t lose money even if I sell the software.

So if we want to do this project well, we need to understand some logical relations and market demands of this project.

At the end of last year online snatch Moutai project, itself is the electricity

In order to grab the traffic, the commercial platforms put Moutai on the market. Up to now, the original 1,499 Moutai has been promoted to around 2,500. That is to say, as long as we grab Moutai, the direct profit will be three digits.

So everyone to rob, because of the account, Internet speed

Due to various reasons, many Moutai can’t be captured. Moutai is in limited supply, but only a few can really be captured. In this case, a variety of Moutai stealing software comes into being.

Like other wool projects we do, grabbing Moutai has certain basic requirements. For example, some Dong needs to be a member, and some Bao also needs the old weight and the old number.

These software traffickers do not have so many accounts, can only rely on the crowd tactics to profit.

So how do we do this project?

First of all, we find one or several more reliable snatch software, and then look for a group of people who follow you to snatch Moutai all day, give the software to them to use, and then provide the snatch Moutai

Desk service.

What kind of goods, cut the price of a quote, immediately cut, why

Others can cut it, because he has gathered a group of people who are polishing the wool. If you think about it, you can see that they are changing the commodities for our money.

Then our profit is the Maotai generation rob service fee, even want to make money on Moutai tuition, we will talk about this later, it can be several

A profit point.

In the specific landing, we should also know that steal software is very important, here we can take steal software as a script, script itself is a game between the platform, or use some bugs to achieve cheating, the first is to be struck.

So good substitute rob

Software, not only can be real grab, and there will be maintenance behind, this suggestion that we spend money to get a, but this software is not as expensive as you imagine, if the cost of hundreds of thousands, or forget it, Google or public number can be searched.

Create a generation of rob equipment

This is our business. It’s heavy, too

Yes, because what we do is snatch, and what we earn is the price difference, so it doesn’t matter whether users pay us or deposit in the early stage, because the product is in our hands, even if this user does not, there are other users.

But if users want to send it directly to their hands on Tmall, they have to pay first.


Set up to build nothing more than the wechat circle of friends to build, some grab Maotai real-time information is the best, the most professional line as far as possible, the reference to wechat business, or you have resources can also go to Maotai warehouse to take a picture of what.

This project is also an important drainage, drainage to be divided into two lines, the first is the generation of rob

The team, the second is the customer.

The more people in the team, the better. There is no Maotai that can’t be sold. This truth need not be repeated.

For the users who want to masturbate Moutai wool, we go to the major wool communities and information groups

You can find a lot of people, you can pay to join some big groups, you can hire people with an AD.

Combining the advantages of each platform, I think the high-quality information group and the wool part-time job on Douban platform are the best resources.

The other kind of drainage is the customer, the customer drainage we are generally in accordance with the pan powder to push

Broadly the same, the first is the major we media post, guide users to add your wechat, in addition, you can put some videos of Moutai on the short video platform,


Kuaishou, Quora, YouTube and so on.

Because Moutai is a kind of thing that people don’t drink when they buy it, and they don’t buy it when they buy it

Spare, so don’t ignore any of the pan powder, they are likely to become our customers.

This project of stealing Moutai, I thought about it, there is no risk. It is just that the software for stealing is blocked and cannot be used. Of course, it needs some cost input, after all, it is not a small amount of money

Persuade the user to pay up front.

In fact, this project is not only one way to play, but can extend the revenue channels in the later stage. For example, we can change from agent snatch to exclusive collection, and then make money by selling Moutai, or customize agent snatch mobile phones for users in need. This is nothing professional, but a mobile phone with better performance

Loaded a script, the original cost of 500 had to sell 2980.

Brainless generation grab Maotai, the use of software can make money automatically


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