For projects with information difference of thousands of profits, you can make money by moving


Over the past few years, my online disk has been full of hundreds of tons of data, which should be deleted and saved.

For projects with information difference of thousands of profits, you can make money by moving

Delete what?

Obsolete technology, old-fashioned methods, and relentless deletion like garbage.

Save what?

Helpful materials, tools, first-hand resources for thinking expansion, and personal project notes I have summarized for several years.

Let me rememberA past event ofNoviceOne, I made friends with a teacher in a group at that time. I was a Sina blog, and I used the high weight blog to make the keywords on Google’s home page.

After ranking,There are two realization modes: selling blogs and receiving advertisements.

Because the blog was used as a traffic station, at first I sought to be popularTools, the teacher recommended his baby to me, saying that only 688 can be taken away, and I didn’t want to transfer money to him.

I am very happy to have the tools. The efficiency of ranking is indeed several times higher than before.

Later, I found the same resource as I spent 688 on the software station when I searched for similar tools. Maybe this isThe so-called information gap.

As of today, the information gap is always cutting wool on people who do not understand.

Data analysis tools must be used by people who carry goods live.

The more famous ones are: cicada mother, shake check…… Etc.

Take Cicada’s mother for example. If you normally open a professional edition, the monthly fee is 1299dollars.

It will cost at least 10000 dollars a year, which may not be a big deal for some live broadcast bosses.

However, newcomers can save money by entering the industry. Everyone’s economic situation is different.

If you don’t dig cheap channels, paying directly is a chive.

Refer to “Cicada Mother Professional Edition Month”Card “, a search error of more than 10 times.

It is also the professional version of Cicada Mother, which can be used for 30 days. The order from this channel is only 60 dollars.

The profit in this wave of information difference is: 1299 dollars – 60 dollars=1236 dollars

Even if you buy professional members for one year in a row, you will only need 720 dollars at the end of the competitionTo renew the official website, you need 15588 dollars a year.

This is information gap. People who will spend money can always buy the same service at a low price.

Let’s check again.

The annual fee for the flagship version of this platform is 6688 dollars, or 27 dollars per day.

It is written that there are 12 sub accounts available, and 10 main account devices, which can be differentYou can use so many accounts.

If only one account is enough, this money is obviously not cost-effective.

So, is there a cheaper channel? Go and have a look at the sunset.

It is also a flagship monthly card. The independent account costs only 80 dollars per month.

Some are even lower, as long as 75 dollars, which is normally used as a project operationPeople, independent accounts are enough, and several people can share.

Then calculate the information difference for everyone. 80 dollars/month is calculated as 12 months, and the annual cost is 960 dollars.

The information difference between the two is thousands of dollars, 6688 dollars – 960 dollars=5728 dollars.

So, why are the prices of merchants different from those of the platformSo many, in fact, are the same way of realization.


The price of the same product fluctuates, even if it is only a few dollars a order, in the case of thousands of sales, it is to earn tens of thousands of dollars more.

The same is true for this service. Others sell 60 month cards, while you sell 65 month cards. The amount is 5 dollarsA single information difference amplification operation, you understand.

When the order comes, go to the shop of the same trade to place an order, and 0 will be put into operation every day.

This kind of play is similar to the way of acting as a proxy to find books. Those who understand it naturally understand it.

For projects with information difference of thousands of profits, you can make money by moving


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