Small category projects with monthly income of over 10000 dollars


WeChat is a very good transaction channel.

Small category projects with monthly income of over 10000 dollars

WeChat is regarded as the last step of transformation, no matter in bidding, or in various distribution and information flow advertisements. Because WeChat collection chat is particularly convenient, and most people have social tools.

However, it is difficult for ordinary people to generate benefits when chatting, which is basically consumedBut in the hands of those who play advertising and deal, every chat means that it can bring rich returns.

There is a group of people who are different from them. Many people are begging to chat with him and return money before chatting. This group is the most low-key group making money on the Internet, called the consulting genre.

In this wayI also wrote about the project last year, but few people paid attention to it. Only a few smart guys formed a small team of three through our platform. Now the project is flourishing. On average, one person can share 30000 dollars a month.

Two of them are responsible for attracting customers, and one is responsible for chatting,The cooperation is quite tacit.

There are many types of consulting schools mentioned above, as well as many hidden profiteering consulting industries. As we all know, Feng Shui Flow is a typical case of the consulting genre, but the industry has been messed up by many bottomless people and is no longer suitable for newcomers.

howeverOther consultation schools that have not been widely spread are still very popular. It is difficult to find their existence unless there are specific people.

For example, the popular legal consulting, beauty consulting, entrepreneurial consulting, psychological consulting, emotional consulting, personal planning consulting, and tourism consulting are all very profitable.

We were very successfulYou can easily understand the principle of the case.

Tourism consulting may be unfamiliar to everyone. But it is a new consulting industry that has just emerged, with great potential. When you decide to travel abroad, you don’t want to travel with a group. It is more expensive to travel with a group. I don’t know how to plan the route, so I should prepareWhat and how to face various situations. In the case of confusion, tourism consulting is very necessary.

He will help you solve the problems of flights, routes, food and necessities. All your itineraries are arranged properly. At this time, spend some money to buy experience from themIt’s often worth it.

The price of such a road map is generally above 80%. And do not accept any form of counter-offer. And such roadmaps are almost fixed. It means that if he has the intention to make a deal, he can directly send the electronic version of the picture to him and get 80 dollars of income. Very relaxed.

It focuses on three types of travel groups, and accurate positioning means that three copies of route standards are enough.

The biggest threshold for operating this project is: professional. For example, for a trip to Thailand, you should have a very clear understanding of domestic flights to Thailand, how to buy discount tickets, how to deal with visas, and which cities have specialColor, can meet different needs of people. In a word, customers only need to tell me what kind of price I am prepared to travel to Thailand. You should basically understand how to plan.

However, the threshold for starting this business is relatively low, because the route is too replicable, so as long as you find peers and spend hundreds of dollars, you canIf you are smart enough to get a roadmap, you can also get a commission from the hotel.

As for promotion, it is very simple. Many tourism forums have travel notes, which are directly rewritten into soft articles, shaping IP into a travel expert. Naturally, there are many people who ask questions like you, tell them directly, and I willThey are all sorted out, but they are also hard to sort out. We can accept the appropriate payment.

Any travel note is the amount of views that have been finished. Such a post can bring a large number of interested customers. According to the description of those guys, their highest paid post has about 30000 views, which can be directly converted80000. Yes, the effect is so outstanding.

Of course, in addition to this consulting industry, other industries can also be selected. Among them, the legal consulting industry is also very profitable. Remember that it is legal advice, not lawyer advice. There is a big difference.

Generally, customers like this are basically ordinary peoplePi can’t make up his mind about small things. Others need to be consulted. As long as they give some advice from the legal point of view, they will happily pay to express their thanks. But I want to tell you that more than 90% of the answers can be found on the Internet. Because there are too many laws on the networkShiwang said that all kinds of questions are highly related, and the answers can basically be sorted according to the questions.

However, such users post more in the post bar. There are many precise users in legal consultation, dispute and help seeking. Open a long-term serial post to answer questions online, and you can harvest a large number of customers.

There are still some needsThose who want to write lawsuits on behalf of others also make a lot of money. I can’t write direct Amazon docking, but I can handle it by about 100, and I can earn 200 difference.

Conclusion: There are many profiteering industries that can make a lot of money. There are a group of very profitable people in almost every subdivided field. It is difficult for ordinary people to cut into their businessIndustry, because there is no demand, also means that there is no concern.

Small category projects with monthly income of over 10000 dollars


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