One day batch daily income of 100+, teach you how to turn micro headlines into cash


Today, we are going to talk about the project of the micro headline transcription game and its realization. It is not a problem to earn 100+and 200+a day depending on this money making game.

One day batch daily income of 100+, teach you how to turn micro headlines into cash

I will explain it in five parts.

First, what is transcription?

We have to understand it from a literal meaningTo understand is to use a pen, and then copy some books, articles, chapters, or paragraphs we have seen in the form of words. Then we take a picture and upload it to WeChat Headlines. This is called copy, which is actually one of the ways to play WeChat Headlines.

This is a very simple thing,It’s just as simple as copying the text with the word. Then upload it to our micro headline.

Second, how to publish some works.

As for the release of works, we’d better send this Jiugong grid here. Because in this case, when users browse our WeChat headlines, they may say that they willIf you send two of your nine pictures to her, she may read two and then draw away.

But if we have 9 pictures at this time, it will be different. He may say that he has seen them all, from one to nine. At that time, he will stay with us for a long time.

At this time, our incomeIt will be relatively high. This is the same as Tiktok Headline, which allows users to stay in our time, browse volume, and browse for as long as possible.

In addition, when we publish, we should also edit our own copy, which should be more than 300 words, just like our composition,Basically, there are dozens or hundreds of sentences.

Then you can divide it into top, middle and bottom, and simply add some other copywriting.

At that time, a micro headline of book copying was formed. We sent it in Jiugong grid, and then the number of words exceeded 300. It is recommended that it should be around 400 to 500. thatIt is very OK to publish a work like this. This is a standardized operation.

Third, the threshold for micro headline opening.

For the creation of micro headlines, we need to satisfy 100 fans, and then open a revenue for our headlines.

Maybe many friends fail to meet the first requirement, that isIt said that the fans did not meet 100, what should we do at this time?

President Lin teaches you a little skill. We can go to the group that has joined the headline and give it to you. Add more groups that have joined the headline. And then they can make friends with others. Many people will do such things as making money onlineMost of those who create small ones will do some mutual love. Basically, 100 fans can be settled in a few days, and then the micro headline A revenue can be opened.

In addition, if you find it troublesome, you can go to Amazon or Xianyu directly. There is a special operation of mutual powder painting, but thisIt costs money. We should make this choice according to our actual situation.

Personally, I suggest that people should not spend money if they can. Of course, if you think you need to be faster, you should spend some money and deal with these things.

Fourth, what are the skills of copying books?

To put it bluntly, copy this techniqueThere is not much to say. We should focus on some other places, namely, how to think and how to think. Because when we copy books, we don’t copy them all.

If you do this, you will be very tired. And users see that your content is not nutritious orWhat kind of attraction, it is difficult for users to stay. Then we won’t have a second recommendation, or your recommendation is more difficult.

In addition, if there is one exception to your writing, we can say that our own writing is very beautiful, very OK, very neat, and very beautiful. That kind ofThat is another matter.

But we don’t write very much now. Maybe we don’t have much time to write all year round. So the handwriting may not be very beautiful. At this time, we must pay attention to the key points and employ some of the skills.

such asSay we go to Douban to search for some books, because Douban is mainly a place where book friends gather. Let’s go to search for things like the recent visit to Taiwan by President Pelosi of the United States House of Representatives. Then we can take this opportunity to search for the theory of war.

If there are some comments in this book, we can read them and copy themSome of the quotations, articles, book reviews, etc. can also be found. You can look for this and turn it forward. The more forward you go, the better it will be. You can turn it out. There are also some hot reviews. For example, you can get some reviews and copy them。 This is one of our tips.

Of course, if you own this book, you can also have some wonderful chapters and fragments in it after you read it, so you can also write it down.

In addition, you can take a picture of your own bookshelf, go to the library to take a picture or take a picture of the studyBrain can be taken with mobile phones. As long as we take pictures with our own mobile phones, we are all original works and there is no transfer.

At this time, the platform will give us more recommendations for this traffic. Then we must pay attention to what we are going to doAnd then spend 300 words on a copy. All right, everyone should pay attention to this matter. This is one of our tips for copying books.

In fact, this is also very simple and easy to understand. Basically, we can understand it with some time.

The fifth question is about writing.

Let’s goAs I said just now, unless many people don’t write much recently, it is now the electronic age. Maybe they ignore the words when talking and writing.

From the moment we leave school, we can basically say that many people have left the era of writingI can’t touch my head a few times. What should I do now? It means that writing is ugly. What should I do? Well, can I do it at this time?

Don’t doubt or worry about this. We should try to slow down when writing. Then, if the word is like this, sometimes it’s better to be uglyAt.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful. You can add some labels and put them on. Some people will say. Anyway, even if it is ugly, many people will comment on it. Don’t worry about these problems.

Of course, if you can write beautifully, try to write beautifully. We mean time, write slowlyDon’t write so fast. A little ugliness is good for you. Of course, the most beautiful words are the best. This is the first one.

The second one is that we can copy other than books?

Of course, it is also possible. As we just mentioned, except for some books, we can also go to the official accountThe news can also be, but it is easier to copy books.

After all, this paper book has this sense of image and three-dimensional. It will be easier for users to interact with each other.

Because after finishing writing and taking photos, people will think that your character is not as good as mine, or that your character is more beautiful than mine, or that youThis character is similar to mine.

Anyway, if there are all kinds of strange comments, the interaction will be relatively high, which is one of our purposes.

And then there is a common question, that is, will it cause this infringement? You can rest assured. If, of course, you mention thisOf course, it is also the best to ask such questions, because the most feared thing is that there is no problem.

We do it normally and confidently because we copy it by hand. There is no infringement problem, and you will not use it for other commercial purposes.

Besides, you use it for business, don’tPeople don’t pay for it, right? So don’t worry. Instead, we have done a promotion for others, which can be understood in this way.

In addition, when we operate the whole project, we should not think that I rely on copying. Don’t think like this, we should regard it as the output value of learning knowledgeSuch a platform.

Then when we operate, we will be more relaxed, not just what we want, but don’t think about it like this. If you take any project as our hobby, you will definitely do better and gain more wealth.

No matter what we doDon’t worry too much. It is destined to be piled up with the amount.

If you want to do it for a week, and you can make tens of thousands a month in a few days, you’d better not do it. Not everyone will get angry immediately, but it is such a simple content production. We should stick to the delivery.

A few can be sent every day if eachWith 10000 readings, there will be tens of thousands of readings every day, which is accumulated by us day by day.

As long as we continue to provide value, we will get more attention and trust, and our user group, namely fans, will also grow. This is the correct one for us to operate this projectWays of thinking.

One day batch daily income of 100+, teach you how to turn micro headlines into cash


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