Open a store without threshold, no deposit required, earn 200 every day, which can be operated by novices


Today, I want to share with you the project of a small store. There is no threshold and no deposit is needed to open a store. We can simply move goods to earn a price difference. We can do two or three hundred dollars a day at most, and earn thousands of dollars a month. Recently, I saw some teams charging for this project, so I will simply disassemble this process. Of course, there is no chargeIt is so detailed. If you are interested, you can operate it.

Open a store without threshold, no deposit required, earn 200 every day, which can be operated by novices

First, apply for a store

It is recommended to apply for individual stores directly if you have a business license. If you don’t have an enterprise store, you can apply for a personal store. The authority of an individual store is relatively low, and it is suitable for novicesNovicePractice, get familiar with the loading process, and search directlyStore assistant can apply for opening a store by entering the applet.

The process of opening a store is very simple. Just fill in some basic information according to the prompts, upload data, and do not need a deposit. That is to say, you can open a small store without spending a penny.

The second is to pass half an hour after submitting the materials

Congratulations on having a familySmall commodity stores. After upgrading the store, think about what kind of goods you want to sell. Give the store a similar name. It is very important to make a good selection and operation in the future. Here you can think about the selection. Now, e-commerce basically uses the model of no supply. Go to other platforms to find supplies and move them back and forth,

The cheapest one belongs to Alibaba and Pinxixi. Think about the goods you want to sell, go to these two platforms to find the source of goods, add some price to the store, and earn a price difference. This game is the lowest risk among all e-commerce businesses.

You don’t think you can sell the products if they are easy to sell. I don’t know how to choose themYes, you can go to the Feigua data first. You can see a lot of data in it, including the popular products of e-commerce. After we find several popular products, we will find the source of goods. After we find the source of goods, we will copy the information of the source of goods and upload it to our own store. These are manual and very simple.

Third, Huan can be used for batch operationLeguang Tools

It is free to use for seven days, and you can click to launch the goods. You can search this website by yourself.

Fourth, enterprise stores can find experts to bring goods

If you need to open the function, the promotion center on the left can be opened in the applet alliance. After opening, the products in the store will automaticallyEnter the alliance for promoters to choose. Personal stores cannot open this function,

Set a commission ratio for the uploaded goods, and try to set it as high as possible, because many people prefer the goods with high commissions. They also need to calculate the cost price of the goods, as well as the difference they earn. Don’t find their losses only after issuing ordersA little commission goes in.

Fifth, you can open your own shop to bring goods

Bind the store to your own YouTube, and you can directly post your works in the YouTube. There is no need to set a commission for this. If you bring your own goods, you can basically make money online to operate the store. There is no need to engage in enterprise stores, and overall operationThe process is very simple. I am basically familiar with the background operation once. It is not too difficult.

There must be a choice when selecting products. You can’t have all the products on the shelves. Don’t choose the products that need qualification to sell. Otherwise, when uploading, the review will not pass, and the status of the store will be affected.

Open a store without threshold, no deposit required, earn 200 every day, which can be operated by novices


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