Internet fortune-telling business: divination 10 minutes income 600,000


The spiritual sustenance of the elderly depends on health care products, while the young rely on fortune-telling. The content of metaphysics has once again taken over the Internet circuit, with cloud Buddha worship on TikTok and Taro interaction on B becoming new favorites.

According to a partial count, there are 66 companies with only the “constellation” label,

The founder of the most famous “Tongdao Uncle” cashed out 178 million dollars by the end of 2016.


How do Internet fortune-tellers play?

The Internet plus fortune-telling is nothing new.

For example, 10 years ago, “Wondering if he or she is the right person for you? Name a plus b bubble net earn, such as Guo Jing plus Huang Rong, send SMS to xxx…”

Relying on mobile phone communication signal transmission, full of ancient flavor of metaphysical fortune-telling has begun.

1. Layout of the whole network

Google search [free fortune-telling], the relevant results as many as 37 million, horoscope, Duke of Zhou interpretation of dreams, calculation of eight characters and so on, almost all human activities can be involved in fortune telling, it can be seen how profitable this business.

In other platforms, wechat group, public account, mini program, TikTok, Amazon, App and so on have fortune telling products.

It has been estimated that China has a population of 1.4 billion, and the target users aged between 16 and 50 account for about 45%, among which about 16% are paying users. The annual minimum consumption of fortune-telling is 1,000 dollars. Calculated, the size of the fortune-telling market exceeds 100 billion dollars.

2. Capital financing

Such a promising market, capital is also very optimistic.

Many products have received millions, tens of millions of financing.

For example, star knowledge, pocket goddess, horoscope, etc., has become a regular business.

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Internet fortune-telling has what money model

Internet fortune – telling money model has been derived from several.

1, charge to receive orders

How do you do that?

Fortune-telling apps, for example, fill in the basic information before placing an order, select your appeal (predict the future or name with eight characters), and then the software will automatically match the master that suits you.

According to the business scope, the number of orders received, the evaluation of different, the charging standard is also different, most of them are 200 to 1000 dollars per order, the most famous Shenchuang Bureau highest one time

$600,000 for 10 minutes of divination.

2, free fortune telling selling transshipment products

This approach can directly break the revenue ceiling of the consulting business and generate economies of scale.

The operation is free fortune-telling. There is.

Integrate into the circle of friends fission marketing

Only when you share it in moments can you count it for free.

Use the computer to arrange the disk, generate templates and send them to different people

You have a bad life, a bad career, and people are always mean to you.

Want to defuse it?

The master will recommend you to buy custom transporter, transfer crystal, light transfer beads, Buddha plate.

The cost of a charm is almost zero, and it can sell for more than 400 dollars on Amazon, which is a huge profit.

There are light transfer beads, the cost of a few dollars, here can sell two or three hundred. With fewer complaints, no bad reviews, and a huge increase in revenue.

Amazon because can compare prices, the competition is fierce, the price is relatively low. But in the public number, wechat business channels in the bubble net to earn, the original price of 5 dollars hanging price, as long as it is said that the master light, can sell to 5 thousand – 10 thousand pieces.

3. Fortune-telling training

In addition to making money directly from fortune-telling,

He also started a training business.

The teaching method is mainly online teaching, such as the simple Numerology of Shenchuang Bureau, 298 courses, 3,964 students, net 1.18 million dollars.

All kinds of masters and apprentice classes, tens of thousands of dollars a.

Not only to make money, but also to let the apprentice become a communication channel, the purpose is to do publicity for the company.


Turn to short video, metaphysical content is popular mouth?

In recent years, with the emergence of short video outlets, metaphysicians have also

From the past simple graphic information mode, to the more attractive video wave.

“When will you meet a sweet love”, “super accurate, Taro tells you the future of the second half of the year”……

Such interactive videos of Tarot divination have been played tens of thousands of times on B station, among which the most played video has received more than 3 million plays and more than 300,000 coins in just over half a year since its release.

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With the advantage of poor information and the emergence of short video outlets, the topic of # Tarot Divination on B station and TikTok remained high in popularity, and various Tarot diviners began to make their debut one after another.

Do not need the metaphysical content fire, only need the people under the metaphysical content packaging have a large number of traffic, can facilitate advertising placement and e-commerce with goods.

Hand in hand with the Internet video wave, metaphysics again popular, become a new outlet naturally is reasonable.

For the creators who want to break into the short video track of metaphysics, whether they focus on the track of metaphysics, or just want to rely on the curious packaging of metaphysics to hold out the flow of people, the professional content of metaphysics should not rely on “spoofing” to scribble.

Internet fortune-telling business: divination 10 minutes income 600,000


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