As a sideline project in the dividend period, the income is considerable and can be enlarged


Recently, there are a lot of YouTubes discussed in the circle. For many people who fail to seize the opportunity of Tiktok, it is really a good opportunity and worth doing.

As a sideline project in the dividend period, the income is considerable and can be enlarged

Many Internet users focus on the YouTube while ignoring a heavyweight platform — QQ Small World, two benchmarking products, one on WeChat and one on QQ. The two entrances are located at the same location, one under the circle of friends, and one in the QQ space and menu bar.

Needless to say, the volume of WeChat and QQ is irreplaceable. The YouTube can develop into the second largest video platform, and QQ can not be overlooked.

In the small world of QQ, there are two directions that can be done at present, one is to bring goods with videos, and the other is to make facial expression bags. In addition to these two directions, there are still many other directions you can try according to your business needs.

These two days, the test of making friends in the same city in the small world of QQ has also been effective. There are thousands of videos playing and many likes and comments.

Why can I make facial expression packs? First, the majority of young people on the platform! Second, the flow dividend period and blue ocean! For example, the following account is dedicated to making facial expression packages. Register in advance and prepare a public subscription account of the emoticon package class. The name of the small world and the name of the official account can have the same name, which is convenient for yin streaming.

The following account briefly displays the name of the official account, and the top video guides the attention to the official account. The drainage is very clever.

As for the cash flow direction of facial expression bags, first is to directly package and sell facial expression bags. Hundreds of facial expression bags can be obtained from several pieces of a treasure, ranging from 9.9 to 19.9. The content is as direct as a certain sound. It can be created for the second time or created by yourself. It is easy to find several benchmarking accounts on a certain sound for reference.

The second is to receive advertisements and become a traffic owner. As long as you can add 10000 or 20000 followers to the official account, you can easily read more than 1000 advertisements, and at least 1000 advertisements can be received by the platform traffic owner. The most direct one can also be sold by account. As long as the public account of 20000 fans is active enough, the account can sell more than 10000 dollars at a price of 0.5-1 dollars per fan

The other one can directly act as a delivery person in the small world of QQ, enter the small world through QQ, click to search the recruitment plan of delivery person, and sign up for participation according to the official conditions and rules.

At present, the first and second products on the list are creative table lamps and erasers. They sold 73000 and 16000 pieces respectively. How much money can you earn at a 20% commission rate!

To be a small world delivery person, you don’t need to have a source of goods. The platform alliance supplies goods. Select products that are suitable for young QQ user groups, and directly go to the shop window. When you send videos, you can sell them with links.

The content is just like luck. In the early stage, there was no creative ability to directly use it for secondary creation, or to mix and cut it. Yesterday’s article was shared.

Why do you recommend people to bring goods? In fact, it is not difficult to see from the sales ranking of the World Commodity Alliance that there is a great potential to do so. I see that many products have more than tens of thousands of sales, indicating that they have consumption capacity.

And now it is a blue ocean and dividend period. It is expected that a group of people will enter the market later. Do it now, as soon as possible!

In addition to the above two directions, if you often play QQ, you might as well try to do your own content. Funny, food, animation, film and television and other directions can be done on other platforms!

Finally, no matter what project you are working on, you should not be hot for three minutes. You may not make much money in a short time, but if you operate well, your income will be more than your salary.

As a sideline project in the dividend period, the income is considerable and can be enlarged


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