The rare project 3D street view map, with a single order of 200 , was totally unexpected!


Today, I will tell you about a rare project. The reason for the small crowd is that its people are very special. People who like it will certainly spend money to buy it, and the profits are very considerable. People who don’t like it may not even see it. The reason for the scarcity is that the project is very easy to operate, almost without any difficulty. The project is called 3D Street View Map.

The rare project 3D street view map, with a single order of 200 , was totally unexpected!

1、 Project Logic

First of all, let’s talk about what a 3D street view map is. We usually see that the map is flat. Through the 3D street view map, we can see a three-dimensional image, including various buildings, mountains, rivers, etc. This account is a picture cut above a certain tone. Although we like it, the sales volume is very good, and we can see that the total sales volume is more than 2000.

There are more than 300 or 200 orders, and the customer price is one or two hundred. What’s more, the cost is almost zero. Every copy sold is a net profit. The interested friends can calculate the total profit by themselves. Therefore, the project is very simple. It is OK to record the content on the map and send it to the corresponding short video platform, and then sell the map software.

2、 Realization method

1. Hang the shop window to sell. The disadvantage is that you need 1000 fans to open it. The advantage is that you don’t need to reply manually, and you basically place orders silently.

2. Private transaction,It refers to the transaction conducted on the personal account. The disadvantage is that it requires manual reply. The advantage is that it is very suitable for novices, and the threshold is low.

Which of the above two methods is convenient to use, but it is recommended that novices make private domain transactions easier and start much faster. Some people will say that I do not have this software? This software can be bought directly on a certain amount of money. The price is very cheap. You can see that it costs only a few dollars. Just now, it sells for more than 100 or 200 dollars in the window. The profits are exaggerated.

3、 Precautions

How to find a real target customer by backward pushing the target through data? First, we need to determine the sales population. These data are 3D satellite map search data. It can be seen that the majority of people are 30-40 years old, and nearly 16% of people are over 50 years old. Some friends think that only young people download because of curiosity. In fact, we can find out from real data that most people are over 30 years old, And the highest percentage of men is 67%.

Why does the data show this way? The left side represents search keywords, and the right side represents long tailed words. For example, if someone searches for topographic maps, offline maps, and 3D maps, we should judge who searches, who will need topographic maps, where offline maps are needed, and 3D offline maps, as well as mountains and rivers.

Smart people have guessed that people like Kanyu, Fengshui and other fans have a great demand for this piece. More importantly, these people are not short of money,

After the target is determined, video is made. There is no superb production skill for video. After downloading the software, you can directly record the screen with your mobile phone. After recording, you can upload it directly. You can search for a 3D map on a certain audio. There are many cases to refer to and learn from the advantages of your peers.

The rare project 3D street view map, with a single order of 200 , was totally unexpected!


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