Analysis of online moneymaking project of YouTube with monthly income of over 10000 dollars can create passive income!


Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to focus on sharing an online profit project operated on WeChat YouTube, and use the YouTube to operate the novel realization project.

Analysis of online moneymaking project of YouTube with monthly income of over 10000 dollars can create passive income!

In fact, the YouTube is suitable for many projects, because WeChat Day has a very large number of active users, 1.2 billion, andWeChat YouTube can be searched on the WeChat search results page

Therefore, WeChat attaches great importance to the YouTube, and we can’t let go of this large traffic platform.

How to operate the WeChat video account of the novel project shared today?

Let’s take a look at the following link of the video release

After clicking, it is actually an article on official account

Click to read the original text, you will be prompted to authorize to go to a official account, and then click to continue reading to read the novel

After reading several chapters again, you will be prompted to recharge and pay

See, the whole play logic is very simple, that is, add a link to the official account below the YouTube, and users can click into the group to read the novel.

If you pay, we can get a commission of 80% to 90%, that is, if you recharge 100 dollars, you can get 90 dollars, and the platform will get 10 dollars.

There are many platforms for novel docking, such as Palm Cloud, Bairead, and Rage. You can go to Google Search to find relevant suitable platforms for docking.

Then publish works on WeChat YouTube.

When publishing works, we should focus on two aspects of value:

Content value, your short video must have content.

Emotional value can drive the resonance of fans.

Content value refers to whether the audience can get useful information from your short videos and whether it is helpful to them.

Emotional value is whether the audience can cause this emotional resonance through this short video. In fact, both the content value and emotional value are indispensable.

Because Tiktok short videos allow users to like and comment.

Like this video

When we open Tiktok and see this video, we read“It may not be Doudou, but“

This title is very good, because many people want to know, so they go to watch this video. This isContent valueAfter reading it, I found that this is the truth. I agreed with it very much. Then I went to praise it and express my opinion in the comments. This is emotionSense value.

In fact, most users of short video platforms have similar reading needs. Good content will be welcomed on any platform.

At present, as a new short video platform, WeChat YouTube has relatively few cases to refer to.

As beginners, we can imitate Tiktok in the early stage.

Look forIt is also a good way for the experts in your field to learn to imitate their content framework and then innovate.

For example, friends who work as novel numbers can imitate: recommended novels every day, Doumei Novel Hall

These numbers, which were used as We Media before, also came to Tiktok, which is still popular because the public’s aesthetic is similar.

No matter which platform you are on, it is user oriented.

In addition, we should pay attention to the YouTubeMake good use of seo

Because when we search for keywords on the YouTube, we will findRelevant accounts and videos.

But what can be searched is related to the search term, so how to do?

1. Naming

In principle: the root word is the main word, if there is no qualifier added.

For example, if a novel is taken, add a qualifier.

Before naming, use the WeChat index to check whether there is search volume for this word.

Naming is very important, which is related to the ranking position and traffic

2. 3 videos a day, and then forward crazily. At this time, you can spend some money to buy likes, comments, and forwarding.

Don’t ask why, just do it.

3. Push and add powder to each other, and break through 3000 powder concerns.

The YouTube entered the recommendation area after exceeding 3000 fans, according to people in the industry.

If your YouTube has a certain number of fans, the data of all aspects of the work is good and can be recommended to a large extent.

4. Accounts with enterprise certification will rank higher

For those who want to operate the WeChat YouTube, it is best to arrange in advance and grab a position.

Analysis of online moneymaking project of YouTube with monthly income of over 10000 dollars can create passive income!


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