Unusual project, the red flag head portrait is converted into cash, with daily income of 500


These days, my friends should have seen the revenue graph of “Yang Yang”. The revenue of the traffic owner is really amazing. One day, the revenue of the advertiser is 400W. Many partners will say that the figure has been rumored. It’s fake. It doesn’t really matter how much money a sheep can earn. Those who understand it understand it. Let’s go through this process, The profit of this small game will never be lower than a small target.

Unusual project, the red flag head portrait is converted into cash, with daily income of 500

This benefit also makes many people sigh, when can I be as excellent as them, but next, there is another hot opportunity, that is, I don’t know if my partners can grasp it.

This hot spot project is the customization of the annual red flag avatar. It is about ten days away from the National Day. We can take advantage of this hot spot to make a profit in advance. Do you still need to explain the national flag avatar too much to everyone?

Next, I will talk about the specific operation process of this project!

1、 What is the National Day portrait?

Others who don’t know the picture of the national flag drag it out directly.

2、 How to obtain traffic and realize it?

Here I will tell my friends in two parts: one is to make a small program by yourself, and the other is to use someone else’s small program. Both methods are OK, but the final benefits and effects may be somewhat different.

Let’s talk about how to make a small program.

1. The revenue of “Yang Yiyang” has been very clear to us these days. As long as the traffic is large enough and there are enough people watching advertisements, the revenue of the traffic owners will be higher. Then we can develop a small program by ourselves, obtain the traffic through various methods, let users go to your small program to upload their avatar, and then automatically generate the exclusive National Day avatar. Similarly, if you want to download or generate, you need to let them see an advertisement, I believe that most people are willing to

There is enough traffic to see advertisements, and we can also get profits,How should we do this? What else should we pay attention to?

First of all, if you want to customize an applet, you can directly go to a certain treasure to customize it. Generally, you can do it for hundreds of dollars. Secondly, you need 300 dollars of certification fee to develop an applet. After the certification, you can directly go to a certain treasure to dock.

Then we also need to lay out keywords, including the title, introduction and introduction of the applet. If the keywords are selected well, there will be a relatively high search volume. Later, it can be said that we are making money.

key word:Red flag and National Day, National Day avatar production and National Day avatar generation, etc., all of which will bring their own traffic.

Another point to note is that Tencent is not allowed to submit homogeneous applets. To avoid this risk, try to modify the page layout, background photos and other things.

Although the official regulations have been made, there are still many small programs that basically use the source code of a set of small programs, so it may be that the official review is not strict enough, or it may be that the official has turned a blind eye. My personal suggestion is to be on the safe side. Be careful to make the ship of ten thousand years, and it is better to do something different.

After doing this well, we need a official account to receive traffic. If the name is changed, it should be related to the national flag avatar as much as possible to eat natural search traffic. After these steps are completed, we will go to get traffic.

There are two ways to obtain traffic:

1. Public domain platform obtains traffic

2. Private domain traffic forwarding fission

Public domain platform: we can choose such platforms as certain tone, certain red book, certain hu, etc. The way is also very simple. The content of the work is to teach you how to quickly generate the national flag avatar and put the work at the top.

Other works include some good looking national flag avatars. You can search for topics related to red flag avatars. The video in it is highly praised, and it can be directly reproduced by imitation, because things that were popular last year will be popular this year.

Fission of private domain traffic: This method is also very simple. First, we need to replace the red flag avatar ourselves, which can increase intimacy and trust.

Then prepare a tweet to tell you how to do it, and then forward the tweet to your friends’ circle and groups to chat. This kind of tweet is generally not easy to be regarded as spam, so group leaders generally do not kick people or ask for withdrawal. After this action, they will wait for slow fission and fermentation

The partners must be clear about the operation path of the whole project:

See the production information of red flag avatar – follow the official account – automatically pop up the link of the applet – the user clicks to save the photo – see an advertisement automatically generated – the user can save it.

Here, we also need to pay attention to the fact that the applet traffic can only be opened by 1000 independent visitors, so we also need to go online in time to earn the number of visitors to the background of the applet. Once the number of visitors meets the requirements, we can quickly open it. This is the main revenue play method of applet traffic.

Others will ask, if I don’t want to make this applet, I just want to use this method to get traffic and sell my own things, OK?

Of course, if this is the case, we can directly use the small programs developed by others, and the method is similar. But if you need to lead to your personal number, you can directly use the manual method. The method is the same as I said, but when the traffic comes in, we should give priority to guiding them to add their personal number, Then use other people’s small programs to help them make free.

Unusual project, the red flag head portrait is converted into cash, with daily income of 500


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