0 Invest in profitable minor sidelines, 20 dollars per order, and earn tens of thousands of dollars per month


I have shared the sidelines like old photo repair and old video repair before. They are all sidelines that have always been in demand and can be done for a long time. The technical threshold is not high. You can basically learn how to operate them!

0 Invest in profitable minor sidelines, 20 dollars per order, and earn tens of thousands of dollars per month

Do traffic, if conditions permit, open a certain treasure and shop more, and if the threshold is low, do free fish! Moreover, we will directly do short videos, social networking sitess, Kwai, etc!

It will not be bad if we persist in achieving results!

Recently, a new number has been opened, and we are going to create a new network innovation IP number to share more sidelines and network innovation valuable!

I found a picture from the past. It should have been taken in 17 years. At that time, I was still working in the flower orchard. Now I look at it. It’s really a lot of memories!

I immediately decided to use this picture as the official account avatar, but the pixels are too poor and fuzzy, which is not suitable for use. But I really like this picture!

How to repair and improve the quality of blurred photos to make them clearer?

This is demand. As long as there is demand, there will be economic and sideline services! Without saying a word, I found a treasure directly! Search keywords to improve photo clarity, there are indeed! Take the first one as an example. If you pay 10 dollars for a single order, you can sell 2000 orders per month and earn 20000 dollars per month. What about the matrix operation?

I compared two companies, contacted customer service and sent pictures directly. One company quoted 25 and the other 20! In line with the principle of economy, I replied directly that I would repair this, but there is no computer, can you give me more discounts!

It means to tell the boss that I know the low price, and you can directly say a low price! As a result, 25 merchants said that the 20 one was still 20! It shows that the customer price of this industry is basically around 20, and the profit is quite good!

From the time of sending photos to the time of delivery, it should take about half an hour before and after the boss sent me the photos with watermarks to check! Compared with the previous ones, the pixels are really much clearer! The boss sent an email to give decisive praise!

A small demand, found such a sideline! Inner ecstasy! I have seen several stores, but the sales volume is not low. If the customer price is 20, it is not a big problem to earn more than 10000 a month, and the demand is not small!

I think it is relatively simple to do this. In fact, it will not take more than 5 minutes before and after repairing a photo. The technical threshold is not high, and it is OK to use ps, as well as some other methods and software. There will be a lot of tutorials through the keyword search of Little Red Book and Tiktok! For example, the following five software

In terms of attracting customers, it is easy to operate. If you can go to a certain treasure and fight for more, you can set up a shop. Please refer to several products on the shelves of your peers! There is also free fish! This product also belongs to the category of light delivery, virtual resource product! Learn this technology and sell unlimited services!

Another way to achieve good drainage effect is to make short videos and social networking sitess! Short video includes three platforms: audio, Kwai and YouTube, of which the YouTube must not be missed!

As for why, because the user group of YouTube is basically over 30 or 40 years old, these people usually have a lot of photos on their mobile phones, and they all like to take photos. But you know, as long as the mobile phone has a little worse pixel, the pixel will be a little worse, which will meet this requirement!

The content mode is to display directly. A blurry photo compares the two processes from blurring to clarity. It is simple and direct! The same goes for little sweet potato to take pictures and texts!

This sideline belongs to the category of map repair. It can be combined with old photo repair, old video repair, and map repair. They are all of the same type, and the user groups are mostly the same. It is worth doing! If you don’t understand the technology, you can learn PS by yourself. There are many free online tutorials.

In fact, it doesn’t take much time, as a sideline, one or two videos a day for operation! If you don’t talk about more in a month, it’s no better than what a certain store opens with 30 to 50 thousand dollars in a month. However, it’s very good to receive dozens of large orders and make thousands of extra small profits!

0 Invest in profitable minor sidelines, 20 dollars per order, and earn tens of thousands of dollars per month


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