Zero cost palmistry project, long-term stability, monthly income of 6000+


The night before yesterday, that is, the Mid Autumn Festival, when I was having dinner, I saw a classmate in the circle of friends and forwarded the QR code of a master’s free palm reading, saying it was very accurate. Speaking of this, I believe many friends should know what this is all about.

Zero cost palmistry project, long-term stability, monthly income of 6000+

This project also belongs to an old one. It is relatively small, similar to the life science project, as well as tarot, fortune telling, constellation, naming, etc., which I have shared in previous articles.

I have told you before that metaphysics is just as necessary in our country as food, clothing, housing and transportation. On the whole, if you believe, there is something; if you don’t believe, there is nothing; The poorer people believe, the richer people believe. The truth is not important, but the important thing is to be believed, which is enough!

Especially in recent years, due to the epidemic situation, the economy has declined, and everyone is anxious and short of money. Therefore, in recent years, the projects in emotion, psychology and metaphysics are particularly easy to deal with. Everyone needs pacifiers and spiritual opium.

Where there is demand, there is market. If you solve their needs, you can make money! The metaphysical projects can be done forever. Generally speaking, a single person can do six figures a year.

So, in today’s article, Xiaohuang will talk about this project for you,Palmistry and numerology project

Coincidentally, at the end of last month, a person who operated this kind of project also took the initiative to find my daughter-in-law and sent a message: “Dear, hello! Today, Xiaoyu has a free palmistry special activity. Look at the palmistry and report the date of birth in the lunar calendar and the pictures of her right hand. Only girls can register at the age of 22-48. The registration deadline is 11 o’clock.”

At that time, I told my daughter-in-law that she was a fake master. The daughter-in-law said: I want to hear what she said. It’s very interesting. So according to the request of the other party, he sent his age in the past, and took a photo of his left hand with his mobile phone and sent it to the master.

After waiting for a few minutes, the master replied: the grain is very clear and fine. After a few seconds, another message was sent: If it is free to watch, please forward the first item (picture and text) of my circle of friends to help me make a promotion, and then send the screenshot to me. I hope no one will be blocked.

As we all know, her step is nothing more than to guide, spread, lead and fission with free palm reading as a gimmick. Here, I played a trick. When forwarding the copy of the other party, only the other party can see it.

Then the screenshot was given to the other party. After about 1 minute, the other party replied with voice: OK, Mr. dollars will wait for me for about half an hour, and will give you voice analysis soon after that. There are a lot of palmists. Please forgive me. By the way, my assistant will check your circle of friends at any time, delete or block it and won’t parse it.

Soon after that, the voice came out. It sounded very good, a little like a teacher’s voice. The content and scripts are the same as they were a few years ago;

For example, palmistry analysis content cannot be disclosed. Neither your relatives nor friends are suitable for them to hear it, which will have an impact on the future. So if someone is around, please take the initiative to avoid it.

What else is palmistry just a contour? A more detailed and accurate calculation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and a certain marriage fee is required.

How are such projects realized?

1. Reward;

After the other party has read the palm for free, there will be a deal script. For example, beautiful women, you know that divination will not fail, and free divination will damage your luck. Please give a reward as you like “;

Usually, many people will send a red envelope, which is basically a lucky number. The money is not much, usually 6.6 dollars or 8.8 dollars. Of course, occasionally, local tyrants will be rewarded 66 dollars or 188 dollars.

2. Fee calculation;

Get initial trust by looking at pictures for free, and then guide customers to pay for calculation. Find out the economic strength of the other party through dialogue, and then offer an appropriate price. Generally, the price ranges from tens to thousands. There is no fixed rule.

3. Sell “blessing”;

Find out the economic strength of the other party through dialogue, and then express or imply that the other party has a disaster. If you want to take advantage of bad luck, you must ask for some “blessing”, such as disaster relief. There is no unified pricing for “Fuwu”, which depends on the economic capacity of the audience. For example, young people can offer lower prices, while older people can offer higher prices.

There are many kinds of “good things”, and there are matching “good things” with different needs. For example, if a woman is pregnant, you can ask her to wear a “small copper gourd” to increase the probability of giving birth to a boy; For example, if there are children at home preparing for the college entrance examination, you can invite a “Wenchang Tower” for them to bless their learning progress; For example, if business is not going well, you can ask for a piece of “Five Emperors’ Money” to be placed in the office to improve the fortune.

Finally, let’s talk about how to operate this project?

1. Packaging account number;

Register a WeChat account and package the name, avatar, personal profile and circle of friends. If you don’t know how to do it, you can go to the Internet to find some peers and see their circle of friends and copy them.

2. Prepare software and scripts;

Collect and install palmistry fortune telling software through channels such as our love cracking forums, or search palmistry in mobile app stores to find some palmistry apps; Or, directly search Google for “online palm”, directly calculate the results with online websites, and then transfer the results to people who want to do divination.

The second is scripts. Pay more attention to several peers, convert their voice scripts into words, and collect and preserve them. If your voice sounds good, you can read the script directly, record it in advance and mark it; If it doesn’t sound good, you can pay for someone to record it, or go to Pinduoduo and buy a microphone.

3. Drainage promotion;

To do a project is to do traffic, so drainage determines your success or failure! There are many drainage channels, such as Tiktok, YouTube, post bar, microblog, Douban, SNS, Soul, etc;

Here, I suggest that you focus on SNS, Weibo and Douban. These platforms have a lot of female traffic and high quality, especially in divination, which can easily arouse the curiosity of girls.

Take SNS as an example. On this platform, the new account is supported by traffic. If you keep your account well, go to Weibo, Douban, or SNS to find some works of the same type that have a large number of views. If you do a better job, it will probably explode.

Then lead people to WeChat to do fission trading. The specific trading scripts can refer to the peers, go through the process from the peers, ask more questions, learn more from others’ trading scripts, and then apply them.

This small project is not difficult to operate, as long as you find a good benchmarking account, copy and imitate it.

Zero cost palmistry project, long-term stability, monthly income of 6000+


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