A small but unpopular project with a maximum profit of $2980


Recently, the tiles at home were accidentally hit by heavy objects and damaged, so I found the same style from the original tile manufacturer, and found several others without results.

A small but unpopular project with a maximum profit of $2980

Maybe the tiles used to be “old cars” are out of production now, so it’s hard to replace them.

Then, I searched on various platforms about “ceramic tile repairI was surprised to find another unexpected project for the solution related to “complex”.

How unexpected is it?

I roughly analyzed that there are only a few Dyin companies doing this business, only a few watermelon videos, and only 1-2 Google competitors, which is really a blue ocean.

At first, I saw aThe vertical ceramic tile repair account is mainly about the free sharing tutorial. I was curious to see some of the works.

Not to mention that the overall traffic is not low. The highest rating of a single video is 5000-6000, and the actual traffic is hundreds of thousands or more.

The content of the work is to show the damaged parts of ceramic tilesA series of repair work can be used for home decoration of various materials and tools. It is a kind of technology to finally repair the damaged part completely.

I paid attention to this kind of video. There were many people in the comment area, including the overall collection, and the proportion of forwarding volume was also high.

Then I went to the customer service consultant inside:How to repair ceramic tilesDo you study?

I thought it would be a huge profit for the paid course of hundreds of dollars at most.

At first, I consulted from the perspective of a white whore,I said, “Is it free to teach ceramic tile repair?”

The other party sent a message, which means that the lessons shared by Dyin are free to learn, but should be deepTo enter a more comprehensive school, you need to pay, and the promised fee is 2980$You can learn it in 7-15 days.

Training courses like this are generally based on offline practical teaching. As a newcomer in the same industry, if you want to master the skills of ceramic tile repair, you will still spend this money to learn.

At the same time, I also saw some needs in the comment areaThirty percent of the users are asking about the price. The fees for ceramic tile repair learning vary according to different lighting repair effects.

Minimum experience package 228$, Bright light repair 388$, bright and matte repair 448$, Upgrade Repair Course 768$If the tool box and supporting tools and materials are required, the charge will be up to 1258$above.

Therefore, we see that the purpose of issuing free courses here is to pay for students. If you sign up for several courses a day, you can earn a lot of money in a month.

Of course, there are other realizations,For example, various materials recommended for repairing ceramic tiles can also be sold.

Some people don’t want to spend money to study, but they also buy cupboards after reading the tutorialThe products in the window are intended to be researched by myself after buying.

The typical product is: ceramic repair paste (16 colors can be selected inside), repair materials specially for brick cracks and water leaks.

Judging from the current market demand, it is still a big cake, but few people do it.

Whether there is a big demand, averageI will go to Google, Quora and other platforms to analyze the search information or refer to the drop-down keywords.

Google Search“Tile repair”, pull down the recommended flow words, such as how much to repair, how to charge, repair training courses, etc. are potential paying users.

Since we have this search habit, it is natural to do paid training coursesForm a chapter.

Quora searches above, and the results are the same.

When ISearch for Tile RepairIt’s all a peripheral problem. Several articles have more than tens of thousands of views, so the demand exists.

There are users for technology and repair materials, namely, training users and product users.

How to price ceramic tiles for door-to-door repair, generally at least 300$

Sometimes the excessive use of materials will exceed this budget.

The specific charging standard is also related to the size of the square area. Some special repair teams price according to the amount charged per square area, so if you have technology, you can’t be afraid of nothing.

At present, there is little competition in Google, and the bidding price has been searched several timesOne company is pushing, and the one that does natural SEO ranking is also a company.

It is also a national chain repair team. Its business can be done in all regions, which also proves that every region has this demand.

Although, in most cases, when the tiles are broken, they will choose to replace them with new ones, but some of them are troublesome, so long as they are repairedAll of these have laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of this project.

In terms of fees, let’s take a look at how the team that specializes in home decoration repair pricing.

Like the beautiful seam of ceramic tile, it should be 28-50 per square meter$The actual starting price is 300$The above order is received.

If labor and materials are requiredTo collect more money, there are differences in each region.

Therefore, the above content is written here, indicating that ceramic tile repair is an unexpected and profiteering project.

It is a business with few people and high customer price.

Whether it is selling materials, services or courses, it is a very objective income.

As an Internet user, we need to make similar realization,The best way is to send various home decoration repair tutorials.

This kind of video does not need to be taken by yourself, and works can be produced through a series of mixed cutting operations through various online platforms.

Then make a subdivided account,When the account traffic comes up, you can hang window products and all kinds of home decoration materialsCan make recommendations.

This is a disguised way to make money by sending free tutorials. Further, it is to do traffic, and to be a special intermediary for special repair team tweeters. You can sell traffic, get commissions, and so on.

Or are recorded tutorials packaged as courses and sold as virtual resources also a profit modelForm?

In particular, the money from selling powders is also very fast. Based on dozens of dollars per powder, it is easy to realize thousands of dollars from 100 customers.


The so-called unexpected projects are hidden in all aspects of life, and there may be business opportunities behind all kinds of videos you brush.

It is purely consumed by theEntertainment time.

The way to make money will naturally come into being after reading, thinking and understanding deeply.

Information gap is based on differentiated thinking. Often you look down on those you reject, or you think everyone knows the way, but it creates projects for a few people to get rich.

A small but unpopular project with a maximum profit of $2980


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