How to share the unexpected and huge profits: automobile purchasing sideline projects can stabilize 10W profits!


Today, I would like to share with you a car purchasing project. I don’t know if you have heard of it. Before, I had a small partner who operated this project. Every month, I could sell ten or so cars on Tiktok, and the cash flow easily reached more than 100000 dollars. Many friends may have questions. Clothes and shoes can be purchased on behalf of others, cosmetics can be purchased on behalf of others, and cars can be sold on behalf of othersCan I buy it for you?

How to share the unexpected and huge profits: automobile purchasing sideline projects can stabilize 10W profits!

First, project principle

Not to mention how much money we make, at least we can save a lot of money when buying a car. Usually many people go directly to the 4S store to buy a car. After comparing prices, they finally choose one and sign a contract directly. In many people’s minds, selling new cars is only 4SThe shop is capable, but ordinary people can’t do it,

In fact, this is not all the case. Ordinary people still have a lot of opportunities to make money. The car purchase agent is a secondary dealer. The dealer who takes goods directly from the car manufacturer is called a primary dealer, that is, a 4S store. Then the dealer who takes goods from the 4S store is called a secondary dealer, that isNow we are talking about car purchasing.

Second, project logic

The logic is to cooperate with many 4S stores. The main sources of cars are local 4S stores or 4S stores in other places. Why should 4S stores do this? Why not sell it yourself? Because they don’t just do retail business,

Also doing wholesale, thisA lower price than the normal retail price will be given to the secondary dealer in time to ensure the profit of the secondary dealer. For example, if a car is bought normally, it will cost 200000 dollars. The price given by the 4S store to the secondary dealer may be 180000 dollars. If the secondary dealer sells 190000 dollars to the customer, it will save the customer 10000 dollarsIt’s just an example. This mode and play method are called car buying.

Third, realization channel

The profit of doing this can be divided into three parts

1、 Price difference

2、 Rebates for car insurance

3、 Bank rebate for loan car purchase

It depends on the situation of each customer. IfIf these three parts can be taken down, the profit is actually very considerable

Fourth, how to operate

What should ordinary people do in the car agency purchase project from zero to one? First, go to the local 4S store to contact the leader of the sales department. They have the authority to give preferential prices to secondary dealers. After finding these people, you can tell themThey, where do we do auto trade, or we are auto bloggers,

In the future, I would like to pick up the car from their store and seek such cooperation. After a customer comes to inquire, I will directly give them a quotation. After confirming the time for picking up the car, I will accompany the customer to go online to earn the final payment at the 4S store. I will go through the formalities and pick up the car.The main target population for this project is a little younger, aged 25-35 or so, because these people are relatively easy to accept online transactions.

Fifth, how to get a customer’s account

The output mode of the account must be real person, do a good job in building the account, make clear the location, and tellWe sell cars, and we should highlight our core advantage, that is, we can collect cars at a more favorable price for fans. From the perspective of content, we should be interesting, useful, and resonant. There are a variety of output directions for you to choose, such as teaching knowledge and telling jokes. You can choose the most appropriate way.

It can alsoA small number is used to send a video of the process of the customer collecting the car, which can increase the trust of more unfamiliar customers. At the same time, the live broadcast can also be done. The live broadcast content is how much a model has been discounted recently, and how much it will cost to land. Then the background can reply to the private letter for docking。

There are only two barriers for newcomers to do projects,First, there are no auto resources. Second, there are no customer resources,We have already mentioned how to solve the problem of customer and car supply. If you don’t want to be a secondary dealer, you can also cooperate with local second-hand dealers,

Don’t think of them as your competitors, but friendsFriends, partners, car insurance and loans can all go from their stores, and then they can share with them. If you want to do this, you are still interested in the automobile or the industry, and you will have a continuous creative power and sustainability. Interest is the best teacher.

How to share the unexpected and huge profits: automobile purchasing sideline projects can stabilize 10W profits!


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