The Kwai book number project, the number of a single month 3000 profit, can be copied and enlarged


As long as they are connected with videos, Kwai is no exception. Today, I will show you the whole process of Kwai book list from new number to selling

The Kwai book number project, the number of a single month 3000 profit, can be copied and enlarged

Novice start – Kwai rule

First of all, let’s take a look at the first question about number raising

After the registration of the new number is completed, please include your basic information, including your nickname and background picture of your avatarAge and other contents should be improved. After the basic information is modified, we should make an action and pay attention to at least 20 people. Are these 20 people all booklists? It doesn’t matter.

Take a general look at their works, and don’t have to finish them all. This is a basic concern, and then go to brush the live broadcast roomGo to brush a normal video, and the total time is not less than 30 minutes, that is, you can brush the live video and the video together, and the total time is not less than 30 minutes. After this action is completed, you can start to publish works, which is also a basic activity, also calledYang Hao

The second problem is the increase of fans. We must increase fans in Kwai to make money. You can go to the live broadcast room to type and interact with the new account, because Kwai is different from Tiktok. Tiktok’s fans are only popular through videosIt is totally useless to interact with fans.

Kwai is different. The increased number of fans who interact with people in the live broadcast room is useful. It counts. You can directly go to the live broadcast room to type, and then others pay attention to you. There may be few fans added here, but it is useful, and you must remember not to spendmoney

The third is the promotion of noodles. You said that my hair powder is slowly rising. Is there a way to do it a little faster? have The new account can be used to launch spaghetti promotion. The spaghetti promotion is paid promotion. You don’t need to say that you have sent the first work, you should spend money immediately. I suggest you send ten works first,Look at the top ten works. If the top one is 300, it is recommended that you directly log off and change the number. The top one you play should reach at least 3000.

At the lowest level, there must be more than one thousand. If ten can’t reach it, you can put it into 20Take a look. There are thousands of people who show that this number has potential. Then choose 3-5 accounts similar to yours, with fans no less than 100000, so that we can push the video to his fans and help us increase our popularity.

The first advantage is to label the account. The second is to compare the accountsOkay, start

One good thing about Kwai is that you can log off today and register a new account on the same day. You must log off and then re register. So we look at 20 works. If one of them doesn’t break 1000, you can log off and redo it.

Try the Oxknife – Make the first emotional work

Make Kwai topFor the works of the popular book list, let’s learn to make the simplest emotional works.

Let’s take a look at such a work

At the beginning of such works, there was an opening special effect with dubbing and subtitles. How can I do such works? It’s very simple. Open the editing software, and Tiktok hasCut and reflect, while Kwai has fast shadow, it doesn’t really matter, you can use anything

Such works are basically composed of pictures. We just need to find one or several pictures. For example, I find a picture and click the picture. We need to cut the picture and the backgroundSet the ratio to 9:16, turn on blur, drag the picture to about 20 seconds, a basic short video duration, and then in the fast hand, we select the video, share the copy link, directly return to the fast video, add audio, and he will prompt you for the identification link, so we can put the audio of the original videoAfter the frequency extraction, add subtitles. Click voice to turn subtitles. This is the default. Adjust the subtitle position

In this way, the effect will come out basically, and other effects will be studied by everyone themselves, so that the video will be ready. Click Export in the upper right corner. The default resolution is 30 frames.

(No wayThe disassembly was very detailed, I understood everything, thank you for understanding)

The Kwai book number project, the number of a single month 3000 profit, can be copied and enlarged


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