Quora novel tweet project, long-term stability, operation sharing


Today, I would like to share a“Quora Novel Tweet Project”This project needs to cooperate with the long-term stable promotion of short videos for sustainable operation.

Quora novel tweet project, long-term stability, operation sharing

I find that many people find it very difficult to make short videos, but they don’t know the traffic password. In fact, when your work is popular, your account has been labeledThe subsequent traffic will also be very stable, and the data will also explode.

I don’t know if you have seen the following videos. People who should often read novels are more likely to see these videos, because their video content is a piece of unzipped video material plus a piece of novel content.

In fact, the inside of this novelIt’s just the content of the novel found in Quora. In dubbing, the dubbing software is used for dubbing. For example, some text to speech tools are used for dubbing, and then the editing software is used to print subtitles after the dubbing is completed.

For example, unzipped video materials are collected from all over the Internet, such as some dessertsFood, cooking and frying, painting and so on are all OK, and then you can mix and cut them into a novel reading video.

Many people would like to know the liquidation method. In fact, it is very simple: I know that only members can read the full text of the novel, and only part of the novel can be read if not a user member, so IWe can use it to make video content.

When I update the wonderful content on the short video, I must stop, because at this time, people who read novels are very excited and want to continue to read the following. At this time, they need to go to the Quora platform to open members to see the full text; This is the main way of realization。

Since it is only by opening a member that we can get benefits, we need to connect with a promotion channel of Quora to determine whether it is your promotion.

For example, if I want to push this novel, I need to copy the article link of the novel, fill it in the official review form, and finally take a key to promotionThe word name is used as an exclusive word.

As long as users search for novels and open members through your keyword, the official can directly count them into a promotion order for you, and then conduct a commission settlement. In fact, the whole realization logic is very simple.

I would like to give you a simple step:

1. First, let’sFind the link to the novel article you want to promote, and set a keyword as the search entrance;

2. Copy part of the novel and make it into a video to attract users on various platforms;

3. When the content becomes more exciting, the user will be guided to “search the keywords you set” on Quora and continue to see the followingFull text;

4. Users can view the full text after opening members, and finally conduct commission settlement to obtain income.

In fact, the principle of the project is very simple. Those who have the basis of video production have already started to take action.

This project is still cumulative.For example, Quora’s membership lasts for one month, and users will expire every monthAfter the expiration of the user member, you can continue to obtain benefits by opening the member through your keyword.

The most important thing is that a batch of new users will be refreshed every month. The project cycle is actually quite long. But with the increase of video publishing, the number of fans will increase, which will bring us more benefitsMore.

In addition, even if your videos are not popular, the videos released before will also bring you a steady stream of continuous traffic, wave after wave of user orders, and thus generate benefits after sleep.

That’s it“Quora Novel Tweet Project”Interested friends can directly practice.

Quora novel tweet project, long-term stability, operation sharing


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