Zero cost cold track project idea, with monthly income of 1W through animation manual operation


Today, I would like to share with you an unexpected track, animation manual project, which can earn more than 10000 dollars a month, has a low threshold and zero cost. Its essence is poor information. We will not sell popular manual projects, such as the Monkey King, Vegeta, Lufei, Shanks and Naruto in the Dragon BallWe can find those relatively small animation characters.

Zero cost cold track project idea, with monthly income of 1W through animation manual operation

If a very popular anime, such as the Pirate King, you can choose those small characters to sell. You can search for keywords on the 1688 website for the handmade goods of these obscure characters, and you can find the anime handmade works. The handmade works like these are notSell everything, but choose to sell what you sell.

The specific judgment method is to copy the key words of the product, search on a treasure or a fish, and see how many people sell the product. If there are not many sellers, you can choose this one. If there are many sellers, don’t choose this one. After all, this projectWhat you earn is unexpected money. After you choose the right product, you can find the same product in 1688 and compare it with the product on a treasure or a fish.

For example, the price on 1688 is about 10 dollars, and the freight is less than 15 dollars$, and the same manual operation is based on the price of a treasureBen is 42-69$Among them, the price of a certain fish is relatively high, with the highest price of 830$The lowest is 6.5$Is this manual operation worth it? Should we compete with peers at low prices? As we all know, every coin is worth every product, and the price and quality are different.

Hands on players, of courseHopes to buy products with high cost performance. For the same model, some people sell 830, some 60, some 16, you 49, or others are willing to buy from you. Consumers will have a middle price mentality. When they buy cheap products, they will worry about quality problems, and when they buy expensive products, they will feel lost. Therefore, they will choose the priceModerate.

So we can talk about cooperation with the merchants after we have selected the products, say we want to be an agent, and ask if we can distribute them one by one. After all, for them, it is equivalent to an additional sales route, and most of them will be willing to pay nothing. Then we will directly put the selected products on a certain fish market, and select 50About, if someone asks you for photos, you can go directly to the store to find a buyer show.

After someone places an order, he can place an order with the 1688 supplier. It is conservatively estimated that if there is only one person consulting in one manual operation, there will be 50 people consulting every day. Even if the payment rate is only 1/10, thenIt means that you can make five orders every day. If one order earns 25$The daily income is 125, that is to say, the monthly income is about 3700,

Then gradually optimize, replace the products that have not been consulted for a long time, and increase the number of consultations. After the number of consultations increases, the income will certainly increase, and you canIt’s still good to earn 50 million to 10000 dollars of extra profits easily. The above is about the sharing of the unexpected track.

Zero cost cold track project idea, with monthly income of 1W through animation manual operation


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