The first choice for novices to break the zero is to make money by typing the idea of basics by zero


Today, I would like to share with you two projects that are the first choice for novices to break the zero, namely, the project of making money by typing and moving bricks by hand, and the project that is simple and easy to operate and easy to use will easily generate income.

The first choice for novices to break the zero is to make money by typing the idea of basics by zero

First, make money by typing

1、 Project principle

This project can only make money if you add up. If you catch fish for three days and bask in the net for two days,Don’t look at it. You can use your free time to operate. It is very good to be a part-time sideline without occupying normal working hours.

At the same time, there is also a questionnaire, which is a little hard and requires a lot of typing. The only drawback is that some parts need computers to operate.

2、 Operationstep

First of all, you should directly search and enter in Google. You can see that its official website is ranked first. Click Open to see that there are many tasks in it. I use the computer to cut the picture, and the mobile version is the same. Select a task, and then click in to have a tutorial to teach you how to operate.

If you really don’t know how to operateIf so, you can see that there is a video tutorial in the task. Just watch the video tutorial directly. It depends on the execution. The video in the play will teach you how to operate. Every video you click will have such task requirements. We can operate directly according to his requirements.

There are also people on this website who canIt is enough to earn thousands of dollars in one month, which can be seen here. This shows that the executive power of others is very strong.

There are also questionnaires on the website. One questionnaire is two to three$The operations in it can follow the tutorial. At the beginning, you may not be so skilled. Just take your time. If you do a good job, you can do it every dayIt’s also very good to earn dozens of dollars.

The second, brick removal project

Perfect for beginnersNoviceIt’s OK to get started directly. It’s OK to have a strong execution of 50-100 a day. The unit price of the new platform is very high, and there are many incentive activities. It’s not a problem to earn 1000 a day if you have contacts. Let’s begin to talk in detailLet’s take a look at this project.

There are many parts that can earn pocket money. You can also watch many paid movies for free. The newcomer activity is very awesome. You can earn 20% by doing 100. If the team with connections can reach more than 500 people, you can contact the customer service to upgrade the regional management. After the upgrade, you can achieve real successYou can make money by lying down.

You can check the specific rewards on the platform yourself. If you don’t have a project in hand, you can play. As long as you earn 100 a day, you must first learn to earn 10 a day$, and then try to enlarge the operation. Any inconspicuous small project can make money by doing the best.

The first choice for novices to break the zero is to make money by typing the idea of basics by zero


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