How to sell Huaqiang North earphones on social networking sites: a zero cost sideline project that can easily exceed 10000 dollars in a month


Today I would like to share a small project review note, which is to useSocial networking sitesThe sideline of selling Huaqiang North earphones. Those who are interested in this can continue to read.

How to sell Huaqiang North earphones on social networking sites: a zero cost sideline project that can easily exceed 10000 dollars in a month

For a more detailed description, I will tell you from five aspects that anyone who is interested in this project can learn from it. It is good to be a sideline.

Let’s take a look at the project introduction:

Why do we do itSocial networking sitesproject The main reason is that the relative bonus period of Tiktok Kwai has passed,Social networking sitesThe proportion of female fans is relatively high,Social networking sitesOne of the users on Le is relatively simple.

And we mainly use smallRed Book sells high imitation airport earphones produced by Huaqiangbei. After a brief introduction of this project, we basically understand that we can useSocial networking sitesWhat is it.

Let’s take a lookSocial networking sitesA basic account setting:

First, let’s register an account

You can register with your mobile phone. It is recommended to use 4G streamingOne computer, one card and one number are registered. In the early stage, there is no need to do real name authentication. It is very simple to register an accountSocial networking sitesThe APP allows you to register your account when you log in.

After registration, we need to maintain the number. In fact, it is very simple. We just need toGo to browseSocial networking sitesDozens of minutes, divided into three time periods, morning, noon and evening to browse.

Then you can browse the content according to your own preferences. If you are interested, we can comment on it and collect it,We don’t want to publish any notes.

Basically, we brush the content of our own field mainly to brush a perpendicularity, which is the same as the rule and perpendicularity of Tiktok, which is specific to the stage of raising numbers.

Let’s look at another setting of the profile:

It’s better to use a person’s name, that isThis will prevent the system from judging your number as a marketing number. If you use a person’s name, he will not judge your number as a marketing number.

Secondly, it is recommended to use real person avatar or cartoon version avatar. If you want to take a picture of a real person, you can take a big picture of it yourself. If you want to use a cartoon version, you can use some tools to generate it.

howeverLater, saySocial networking sitesBasically, we willSocial networking sitesThe number is set to micro signal, which is used for drainage.

Finally, improve the personal profile and other information. The most important point is that no contact information should be left on the home pageset up.

Now, let me tell you about violations:

Social networking sitesAfter violating the rules, we must change a mobile phone number. After re registration, we can only operate on the original mobile phone number.

If you want to operate on the original mobile phone number, you must restore it from the factory or clear the data in it, and thenIt’s OK to use it again.

In short, how to avoid such violations?

Before we publish the notes, we’d better check whether there are prohibited words, which include illegal words and sensitive words. If prohibited words are checked, we can check them with EasySentence. If they are found, we can use some spellingIt is possible to substitute sound or homophonic sound.

The above text is about account settings, which can be operated according to me.

So here comes the key content:

We mainly sell Huaqiangbei mobile phones in this project. Where can we find the source of goods? Let’s take a look. What is recommended here is to use it in 1688Go to pick up the goods directly. If you pick up the goods directly here, it’s better for us to add the contact information of the merchants directly to facilitate a later communication.

Let’s talk about the screening criteria for finding earphones:

In terms of price, whether it is the second or third generation of the Airport, the price is less than 100 dollars,Basically, I don’t need to think about it. In the jargon, this product is inferior.

In terms of origin, we think the quality of Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen is still guaranteed. We will basically take samples to experience the noise reduction and other functions, and check what chips are.

That means we are buyingI asked the seller if we could send a sample and let’s experience it. If we experience the product first, it’s all right, and then we can sell it. At least, you should have a knowledge of this product.

In addition, before shipping, we must ask the seller about an after-sales service, such asSay how long the warranty period will be, whether to include the return freight, and whether to support the exchange of old products for new ones. Ask whether there is such after-sales service available at Then, this is the standard for screening earphones. You can refer to these aspects for screening.

When publishing notes, there are 4Let’s talk about:

The first is text material:

Literal materials can be used for referenceSocial networking sitesYou can copy the peer strategy of, simply modify it, or randomly arrange and combine the contents of several notes, so that you can form a new high-quality note, which is copywritingA material.

Next, look at the picture materials:

If you have pictures, we can go to the comment area of Amazon and JD Pinduoduoduo to find high-quality live pictures or microblogs and other platforms to translate and copy them, or you can download these pictures, then modify them slightly, and put them onAdd some text, or beautify the pictures.

Let’s talk about the release time:

Basically, we release at noon, such as around 10:00~12:00, and the slow time is 17:00~20:00. You can release the test at this time.

Finally, let’s talkThe following drainage techniques:

In terms of drainage skills, I just mentioned the basic account settingsSocial networking sitesYou can set our WeChat operation on the. In this way, you can achieve drainage, and people who know it will understand it.

The second way: in the comment area, the first direct @ username is your trumpet. youYou can publish your contact information on the small homepage. Don’t publish your contact information on your large homepage. If you do, you will be liable to be punished for violations. It doesn’t matter if you do this on the small screen. After all, it’s your small screen homepage that publishes your contact information.

Another way is to take my moment in the form of picturesCome and leave your contact information.

If you want to follow my settings, you can goSocial networking sitesYou can find the benchmarking account in the. You can see it at a glance. It is true that peers do this.

How to sell Huaqiang North earphones on social networking sites: a zero cost sideline project that can easily exceed 10000 dollars in a month


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