The idea of a single day 200-300 education number project in the same city makes the market huge and stable for a long time!


Today, I would like to share with you a 200-300 one day local education number project. The market is huge and stable for a long time! It allows you to earn more money every month. The project of the local education number is divided into two parts,First, account settings, and second, project summary.

The idea of a single day 200-300 education number project in the same city makes the market huge and stable for a long time!

First, account settings,

First, register the Tiktok number

head portraitIt is set as a real person or cartoon teacher’s avatar. The name setting is similar to that of a teacher who teaches Chinese and mathematics, with the region behind, such as NewYork, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc. In the introduction, please refer to your peers and change their introductions.

Step 2: Take a video

We went to the field to shoot videos of nearby schools, libraries, schools, school gates, schools, streets at school gates, etc., for example, shooting the mirror movement from left to right at the gate of each school, three to five seconds is OK. When shooting parents waiting at the school gate, it must be a dynamic video, such as mirror movement, from left to right, from top to bottom, etcWait, or the characters are sporty.

Step 3: Make a video,

The topic is selected first. In the early stage, topics such as increasing fans, selecting schools, ranking, score line, admission rate, and peer spending were discussed. The copy can be searched in Tiktok, then extracted, modified and used in your own works, and filled in according to the copyFor the video content, the material is the content shot by yourself. The copy is usually short and printed on the video in the form of text. The color matching and color size of text refer to the same line. Produce an aesthetic video with a duration of 7-15 seconds.

Step 4: Publish your works,

Keep doingThe content is published five to ten times a day. Every work is published at an interval of one to two hours. When it is published, it should be targeted at schools. If it is a school topic, it should be targeted at schools. If it is ranked in a broad category, it should be targeted at cities. It should also be accompanied by corresponding topics, such as NewYork education, Zhejiang education, Jiangsu education, school methods, and further educationRate, etc.

Step 5. Video delivery,

When you reach 1000 fans, you can open the shop window. If it is fast, it will take three to five days to open the shop window. Add some goods, select teaching materials, and find the ones with high sales. The first thing to do is to choose products, directly select the popular products of the same industry, and find the standard video with goods to extract the textTo modify the copy, use software dubbing to fill in your own video content according to the copy dubbing. The video content material is your own video.

Second, project summary

The project is to persist in doing and delivering, and a large amount of video materials can produce miracles. In addition to shooting by yourself, you can also go to Station B, QuoraSocial networking sitesAnd other platformsTeachers should also learn some professional knowledge from videos of lectures and lectures to make themselves more professional. When parents come to consult, they can also help parents to see videos with good quality and high conversion rate,

It can be pushed at will, that is, it can be used to shake and put advertisements. The comment area can use the trumpet to guide the transformation and scriptsYou can refer to your peers. For example, the book that my children use now has 95 points in math.

The above is the local education project for everyone. Parents should not say dozens for their children$The supplementary teaching materials of, for example, the cram school can be anywhere from 3000 to 5000, which is still expensiveThe advantage is that you can bring goods with you, and you can also push educational institutions. The commission for a single order is 500 to 600. After you get up, you can eat a single order for several years.

The idea of a single day 200-300 education number project in the same city makes the market huge and stable for a long time!


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