Subdivision field of blue ocean project: weather video earnings sideline, daily earnings 200-300+


Today, I would like to share with you the breakdown of blue ocean projects, with a daily income of 200-300+. Now the headline is in the fan, which is supported. More interaction among people can increase profits. Basically, we have 5 accounts every day

Subdivision field of blue ocean project: weather video earnings sideline, daily earnings 200-300+

Five videos will be released for each number. Basically, the amount of five videos will be 10000+, and the unit price is considerable,It’s easy to break the ten thousand mark in the field, especially after the Chinese video is launched, there is basically nothing to do after it is released.

As long as everyone has no problem in execution and is waiting for benefits, the effect may be a little poor recently, because the video unit price has dropped, and the sprout plan for headlines is being adjusted, but it should be restored in the future, and it still needs to wait for the official releaseRules of cloth.

Although the revenue is declining, it does not affect our actual operation, so that we can really understand the Chinese video game in the South China Sea field. The field of this project is “weather forecast”.

How many people are still watching the weather forecast on TV or on the computer? It is estimated that there are not many people, but there areMany people over the age of 40 watch weather forecast videos, which may also be a problem for the age group.

This project is basically about downloading materials, editing materials, uploading videos, etc. There is no difficulty,NoviceYou can operate after reading. First of all, let’s talk about how the video plan in today’s headlines is fast,

Passing video programIt is a blue ocean project. The cost is a few dollars. It can be sold for 50~100 dollars on a certain treasure. It can be said that it is a blue ocean virtual project. The video plan is very simple.

In this lesson, I will tell you four points,First, preparation; Second point; Second creation; Third, how to publish videos; Fourth, project precautions.

First, preparation

First, go to the watermelon video application to get the tasks of the medium video plan, and directly search on the watermelon and the medium video will come out automatically. Then we need to take three life videos, such as shopping in the supermarket and driving out to play. Then we need to take 1-2 minutes of videos with our mobile phone. We need to take 16:9 videos on the horizontal screen,Just shoot three, and then send it to watermelon video. Synchronize Tiktok,

Finally, after all the reviews are passed, you can find a link of Tiktok video to brush 17000 play volume. It is basically passed in two days. Now it is strict, but it can still pass. After that, you can operate the weather forecast to make profitsProject!

First, prepare a headline account. You can register from watermelon, get the video plan, approve it, and then send the video. At this time, you don’t need to bind your real name,

When to withdraw cash and when to bind it, because after the video plan is approved, you can directly send video for income。 Search for “medium video” in the search box directly, click “Open” and then pick up the task according to the prompt.

Headline account registration. You can register directly if you have a mobile phone number. The account should be packaged like the official weather forecast. We suggest you refer to your peers. Material acquisition methods, including agricultural, landThe regional, foreign and national ones can receive all the money,

It can also be vertical for a field. Video materials are obtained to help us make videos in the future. Pictures and audio inside are needed, but they are not directly moved, because moving will be detected.

You need to download a software “CCTV AV”There are many video materials when you go to Google and search for “weather forecast” in the software after downloading. There are also documentary materials here. It is also a very good material library choice to make videos in documentaries.

Of course, you can also make money online by picking up the voice of popular videos of peers in today’s headlines, and regenerate the voice to send againAs far as the headlines are concerned, it will basically explode for the second time. This can be downloaded directly by using the relevant download software.

Second point; Secondary creation

The first step is to make background music, which is the theme song of CCTV weather forecast.

The second step is to collect video background materials and find some earth materials. Go to GoogleSearch on, set 1920 × 1080p material. Because we need to constantly change the background material, we can constantly remove the weight. In addition to the earth material, we can also download other pictures, in order to remove the weight.

Step 3: Collect the weather screenshots from n video materials to constantly replace the weather solutionsI can’t make a video without materials. The operation method is very simple. The downloaded video materials are all available. Click the video to play and the host will explain, but the screenshot host is important. Only the screenshot without the host can be used.

Download the audio of the original material to regenerate a voice. The audio operation is very simpleIt is OK to recognize the voice of the original material into characters. The method is also very simple. Use the characters in the commentary to generate the voice, because the weather itself is a commentary project. After the generation, it is OK to add back music when synthesizing the video.

In fact, composite video refers to background pictures, materials and weather screenshotsThe materials and background music are combined to regenerate the copy, and then the weather screenshot materials are given an entrance animation special effect. The special effect duration is full. Finally, each animation special effect is different. You can go directly to see how the peers do the special effects, and finally identify the subtitles and export them. You can have a look at the editing basicsYes.

Third, how to publish videos

Writing titles is a problem for many people. Let me tell you a quick way to write titles. First, collect the titles of popular videos and watermelon videos. You can use some tools: Taojin Pavilion,, etc,

Search the sky forecast in the software, and filter the reading amount fromIn fact, it is not hard to believe that the video release is an overall framework.

Step 1: Upload the video

Step 2: Title writing, skill: collect titles with high playback volume, and combine them randomly and smoothly, within 30 words

Step 3. Upload the cover, and capture the content of the weather forecast video,Those with characters can be used as covers

Step 4. Video introduction, the same as the title

Step 5. Type of creation, focusing on original, not original, no profit

Step 6: Interactive stickers, like+follow stickers

Step 7: Tiktok synchronization. If the video is in the middle of the later stage, you can select synchronization

Step 8. Video tag, weather forecast, nationalWeather forecast, weather forecast for the next three days

Step 9. Video Publishing


At 5:30 a.m., 11:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., it will be released in the morning, noon and evening, 8:30 p.m., and 1:00 a.m., which will be released in advance.

Finally, let’s talk about the precautions:

If you operate thisJust pay attention to four points in the project

First, we must not copy the handling. It is easy to find out that illegal points will be deducted for handling.

Second, the best thing is to show a real person on the camera and take a cartoon image.

Third, do not use the material for the second time. You can use the mirror image to flip it for the second time.

Fourth, record your own voice orIt is software generation, and software is relatively simple.

Subdivision field of blue ocean project: weather video earnings sideline, daily earnings 200-300+


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