Tiktok copybook library number project, which can be easily produced by novices, with a monthly income of 8000


Today, I would like to share a“Tiktok Wenwen Museum No. Project”I believe that many friends have brushed this kind of video. A beautiful picture with sentimental music can catch our eyes instantly. When we see the comments in the comment area, our hearts will sink, tears will flow down, and users will be able to clickLike to follow.

Tiktok copybook library number project, which can be easily produced by novices, with a monthly income of 8000

Previously, a friend of mine also worked as a copybook store account in Tiktok, and his account has more than 100000 fans. He told me that he had received an offer of 2000-3000$About, and only an advertising quote income.

At that time, I was shocked, so today I decided toTake this project apart for you.

Don’t talk much nonsense, go straight to the topic.

1、 Image and text video

In fact, we can directly write the copy on the memo, and then add a music, with a topic tag, see the following figure;

2、 How to resonate with netizens

In fact, our video only needs a beautiful picture. FinallyCopying a topic that can arouse the majority of netizens, and then netizens will naturally give play to their talent in the comment area, see the following figure;

3、 Comment Area Solitaire

We can also leave a copy in the video, so that fans and netizens can take the next sentence in the comment area, such as: “Your favorite article so farCase “.

I want to say that we can also show in person or in pictures. No matter what way you use, we are going to release the second half of the video, that is, to find the more insightful copywriting sentences of netizens.

4、 Project Practice

1. Register an account and improve personal information

I don’t want to introduce this too muchYes, I’ve talked about this many times, and I won’t go directly to find the reference of peer accounts.

2. Orientation

There are many types of document numbers, such as life, motivation, funny, emotion, etc. I just need to choose one of them and stick to it in a vertical way. I personally suggest choosingSelect emotion, because the topic of emotion is relatively large, the key is to easily poke users’ hearts.

5、 Source of materials

1. Picture

We can collect such pictures on Google, Petal Network, Qiantu Network, etc. If we have channels, we can collect them in our own way.

2. Music

You can go to major music websites (some mayYou need to open a member), you can also cut movies, popular music, etc.

3. Copywriting

In the case of copywriting, we can go to a treasure or buy a copybook, or we can refer to the counterparts and integrate their copywriting changes. If you have the ability, you can also write by yourself.

All of the above are expected to bubble online and start when you are readyEditing: import our collected materials and texts into the editing software for editing. Note that when Tiktok is released, it must be tagged with topic tags, such as # emotion, # sadness, etc. (go by yourself)

6、 Realization channel

1. Open a shop window

If our fans meet the requirements, they can driveSell some general merchandise through the shop window. You can also go according to your own requirements.

2. Receive advertisements

As I mentioned above, the more fans we have, the higher our advertising revenue will be. So we should manage our own account well in the early stage.

matters needing attention: Try not to deviate too much from our videos when receiving advertisementsContent, this must be looked at.

3. Apprentice

We can see that many Tiktok copybook library numbers have left a private field on the introduction, and we can also use the same way as them to cash in. If you don’t know the script content, you can add some peer consultation to learn about it. I won’t do too much hereSuggestions.

4. Build a copy official account

I can also guide my fans to my official account to make money through multiple channels, such as Tiktok and official account. You should set up the official account in advance, or you can guide your fans to see everything, and they will directly check it.

The above is the operation of Tiktok Wenwen Museum No. ProjectThe way, interested friends can practice on their own.

Tiktok copybook library number project, which can be easily produced by novices, with a monthly income of 8000


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