Tiktok music basic project, easy daily entry 500 , everyone can operate!


Today, let’s share aTiktok Music brick moving project

Tiktok music basic project, easy daily entry 500 , everyone can operate!

In recent years, there are many grassroots musicians who have become millions of major TVs with a single song on Tiktok.

Numerous phenomenal cases have made more and more musicians and companies begin to pay attention to the music promotion on Tiktok.

since,Tiktok is so important to music companies and music producers that it is necessary to spend money to promote it.

Therefore, many institutions will publish music promotion tasks and then distribute them to Tiktok creators. As long as they bring the music to be promoted as background music when publishing works, and as long as the video is liked by users, they willTo make money, this is the Tiktok Music brick moving project.

Generally,Reward 100 dollars for every 1000 likes, and so on. The more likes you have, the more money you have!

How to do it specifically?

1、 Order receiving platform

To operate this project, you need to go to the task platform to receive the promotion task. Where can I get the task?

1. Tiktok’s official announcementPUSH

Open Tiktok, search the “Music Promotion Platform” on the homepage, find the official entrance, and click to participate in the event.

However, there is a certain threshold of access. At least 10000 fans are required, followed by the account style.

2. Third party task platformSearch keywords related to music promotion in WeChat applet, and you can find many tasksTo promote platforms, young partners can look at these platforms and choose the appropriate platform to receive orders

2、 Which type of account is suitable for operation?

As mentioned above, to operate this project, at least one active Tiktok number is required. The more fans, the better;

Secondly, the account field should be selected. The official requirement is to divide the accountClass should belong to soundMusic cover singing/music mix cutting/beauty dance.
These fields are easy to start and get high praise. You can choose which type according to your specialty or interest.

I didn’t say which field is the best, but what suits you is the best, so you can stick to it!

of courseYes, if you have Tiktok operation capability, but do not have relevant accounts at present, you can go to the We Media Trading Platform to purchase accounts and directly operate with existing accounts.

Here we share two new media account trading platforms:

A5 New media transfer platform


Fish clawmedia


The above is the project I shared with you today. Generally speaking, there is still a certain threshold. But I think it is a good thing to have a threshold. On the contrary, it can persuade many people to get rid of it and let those who want to make money eat the dividend。

Tiktok music basic project, easy daily entry 500 , everyone can operate!


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