Disassembly of PPT template realization project: multiple back-end realization play mode, really suitable for novice sideline operation!


Today, I would like to share a PPT project, where templates are sold for multiple back-end realization and new realization methods are developed from realization. Art comes from life and opportunities come from life. PPT is often needed when making content, but there is no professional PPT producer

Disassembly of PPT template realization project: multiple back-end realization play mode, really suitable for novice sideline operation!

So PPT will be purchased directly from the Internet,Maybe you have also bought PPT on the Internet. You will find that when you buy PPT on a treasure or a duoduo, you can buy thousands of sets of PPT for 9 dollars and 9 dollars, and the sales volume is very high. The sales volume of each store in the last month is basically in the hundreds or thousands.

The project to be shared with you today includes three parts: first, introduction; Second, preparation stage; Third, customer acquisition channel; Fourth, the realization method.

First, project introduction

This kind of virtual resource has no cost at all. Maybe the cost is the first purchase, that is, after 9 dollars and 9 dollars, there is no cost anymore. Every order sold is a net profit,A good shop can earn tens of thousands of dollars every month by passive income, and the demand is always there. If some friends have a deeper understanding of selling PPT templates, and are familiar with the traffic, please directly pull to the cash flow part.

If you are still a noviceNoviceIt is recommended to read the previous part firstAfter reading Google Index, WeChat Index and Huge Index, we found that the demand for PPT templates is very large, and after looking at the search volume in recent years, the data volume has been very stable. With such data support, we can determine that this project can be done for a long time, not a short-term project.

Via dataThrough analysis, it can be found that most of the users who need to use PPT templates are college students and newcomers who have just worked. The users are basically 20 to 29 years old, and there are many female users. As long as there are more female users in the project, the liquidity will be strong in the later stage, and the products that can be realized in the later stage will also beQuite a lot.

There are two groups of people who use PPT. First, in order to cope with homework assignments from teachers or tasks assigned by leaders, and second, more introverted workaholics want to do a high-end PPT independently. We mainly target the first type of users, because this type of people is the largest, after all, everyone likesThey are not willing to pay too much for saving time, effort and money.

Second, preparation stage

Go directly to a certain treasure and a certain duoduo to search for the PPT template. You can buy thousands of sets of goods for 9 dollars or 10 dollars. After buying, you can change the advertising information into your own. There may be problems about copyright,In fact, don’t worry, because we can buy these PPTs online,

This means that these PPT do not have copyright. Many people have been working on the project for a long time, so you can directly refer to the methods of your peers and follow their operating methods to create your own account for yourselfFor traffic, most peers directly record PPT images as video content.

After recording this video, it can be sent to different short video platforms, such as Tiktok, KwaiSocial networking sitesWait, but the peer data is not good, but it does not affect whether your account can make moneyMany people judge whether a project is profitable or not based on the number of fans in this field. They think that a high number of fans will make more money, but this is not the case. The number of fans is not proportional to the liquidity.

Third, customer acquisition channel

Funny videos, facial expression packs and other accounts in TiktokIt is very quick to measure, and can also frequently swipe hundreds of thousands or millions of accounts, but the liquidity may make hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of millions of fan accounts a year. There are a lot of data that we can’t see in the open, sometimes we can’t see the truth with our own eyes, only really experiencedOnly then did I know the pit here.

Now we can see that the drainage method used by peers to operate the short video platform is similar to this kind of transportation, while other methods are not available to ordinary people. It needs to really understand the PPT skills of photography design. This method has a slow effect,

So don’t give up after just a few days. You can’t do it after a few daysIn general, this mode similar to transportation can’t get very good recommended traffic on each platform, and it needs to be insisted for a long time to stand firm in the platform, and it needs to be labeled to recommend content to the platform.

In addition to Tiktok, users who need the product can also use video to dominate the search traffic of search enginesEach search engine will have its own white list platform. At one time, the white list platform of search engines is Google Experience, B Station, Goodlooking Video and Quora. The white list means that as long as the content is published on this platform, it can be quickly received by search engines and get a very good ranking。

In addition to the short video platform, there is also a graphic platform that can be operated. It is also a method of transportation. You just need to organize the collected PPT templates into pictures or text, and send the content to Quora orSocial networking sitesThere are also many user groups in these two platforms.

No matter which platform you are on, the traffic is very large, and you only need to research deeplyWe can get a lot of traffic. If you really don’t want to do content marketing, you can use the method of intercepting customers, such as leaving a message under the peer review area to intercept peer traffic. Although the method is immoral, it is still very useful.

Fourth, realization method

1、 If you can play Tiktok well, you can open a Tiktok store in Tiktok to sell virtual products, and the entire traffic closed-loop is completed on Tiktok. You don’t need to guide to your own private domain, which can reduce the risk of account number blocking. You can use fan groups on Tiktok, save users to fan groups, and guide users to their own private domain in fan groups, so as to provide more opportunities for the futurePrepare for this transaction.

2、 If you can’t make closed-loop cash flow directly in the platform, you need to guide users to your private domain. At this time, you need to create a good circle of friends in the private domain. Because the unit price of the product is relatively low, so you don’t need to create a circle of friends deliberately. If you want to make more money, you can do it throughThe way of community package membership fee increases the unit price of customers.

You should pay attention to using some routines when designing product models. If you only sell PPT, the benefits are limited, and you can do multiple products. Because the product user group belongs to the young group, you can use this part of the traffic as a seed fan, operate the takeout applet, orLow price movie tickets are realized. Generally, the takeout applet has its own fission function.

3、 For fun, the multiple realization of each project is to mine the same attributes of users on the basis of the original project, infer the products that users can consume with the same attributes, find the supply chain or resources of the productsTo sell to users, we need to know that a person may have multiple needs at the same time, such as eating, eating ramen today, and changing dumplings tomorrow. We don’t only consume on one product, ramen and dumplings belong to the same type of products.

A lot of people fall into a misunderstanding when they operate the projectThey are already engaged in facial expression package accounts, and can only do facial expression package related businesses, but this is not the case. Many high school students and college students like to use facial expression packages, but they do not just like to use facial expression packages, but also have many other hobbies. There is a premise for multiple changes, and they can only go there if they have enough user baseDo.

If there are only 100 users, it is OK to serve 100 users well first. When there are 10000 or 100000 users, you can constantly explore the different needs of users. But it should be clear that whether you can make money and how much money you can make depends on the people who are working on the project, not the project.

Disassembly of PPT template realization project: multiple back-end realization play mode, really suitable for novice sideline operation!


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