The whole process of dismantling online dating projects: how to operate online dating agency projects? Selflessly organize and share with you!


Today, I will share the online dating and making money project with you, and dismantle how ordinary people operate the online dating agency project. This project data will not be shown to you. There are scenes of being urged to marry and date everywhere in life, which is enough to prove how big the market is.

The whole process of dismantling online dating projects: how to operate online dating agency projects? Selflessly organize and share with you!

The content is divided into three parts: the first part is preparation; Second, getIntake flow; Third, the method of realization.

First, preliminary preparation(There are many platforms for online dating projects to operate, so there are many capabilities required)

First, copywriting ability,Whether making short videos online or offline private domain drainage requires a certain amount of writing skills, and the account needs to constantly update materials every day, so a large number of copy updates are required. Copywriting can be original or pseudo original, as long as it can effectively drain.

Second, community operation capability,It is necessary to classify members according to their personal conditions, and select accurate users and inaccurate users who have no payment awareness into different groups. In the early stage, they were in the same city communityIn the absence of a certain number of people, you should chat with members in the group on a trumpet to keep them active,

We also need to do some customer service work according to the requirements of members, such as: members pay, and when we know other girls, we need to arrange the connection between girls and paying users in a timely manner. These are the agenda of community operation, and there will be a lot ofMore details need to be arranged according to the actual situation.

Third, the ability to organize activitiesAlthough it is an online dating project, we still need to arrange offline meetings for members. In order to better understand each other, offline networking activities can be held later. At this time, we need to contact members to participate in activities.

Entire activityIn the process, we need to participate in the site arrangement, the whole activity process, and the promotion of the on-site activity atmosphere. Therefore, when doing this project, we need to consider whether our personality is suitable for this project.

Second, get traffic

Platform account registration, name, avatar and profile can refer to peers. Once you have an accountIf you want to save costs, you can go to the major post bars to search for dating posts,

There will be a lot of interactive information, you can contact the other party, get the other party’s consent and put it in your account, or you can searchThere are also a lot of relevant information in the related city friend groups, WeChat groups, QQ groups, etc. The specific content to be released can be seen from peers, and there are many types.

1、 Picture class,Directly expose the pictures and information of the blind date users to form a music album. Many dating websites advertise in TiktokIn this form, many of them are beautiful and handsome.

2、 Oral broadcast sharing,Real people are required to show up for love skills, love experience and oral sharing. This type is more suitable for emotional projects. It is not suitable for a blind date project, because most users who watch this type of video mainly focus on the emotion of blind date, rather than looking forThe blind date is the main object.

3、 Street interview, matching games,The video content has a stronger picture sense, but there are many slots. This account usually costs a lot to shoot and produce, and most of the matching people in the video are actors, which is fake.

4、 Gags of dating activities, clip the highlights of offline dating activities intoGags, accompanied by music, are a beautiful video of dating activities.

5、 Post screenshots of relevant chat records,Save time and effort.

There are basically only two ways to obtain traffic, online and offline. Online drainage is very simple. Individual online accounts can guide fans in need to join the online profit domainFor specific communication, there are also corresponding dating posts in the major post bar forums. All kinds of dating groups in the city can post, or reply to others’ messages to leave their own contact information.

Offline drainage should create a good friend circle account, ensure that the friend circle has corresponding information updates every day, and introduce new members through existing membersThere are blind dates in all places. We prepare some forms to take to them, so that people in need can register and add contact information to keep in touch. There are also many large shopping malls that hold blind dates from time to time. We can follow their trends at any time and go there when there are activities.

The way to save trouble is to talk about cooperation and local matchmaking companiesThere are a lot of customer resources, and we can also talk about cooperation, but the cost will be relatively high. You can choose according to your own actual situation. The essence of the dating project is a service sales project. You can update the customer’s dating information on your own account platform,

Charge a certain fee according to the update frequency, or the customer hasTheir needs can also be matched as much as possible, which can earn a certain amount of revenue. Once it comes to services and sales projects, what kind of services can be provided after others pay you becomes particularly important.

Third, realization method

1、 Pay a group of fees, each group can be divided into three, six, nine and so on according to the actual situation of usersFees vary from several hundred. For example, local blind date groups, undergraduate groups and returnee groups, the fees can be free or tens in the early stage, mainly because there is a base in the group, and then the price can be increased accordingly.

2、 Membership services,You can get more friends information by opening VIP, and you can provide the other party’s contact if you have the right oneFor example, several major platforms in China adopt the realization method of membership system, because membership system can facilitate the communication between users, and there is no need for customer service.

3、 One to one consulting serviceThis charge will be higher relatively. It can provide a one-stop service,Until the customer takes off the order.

4、 Offline activities,Occasionally, offline activities can be held, such as playing a little game, singing a song or barbecue, which is conducive to mutual communication and understanding. A certain service fee can be charged for holding offline activities. If the venue is involved, you can discuss cooperation with the boss. If we can succeed, we will have it in the endThe introduction fee is acceptable. If the project is mature in the later stage, the income will be very considerable.

The whole process of dismantling online dating projects: how to operate online dating agency projects? Selflessly organize and share with you!


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