Tiktok local second-hand commodity transaction project, zero cost, fool operation mode, monthly income of 20000


Today, when I was swiping Tiktok, I found an account for second-hand commodity trading in the same city. Out of professional habits, I went to pick up the same type of account. Boy, I found a new continent directly.

Tiktok local second-hand commodity transaction project, zero cost, fool operation mode, monthly income of 20000

This method of play has directly subverted my understanding. Although most people in this industry know it, it is relativelyIt’s still cold. It’s easy to get tens of thousands of dollars a month.

After talking with some big brothers who make second-hand goods in the same city, I feel that they are really cowhide. Can you think of doing a second-hand goods transaction on DY that can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month? Besides, fans are super sticky, and they are all precision shoppingcustomer!

This project is divided into three parts for the kids to disassemble!

1、 What is the Tiktok intra city second-hand commodity trading project?

2、 How to operate

3、 The ultimate value of the project!

1、 What is the Tiktok intra city second-hand commodity transaction project

It is to sell some second-hand goods in the same city, such as furniture, electrical appliances and so on.

I spendIt took me a day to learn more about a project. It’s so successful. You never think that this sub domain can do so well. What I’m talking about is not the content of this account, but the value generated by this account!

This kind of play method is equivalent to moving the play method of salted fish second-hand goods trading to ShakeOn the sound, it is equivalent to making a Tiktok version of salted fish. I talked to this big brother several times, and told me that the news could not be answered at all. Let’s think about the traffic!

At present, the elder brother told me that there are seven WeChat messages full of people. You should know that these seven WeChat messages are all accurateThe value of shopping fans in the same city is self-evident!

At present, the big brother’s way of realization is relatively traditional. He is a middleman and earns the price difference. If the big brother can make good use of this batch of private domain traffic, he can at least earn twice as much money every month.

2、 How to operate

This game is actually quite simple and suitable for AmazonWith the partners who are in the same city as Tiktok, the content production can be broadcast in public when they can show their faces. If they don’t want to show their faces, they can make pictures and texts, take some pictures of the goods to be sold, and then match them with appropriate music. Just stick to sending them. Pictures and texts are easy to produce content in batches.

Many little friends will have questions. I don’t have anything. What do I send?

In the early stage, we can go to look for goods such as salted fish, etc. After the account gets up, we can slowly move to the goods in the same city. In the early stage, we mainly focus on customer traffic, and it will be better to cooperate with the launch of pods to make money online, and of course, it will be better to cooperate with the matrix operation!

Number of videos first, and then slowly optimize the videoThe quality of video pictures. If you want to improve the quality of video pictures, you can specialize in several high-quality product pictures, mobile phones, computers, small luxury goods, etc.

This business can be done not only in the same city, but also all over the country in the province. Now the logistics express is so convenient

3、 Value attached to the project?

Used for short videos in the same cityThe most valuable points of trading as a sideline:

First: Being a local fan can be realized in multiple dimensions.

In addition to essential commodity transactions, it is feasible to realize local real estate, education and training, local food, drink and play, APP innovation, local specialties, etc!

Second: Fans have transaction attributes

Fans tradingThe attribute is very powerful. It can be directly used as Amazon customer. Moreover, the flow is continuous and the trust endorsement is strong. This is very important. Taking notes is also one of my suggestions to the eldest brother. It is currently being implemented and has preliminary effects

Third: You can copy and enlarge

It can be copied to the whole country, based on the second pointNational traffic, that’s called a fragrance!

Fourth: Multi platform operation

For example, the recent hot and high traffic YouTube has a large number of secondary trading fans, which makes the content flow in the channel.

Fifth: Enrollment for training

Now the eldest brother has collected several apprentices in the cities around us, tens of thousands of dollars for one apprentice.

suchIt’s really easy to get customers for the same city number. It takes one or two hours to get materials and do account operation every day,Noviceoperable.

Tiktok local second-hand commodity transaction project, zero cost, fool operation mode, monthly income of 20000


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