Unusual project playing method disassembly: this group of people are too low-key to get rich, almost zero cost metaphysics project!


Today, I want to share with you a short method of unexpected violence. There are many schools in metaphysics. Just like we play games, we first choose your profession, and then choose a school. Then, how to do traffic, how to do back-end, and how to realize. Why is metaphysics so violent?

Unusual project playing method disassembly: this group of people are too low-key to get rich, almost zero cost metaphysics project!

There are really not many people who do one thingIn addition, this matter is a little edgy, and the platform is suppressed, which makes many people want to do it but can’t do it. The most critical cost is extremely controllable, unlike the high cost of making physical products. First of all, there are sub sectors in the industry. The research direction of each sector is different and needs to be selected.

Today’s content is mainly divided into four aspectsExplanation, the first point, introduction to schools; Second, how to layout; Third

Point 1: Introduction to Schools

The first one is the flow of runes and seal characters, which is the symbol of peace. Everything can be a rune.

The second is the training flow. The training flow is most interested in the content of several big men. Nanhai Jing, Zeng Shiqiang and Zhang Zhishun, the three newly upgraded figuresThey have a system of their own, and they have their own views, which is really very good. So a lot of training flows are extended by their views. If you want to follow the training flow, it will be smooth and no problem if you understand the logic and system of the three famous teachers.

Third, fortune telling flowIt is mainly aimed at naming, divination, physiognomy, dream interpretation, marriage and so on.

Fourth, Fengshui flow. The customer groups are different, so the overall customer price is different.

The first several schools basically have high unit prices for training and feng shui, while the other two schools have low prices. Of course, it depends on peopleThese schools are divided according to individual conditions. As long as you have a thorough understanding, you can basically learn this for 10 days or half a month. There is no limit to this. Some people have studied it for decades, and some people have spent most of their lives studying it. There is no limit to learningXi is to give you a reference.

Second, how to layout

How to arrange traffic? Without traffic, everything is useless. Put traffic first, and lead traffic to private domain for subsequent realization. But traffic is too difficult to do. Many people don’t know how to cut in. First of all, Tiktok is severely attacked. If it is in TiktokWhen talking about relevant content, relevant words will be restricted. It is normal to be blocked. But how can smart people do? Let’s see a case. This is very good. Although the number of fans is only over 6000, it has diverted a lot.

Third, how to operate

The first is basically a picture, which is marked withEverything goes smoothly, or you want to create a series of things with blessings, plus a simple background music. In fact, this content is not difficult, but it is very consistent with the group. The content is to divide your group,

Then we can use content to serve this group. Needless to say, we have to go deep into thisSome sensitive keywords. After doing such content, he did some diversion in each comment area. It is very simple that he made a group invitation, and then wrote his Earth number on the name of the group invitation, which is a powerful way to reverse the flow.

Second, there are more than 10000 fans,But the exposure is very good, and it is also a simple image. The content is very simple. It’s just some scenery and pictures that make people calm. They are more beautiful. The most important thing is his copywriting, which is related to marriage and good luck,

You can see the whole genre from the contentDifferent schools lead to different copywriting orientations. What he wrote is related to marriage. They also put a label on Zhengdollars and traditional culture. Similarly, the diversion method is also in the comment area, through private messages.

In addition, the pressure on other platforms is not so serious. For example, Station B will be more directIt seems that this boy did a very good job. Every work has tens of thousands of players, and the comments and transformations behind it are quite good. The whole content is about making a fortune with practitioners and other series. Look at the title and you can see its direction,

Therefore, each platform has different levels of pressure on content and division of laborYes, the way of production is also different. Content drainage is the best, most direct, most simple, and cost-effective way. I strongly recommend that you do content drainage, but the rules of each platform are different.

Unusual project playing method disassembly: this group of people are too low-key to get rich, almost zero cost metaphysics project!


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