Super cold money making project, simple operation and large profit


I believe that many people have experienced that their mobile phones will somehow receive some strange messages.

Super cold money making project, simple operation and large profit

Today, I received such a short message, a very ambiguous message.

I was wondering who would be so boring.

Boring is boring, but I found an unexpected project to make money, which belongs to virtualOf the service type.

This project is called “Entrusted”.


Project introduction

The game of the project is very simple. It is to help others make calls and send messages that they dare not.

There is no profound routine,The core underlying logic of the project is to help others solve problems.

The second most important thing is to callHelp others send messages they dare not send.

Some people will ask what text messages they dare not send?

People’s emotions are very complex, not as simple as they thought. Sometimes, customers are not suitable for sending SMS.

Some people are shy and embarrassed to send directly;

Some ex girlfriends’ birthdays are coming, which hinders their relationship, can not express well;

Or some people want to interview their gods or goddesses, and don’t want their real friends to know;

On Valentine’s Day, my best friend is still alone and sends “I wish you will be single forever” anonymously.

So I choose to send these messages to strangers. Anyway, one messageThe price is also very cheap. These are usually confessions, apologies, breakups, and blessings.

On the eve of the competition, it can be seen that the average customer price is about one dollars. Although the customer price is not high, the sales volume is terrible. On average, there are thousands less, tens of thousands more, or even more.

It’s also a virtual service. FuckIt is simple. Just input the phone number provided by the customer and edit the content. You can operate several orders in a minute.

At the same time, the sales volume is so high, which further proves that the market demand for this area is quite large.


Operation process

After understanding the project, the next thing to do is to find customers.

Optional onThe store is not suitable to be opened at the end of the day. The competition is too fierce. We should avoid the competition from one platform and switch to another.

At present, there are few fish operating this project, so you can arrange a fish without paying a deposit.

This is not enough. We also need to drain Tiktok.

I watched the video on Tiktok,The video production is very simple.

Open the clip, just put in a picture, extract the picture from the peer video, and then play a piece of music.

Of course, in addition to Tiktok, other platforms can also be used for drainage,Social networking sitesVery good.

Social networking sitesSome people are also working on it. Our peers are our best teachers50 peers can directly imitate how they make notes.

last,The operation of the project is not difficult. The main problem is the flow. We need to continue to drain. We should be patient and lazy when laying the foundation.

As long as there is traffic, it is a mechanical operation every day, and it is basically earned by lying down.

Super cold money making project, simple operation and large profit


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