Conscientious sideline 2 hours after work: daily collection 200+group purchase shop number project


Today, I will take apart the group purchase number of Tiktok, a popular game, as a sideline or part-time job. The profit is more than 200 per day. Its advantages are that it does not need to appear on the camera, it can be matrix operated, and it can be operated for more than two hours every day. It can be used as a long-term sideline without a long delay every day.

Conscientious sideline 2 hours after work: daily collection 200+group purchase shop number project

The project includes four phases:The start-up stage, how to solve the store exploration materials, the operation stage, and the realization stage.

Phase I, start-up phase

First, Tiktok group purchase shop number

First of all, we need to know that group purchase function is required for group purchase, which can be opened in two ways. The first is to directly apply 1000 powder, which does not affect the accountWeight, suitable for short-term matrix and commission. If you want to make a long-term account, you can go to the real person shop later to make a mouth broadcast start number, and the group purchase function can be opened in the creator center, content realization, and group purchase with goods in Tiktok.

It is better to have two or three accounts. One account may not work very quickly because it costs nothingEnergy. It takes about five minutes to produce one work, five works a day, and one hour to complete. So we suggest that you set up more accounts. If there is only one account, you can refine it a little. Apple and Android phones can both.

What if there are few stores in the area? There are some shops in the county or in the groupIn areas where shopping is not very developed, the location can be directly modified to a higher level city, for example, a county level city can be modified to a prefecture level city,

For example, the county below the provincial capital can be modified to the provincial capital and directly modified to the big city in one step, because there are many options. If you want to do the commission game, this disadvantageIn the later stage, it was difficult to turn to a real person to explore the store.

Second, account number packaging

Part I, head map and introduction,The avatar tells everyone in the most easily understood way that the avatar can be a regular meal, personal photo or in harmony with food. A little affinity is enough.

Part I NicknameIt is better to transmit the city informationFor example, when XX eats Changsha, it carries the message and its own name. It should be simple and easy to remember. There should be no strange characters and the number of characters should not be too long.

Part III Personal Profile,Transfer the positioning of the account, such as “pay attention to me, take you to eat, drink and play in Chengdu”, or “visit Shenyang to eat, drink and playHappy to take photos and clock in “, which can transfer your personal information.

Third, practical selectionTo start a real battle, you should first choose the same kind of shops as you bring goods. You should know which type of shops to choose. The categories include: buffet, western food, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Chinese food, hot pot Chuanchuanxiang, barbecue, which are popular food.

There are also some entertainment venues, such as cinemas, where the number of group purchased movie tickets is 50$Money, but the cinema group purchase is 39, which is a very good group purchase package. The bath hot spring is clearly priced in the beauty group, and it is also very easy to do in the Tiktok group purchase, as well as the secret room escape and script killingKTV, KTV, etc. are relatively easy to do.

For price anchoring, it is recommended that you choose a 20% to 60% discount for group purchase, and a 100% to 300% discount for double meals. According to the consumption capacity of the selected city, and select some popular stores, the overall transformation of the core business district is relatively high,

The group purchase goods center can find the rankingAnd recommendations, such as popular chain stores, such as Wallace, Snow City, KFC, etc., you can go to the group purchase of packages to find the hot list in the same city.

The second stage: how to solve the problem of shop exploration materials

The first is the materials brought by Tiktok merchants. For example, if you want to push group buying, there will be a main picture, pictures of dishes, and textThe word introduction can be used directly without violating the rules. Take a screenshot of it, highlight the details and prices of the package, and then edit it.

The second is Meituan public review. You can choose a popular store. There are many materials available, but you should use merchant materials, not personal user materials, and personal user materialsBe sure not to infringe. For example, it uses other people’s avatars and personal information.

Third, users of other bloggers can also use it. They can edit their materials for the second time, and cut them into videos in the form of a third person. In the list of group buying talents, they can find the ranking of group buying talents from all over the country, and find pictures and text clipsFor editing and machine dubbing, try not to find real people to explore stores, because they are not our target users.

The following cases all belong to the mixed cutting category, and have marked the package price, store information, etc., and made a guide. Click the link below to buy in groups. This is the standard form of exploring stores with graphic and text clips. We canTo imitate and learn.

This number is all machine dubbing. With the addition of picture carousel and dish names, it meets the requirements of the richness of materials, the low price and the key information of its location. We can achieve our goal by creating such simple accounts.

The third stage, operation stageparagraph

First, click the place where the group purchase takes the goods, click the shop to earn the commission, select your own city, select the whole category, sort by sales volume, etc., select food and specific categories, and select the hot group purchase in the popular shop.

For example, choose this group purchase 99$Take a screenshot of Qian’s three person meal and store it as key information, turn it down again, and the group purchase details will also be screenshot. Then find a screenshot of the main picture of the sample, and import the screenshot after the three pictures are ready.

Open the clip image and look for the same version. There are many templates in it. Select the same version for two or three pictures. For example, select three templates for three pictures and pour the three pictures into it to see the effectSometimes the picture is too wide and the words are not displayed completely. Check it. If not, change it to another template and export it after editing.

Then re open the clipping image, click Start Creation, and re create it. Select 8:16 as the proportion to see the normal picture. Add text and select some from the text templateYou like it,

You can also simply type it directly. You can enter it wherever you want. For example, the group purchase of the hot pot dinner 199 on Chunxi Road, put the title on it, adjust the style, font and color, add more lines, match your favorite music, and add some small stickers and notes.

This is commonly usedYes, adjust its position, send 5~10 videos every day, highlight the price and position of group purchase, tell everyone what delicious food, what discounts, and relatively complete works. After finishing the works, you can see that there is a group purchase added at the place where Tiktok is releasedSearch and edit the name of the shop to be promoted, select the shop to be promoted, and click Add.

Click the above location to add a store to promote and select domestic. If you can’t select domestic in the local area, select local if there is one nearby. If you find the store you want to push, be sure to pay attention to the word “return commission” behind itSample, go to select the returned domestic product, hang it, and release it.

There are two ways to link an operation link:Add group purchase components and location store promotion,When selecting keywords, be sure to add the words “return commission”. There are three elements in the title copy,Location, price and menu

thanFor example, a small bell tavern with a unique style found on Guiyun Road of the Great Wall can allow three or five small partners to drink freely within 99 meters. Price of prominent position. The comment area can be topped by a website,

For example, if you click the lower left corner, you can get 99 meals for three at the lower left corner. If you don’t want to go, you can return them at any time,To reassure everyone. Attention should also be paid to interaction and timely reply to the query on package in the comment area.

The fourth stage, the realization stage

First, the CPS commission is the main source of income for the project. If someone buys and writes off, there will be a commission. For part-time jobs, there will be more than 200 commissions a day. However, due to the current epidemic situationI can’t do it.

Second, the free resource replacement is to consult the merchants and provide free packages. Let’s explore the stores and shoot materials. After promoting more than 1000 fans to the merchants, we can eat and drink freely. Because the merchants want to promote, they lack materials in the early stage of shooting, which is a win-win method.

The third type, commercial orderIt is the merchants who pay you to advertise. Generally speaking, they do a good job in the later stage. There is a base price. According to the region, plus the group purchase commission of the stall, the Buy It Now price is relatively low. It is the base price plus the commission.

Conscientious sideline 2 hours after work: daily collection 200+group purchase shop number project


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