Can you make money by accompanying others to see a doctor? I would like to share with you this promising entrepreneurial project of professional doctors!


Today, I would like to share with you how you can make money by accompanying people to see a doctor, and earn 500 a day. 90% of people do not know the promising future of entrepreneurial projects and professional attendants. Their job is to go to the hospital to help patients register and queue up, pick up and deliver drugs to the door, and accompany patients to see a doctor all the time. The old people at home usually get sickTo go to the hospital, we usually need our children to help us register and queue up, and remember the doctor’s orders.

Can you make money by accompanying others to see a doctor? I would like to share with you this promising entrepreneurial project of professional doctors!

However, many children are working in the first and second tier cities, and they are not in the same city as their parents. At this time, when their parents are sick, it is difficult for them to go back in time to accompany their parents to see a doctor. They have to worry. What the accompanying doctor should do is to replace the role of childrenAccompany the elderly to the hospital to help them complete the whole process of seeing a doctor

And it will be more complete than the children. As China’s aging population continues to intensify, more and more young people choose to work in big cities. The demand for this will grow, and the service process and content will become more and more standardized. The market prospect is very goodBroad. Generally, the price of accompanying doctors is between 300 and 500 per day.

The project includes two modes: the basic mode of stage 0~1 and the advanced lying mode of stage 1~100

For the 0~1 basic model, the first thing to do is to do traffic. The key to doing such a low threshold service industry is to haveOrder and flow is the first thing to do in business.

Our channel to attract traffic is Tiktok. When we search Tiktok for medical attendants, we can see that some people are already working on this project, but most fans are not too many, which means it is still a blue ocean project.

The specific way is to send videosThe content is very simple. I went to the local hospital to take some daily materials and dub them myself. After receiving the order, simply tell me your experience of accompanying the doctor and your basic information

For example, locations and services that can be provided, you can regularly go to the local big hospital to shoot enough materials at one time, and then come back to edit and release videos separatelyIt takes only 10 minutes to complete the operation without any operation pressure.

After attracting enough fans, the only thing to do is to cash in, directly leave a signal on the self introduction, and let people in need contact you for consultation. Pay attention to the good operation of the circle of friends here. Send a screenshot of the order and a picture of the hospital sceneFilm, etc., maintain the staffing of the clinic attendants, and then the back-end delivery,

There are many people who worry that they can’t do a good job in back-end delivery and ruin their reputation. In fact, they don’t have to worry about it at all. On the one hand, the job itself is not very difficult. The main task is to play the role of a medical assistant to help the elderly run errands, record medical advice, and pick up and see the elderly offWhen people go home, they should pay more attention to the elderly’s emotions in the whole process.

Most people are competent. On the other hand, there are special videos explaining the whole process and precautions on a station and Tiktok and other We Media platforms. This is the basic mode of this project. However, the liquidity of this project is far more than thatTo some extent, you can continue to increase your own cash flow channels and raise the income ceiling.

First of all, you can cooperate with local online profiteers to achieve mutual promotion of orders. When you have orders that collide or cannot serve on the same day, you can push these redundant orders to peers to earn 2~30% commission. In addition, if you have time on that day but do not have an order, you can also take orders from others to achieve a win-win situation.

Secondly, after your order is stable, you can also collect apprentices, earn their tuition fees on the one hand, and give them orders on the other hand. You can also take a commission to free your timeBreak this project

For the cash ceiling formed due to your limited service energy, a disciple will charge 50 million to 10000 dollars. With the commission of each order, it is no problem to earn 30000 to 50000 dollars a month.

You can also open a new Tiktok account, specifically for those who want to accompany lecturers to do live oral broadcast of relevant knowledge, and openThe video courses of the accompanying doctors are sold.

On the other hand, you can also use the video materials of the apprentices to continue to operate the original account. After receiving the order, you can distribute it to the peers or apprentices for a commission. The transition from self delivery to less energy consuming and less money making, and more intermediary and training modes can achieve the goal of making money.

Can you make money by accompanying others to see a doctor? I would like to share with you this promising entrepreneurial project of professional doctors!


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