Unusual entrepreneurship project that 90% of people do not know: custom open can words, disassemble and share for you to learn!


Today, I would like to share with you a highly flexible online celebrity project, which is to customize the characters of cans. This project is to carve customized characters, cola, drinks and beer into canned drinks according to customers’ needs, as long as they are cans.

Unusual entrepreneurship project that 90% of people do not know: custom open can words, disassemble and share for you to learn!

Don’t underestimate this small customized service. It has a wide range of applicationsConfessions, gifts from friends, and promotion of enterprise annual meeting activities can all have a good effect. They can both go online and offline. They can do business with both individual customers and enterprises. More importantly, they have low costs, low barriers, and do not need too much investment,

In line with the concept of light asset entrepreneurshipNoviceA perfect friendOK. The target customers of this project are divided into two categories,Enterprises and individualsFor enterprise users, it is suggested that we start from offline, first do business in the same city, and then use the online platform to further expand our influence and face the whole country.

What should we do? We can find the enterprises in the same city by using apps such as Enterprise Search Tianyan SearchAnd find the contact person of the corresponding company. You can make a phone call or directly bring the product to the door for promotion. Generally, companies will hold some activities and hold annual meetings together every year. There must be a demand for drinks at this time. Drinks printed with the company logo and the customized text of the activity have both face andIt’s not too expensive. Why not?

When promoting, on the one hand, we should introduce the benefits that our products can bring to the enterprise. On the other hand, we don’t have to rush to complete the order at the first contact. On the other hand, the customer’s trust in you has not been established.

Another possibility is that you wentAt that time, the company didn’t have any activities to hold. What we really needed to do was to add WeChat messages to the corresponding business leaders as much as possible, accumulate business traffic, and lay a foundation for future staffing, new people and long-term cooperation. After accumulating dozens or hundreds of accurate traffic, the next thing to do is to operate friendsFriendly circle, create a finished product effect picture related to the search on a treasure set by people.

You can also use the pictures shown by consumers in the comment area and send them to your friends with appropriate copy. On the one hand, you can create your own professional image, and on the other hand, you can also let customers,

Think of you at the first time, and then at the end of the yearLaunch some promotional activities, and orders will naturally be delivered. What should we do when we have traffic and orders? There are two options.

First, complete the back-end delivery by yourself

You can buy a second-hand laser engraving machine, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands$Not equal. It can be realized depending on the power and efficiency requirementsFor all these functions, you need to learn a little about the relevant typesetting technology.

Second, outsourcing the back-end

We specialize in the front end to earn a middle price difference, because the demand of enterprises is generally in large quantities. You can directly go to 1688 to find a reliable business, and you can go directly after receiving the orderBatch customization on 1688 is enough. Customizing 100 cans on 1688 only requires 290$It takes more than 400 to customize 100 cans on a treasure.

Enterprises usually start an activity or annual meeting with 100 cans, and they can earn four or five hundred dollars for one order. If the effect is good, they can alsoIt is very sweet to be able to achieve long-term cooperation with enterprises. This is a game for enterprise customers.

If it is aimed at individual customers, that is, long term customers and individual customers, we suggest that you start from the online, through TiktokSocial networking sitesSuch online platforms absorb bubbles, earn accurate traffic, and then complete liquidation, TiktokThere are many people doing this on the website, but there are not many fans, which means that not many people know about this project,

Although there are not too many targeted accounts, it is enough for us to complete a series of work such as starting and leading. The specific video content is to show the effect of the finished product, present birthday gifts to friends, and express our feelingsPeople’s Day gifts and so on can be issued.

With background music, you can complete a video in less than 10 minutes every day. When you have an order, you can choose to do it yourself, or you can directly send it by clicking on a certain number of buttons. You don’t have to worry about back-end delivery,

The operation of the mode for individual merchants is comparableThe mode of enterprise merchants is simpler. The possible problem is that the demand of individual merchants is relatively small, so the liquidity may not be very strong.

But don’t worry. After you have basic traffic and stable orders, you can go to other businesses for a page from the perspective of demandCooperation, such as giving friends birthday gifts,

Then we can find some online celebrity gift merchants to cooperate and launch an old iron birthday gift box. Lovers can express their love. Then we can cooperate with merchants such as confessional gifts, romantic cards, and confessional planning and confessional layout in the same city to expand our profit space and digDigging flow has greater value.

Unusual entrepreneurship project that 90% of people do not know: custom open can words, disassemble and share for you to learn!


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