Notes on new debt projects: 10 minutes a day, stable monthly income of several hundred sideline projects!


Today, I would like to share with you a project that lasts 10 minutes a day and has a stable monthly income of several hundred . Recently, people often ask if there are any projects that can make money in a few minutes every day. There are many projects that can make money, but what can make money in a few minutes every day is a new debt project. This project can be operated with mobile WeChat, and it only takes a few minutes every day,NoviceNovice can learn quickly after reading it, and they will certainly make money.

Notes on new debt projects: 10 minutes a day, stable monthly income of several hundred sideline projects!

I will mainly tell you four points,First, project introduction; Second, operation process; Third, precautions; Fourth, how to enlarge.

Point 1. Project introduction

The name of the project is called Daxin Debt (non new shares). We must pay attention to thatIt’s about selling new stocks. If you are willing to scale up the operation, you can earn twenty or thirty thousand dollars a year. Many people in the market package money making projects as payment projects. In fact, it’s very simple. Maybe many people will face some risk investment when they hear about selling new bonds and stocks. In fact, this is completely risk-free, not muchWe must seize the opportunity to invest.

Second point, operation process

Step 1: Account opening

Open your WeChat, click Pay from WeChat, and then open an account in FinanceLink Stock. I click on the bottom of FinanceLink, and there is a stock on the right. Click on My Stock after clicking on the stock, and you will be shown to open an account immediately. Follow the official WeChat account, input the ID card and verify the video. The video can be successfully opened in about an hour.

After opening, there will be a notice on WeChat. If it is not a working day, it will be slow. If it is a working day, it will be fast. In addition to online account opening, you can also open an account at an offline stock exchange. Slow down a little, and you can open an account in about one working day. RecommendedIt is much easier to open an account online than offline, and offline is more troublesome. There is no need to go there again for things that can be solved in a few minutes online.

Step 2. Account application for new debt

The most convenient way is to apply from the financial management channel. Of course, you can also access from the official WeChat account you opened. You can access securities by clicking on the transactionCenter. After clicking on the application, it will show that you are applying for new bonds today. Click one button to open new bonds.

The third step is to issue new debts, not new shares

The difference between the new debt and the new stock is one word. If you misread the loss, it may be$。 Click “Subscription” and “One click New”. The subscription time is 9:30-15:00 every day. So every dayWhat we need to do is to take 2 minutes to apply for the purchase in this period, and then wait and see how it changes. Wait for what? Just wait for the winning bid. The money will come after winning the bid. After winning the bid, there will be a text message reminder. Look at this picture to congratulate you on winning the bid.

Step 4: Purchase

After receiving the lottery winning notice, 1000$Recharge to securities account, when opening an accountA bank card will be bound later, and 1000 will be transferred directly from the card$If someone is worried about the security of funds, don’t do it. Securities accounts are standardized, and there is no doubt about the security. There are basically 10 winning lots, 100 winning lots$One, 1000$10, need to recharge 1000$。 The historical benefits were very good,It is about 100-300, the highest is 500, and the recharge is 1000 or 1500. It takes a few minutes every day to make money with probability, which is basically available every month.

Step 5: Sale

After winning the bid, the market has already opened, so we need to sell it. This is also the most important step. Keep a good record of the time when new bonds are listed,It must be sold on the day of listing, and must not be put there. Nobody knows what will happen the next day, and may lose money So for your money, please sell it on the day of listing. The time of listing will be announced at the time of listing. It will be listed about 30 days after the basic winning bid. So log in every day to check and make a decisionWatch the clock at a fixed point every day to avoid missing it.

Step 6: Cash withdrawal to bank card

After being listed and sold on the same day, the principal and income will be transferred to your account, and you can withdraw 1000 dollars from your bank card Yu’e Bao every second. The income is less than two dollars a month. It is still popular to put it here to earn hundreds of dollars a month.

Third, attentionmatter

First, we must choose new debt instead of new shares. Don’t make a mistake.

Second, you’d better set an alarm clock and log in to check every day.

Third, record the time of its listing. You must choose to sell it directly on the same day. Don’t be greedy to keep these things.

Fourth, how to enlarge

First, I don’t need to say that everyoneI can imagine that opening an account and subscribing with my family’s ID card, opening three accounts, signing three times a month, is naturally more profitable than one account.

Second, establish a paying community and set rules: 88$Joined the threshold and didn’t earn 100 dollars in a month$Will return 99$, you don’t have to worry that the people who join the group won’t make moneyThey can make money by doing so. As long as you urge them to apply every day, there is very little chance to give others 99%. How many people join your community every day determines how much money you want to earn every day.

There are many other methods, but it requires everyone’s executive power and brains. You can never make money just by looking at the project and not operating itYes, we should be brave to try projects. After all, many projects are not suitable for everyone. We should look for projects that are suitable for us. There are some projects that do not make money in the same project, and there are also some projects that make a lot of money.

Notes on new debt projects: 10 minutes a day, stable monthly income of several hundred sideline projects!


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