Disassembly of CCTV film and television interpretation project: 500-1000 per day


Recently, many people are talking to me about video projects in film and television commentary, and they want to do video in film and television. In fact, we recommend you to operate in other fields, because video in film and television is not suitable for novices at presentNovice

Disassembly of CCTV film and television interpretation project: 500-1000 per day

We operate one of the random screenshots, and the profit is not high:

And now the platform is cracking down on counterfeit and copyrighted videosIt’s quite powerful. We have been working on video in films and TV before, but we have gradually given up. It’s not that we don’t make money, but that we have driven our employees crazy by working on video in films and TV.

Why? Because the operation time is too long, the executive force of the staff has been sharpened and they have lost their temper. So we droveAnd began to fight in other fields.

Here, I will collate the review notes of our recent videos in movies and TV programs. If you want to know this, I still recommend you to learn from it, but I do not recommend you to operate videos in movies and TV programs again. If you want to do it, you can operate in other fields.

In fact, do thisVideo clips in movies and TV programs can earn thousands of dollars a month. Some people can even increase their popularity by hundreds of thousands or even millions through video clips, so that they can realize more. However, this is all done by others. If you do it yourself, it may be something else.

Today, I will give you an explanation of how to play and make money in this projectLogic, before disassembling, let me tell you what film and television interpretation is:

The film and television commentary believes that when you brush Tiktok, you must have seen the kind of video that divides a movie into three segments and explains the content of the whole movie in about ten minutes.

This video is based on the author’s own understanding, explain the whole movie from beginning to end, and present it to users through video clips. Users can understand the process, plot, end, etc. of the whole movie according to the movie’s interpretation, which greatly shortens the time for users to understand the plot of the movie. This is called movie interpretation.

Then we know what film and television commentary isWhat can I do for film and television commentary? Here I will tell you:

First of all, the advantage of film and television interpretation is that it is fast in pace and saves time. You can watch a movie in ten minutes at most, which is relatively normal. It takes nearly two hours to watch a movie, which greatly saves users’ time. However, it is currently recommended that you doThe external film and television commentaries must not be touched by the internal ones, which are easy to be sued.

The second is large traffic and wide audience.

Film and television commentary can be released not only in Tiktok, but also on many platforms. In fact, it is only released in Tiktok. Tiktok has enough traffic, and there are enough people who like watching movie commentaryTraffic technology.

The third is not to leave the country

It can be operated by a single person. You don’t need to shoot a video to do film and television commentary. You just need to find the movie you want to explain, and then edit it. One person can do it. Unlike some Tiktok videos, shooting a video is like shooting a movie, and many people need to complete it.

fourthOne is quick realization and many ways.

Film and television commentaries can be realized quickly after having fans, and there are many ways to realize

Next, we will show you how the film and television commentary can be realized:

The first is that fans of CPS promoting film and television commentary are all precise users who like watching movies,With this kind of fans, you can take the promotion of the movie ticket selling platform, and generate income through promotion to achieve the goal of realization.

The second is: click the revenue to upload the content you produced to the We Media platform, and the platform will settle the revenue for you according to the number of plays. The higher the number of plays, the greater the revenueA movie commentary video is released to multiple platforms, so you can reap multiple benefits.

The third is film and television publicity: many newly released films will do film and television publicity before the film is released. If your fans are large enough, you can take the film and television publicity that makes money online. This pair of fans has oneAccording to the requirements, few of your fans can’t receive such ads in the early stage, but such ads can also be changed if you close the video commentator account at the head once.

The fourth is: cash in with goods. You can open a small shop or shop window and bring some film and television related peripheral products. This kind of fan has a strong purchasing powerThis is also a channel for realization.

The fifth is: training for apprenticeship. Training for apprenticeship is the most direct method of realization. If others see you do well, they will learn from you how to do film and television interpretation for realization. You only need to teach others how to do it, and you can make money, and you have completed a set of processes andSop: basically, what is the highest cost and profit.

A few days ago, I observed an account for film and television commentaries. They received 1500 students for film and television commentaries$Then I think they sold about 5000 copies, and basically they can cash in millions only through training.

The next step is to focus on how to do itFilm and TV commentary:

Step 1: Focus on peers first

It’s a commonplace topic to pay attention to peers. There is no need to explain too much here. Not only do we need to pay attention to peers in film and television commentary, but we need to pay attention to peers in everything you want to make money and see how they do it, and then we can understand and operate by ourselvesI won’t repeat it here. Then if you want to do it, you can search it first to see how others do it.

Then the second part: register an account

To register a Tiktok account is to register a Tiktok account with a mobile phone number that has not registered a Tiktok account, and try to log in to one account with one mobile phoneFor the registered account, do not set up the information until you have finished the information before you release the work. Then, the new account. Don’t leave a WeChat message on the homepage. You don’t have any fans with a new account. Don’t rush to leave a WeChat message to attract people.

The next step is: account number maintenance

How to do Tiktok raising? It is the main purpose of raising a numberIt’s about tagging your account. The purpose of tagging is to push your videos to your precise users. In the early days, you used to play video commentaries for a period of time every day. When you played video, don’t forget to pay attention to these video commentaries, so that you can easily tag your account.

Then there is the packaging account, the packageTo install an account, I summarize four steps:

First: Head portrait

The avatar can be a simple and highly recognizable avatar. You can design it according to your own preferences, or you can go to Amazon to find someone else to help you design one, and look at others according to the avatar of your peersHow to design it, and then design one you like.

Second: Nickname

Nicknames can be called XXX movies, or XXX movie commentaries, etc. The specific name depends on your own actual situation.

Third: background image

The tone of the background image can be simple and understandableIf you can’t make a background map, you can go to the design and make a background map, and then make sure that there is a template in the design. You can apply it directly.

Fourth: Introduction

The profile shows who you are, what you do, and what value you can provide to others. It should not be too complicated. In the early stage, if you have no fans in your account, don’t leave a WeChat accountNo one added you even if you left the letter.

Next is the selection of Tiktok’s material. Here I will show you how to find the material. Two points are summarized:

First: find hot spots

Select the movie type according to the recent hot spots, such as by season, by ten hot events, etc.

Second: Look at peers

Did you search before you explained the movieOther people have edited this video, see how they edited it, and then see how the data of this movie is. If the data is good, you can edit it again.

Here is another word for you, which is about copyright: film and television interpretation must not avoid the problem of film copyrightIt is not recommended that you explain the independent play, domestic movies, etc

For example, you can give priority to overseas movies in watermelon videos to avoid copyright issues to the greatest extent. For films or TV plays exclusively broadcast by iQIYI, Youku and Tencent Video, try not to explain them.

How to collect vegetarianMaterial, I have summarized the websites for finding materials here. Here are websites for finding hot films and TV materials.

The next step is copywriting design. First, you should describe the location, relationship, scene, story, background identity and role of the film, and then describe the electricityWhat happened to the shadow.

For example, where did it happen, when did it happen, and why did it happen? Finally, we will summarize what we have learned, or what we have learned from this film, and what we have summarized.

As for the copywriting, I will give you a suggestionComment: In the early stage, you should not create the original copy yourself. First of all, the time and proficiency of novices are relatively slow

In the early stage, you first went to find the copy explained by your peers. After finding the copy, you changed it, and then edited it, so as to avoid copyright problems and save your time. When your fans grow up, you will have a positiveIt is not too late to make original copy.

Next is the choice of dubbing, how to choose:

Recommended methods for dubbing include manual dubbing, conditional dubbing, or your own voice is better, or your own tone can have a unique personality. I suggest you explain it here

Some people may pay attention to a certain bloggerIt’s because the blogger’s voice is funny or has personality, but if some people don’t want to dub themselves

There are two tools that can be used for machine dubbing. The first is the Magic Sound Workshop, the second is Niupian Network, and the third is the dubbing artifact.

Solved dubbingNext is post editing. There are two kinds of software for post editing:

The first one is PR, which is complex to use, and generally has no foundation, so it will be difficult to use.

The second one is the clip screen computer version. The clip screen computer version is easy to operate and easy to use. I cut videos myselfIt is a computer version of Scissor Film. Besides, Scissor Film has the function of automatically recognizing subtitles, so it is convenient to do additional subtitles.

The other thing is picture processing. When editing a video, one picture should not exceed five seconds, and it should be switched to the next picture. Basically, a movie’s duration is controlled at ten minutesLeft and right, not too long.

The third is the selection of background music. For example, one background music is usually selected for a video, and the original sound of the movie can be added to some clips in the wonderful places.

Another thing to note is:

The copy should correspond to the picture. Some pictures should be added with mosaics, such as some horrible ones, orSome people say that the drug is too violent and mosaic is used to prevent it, otherwise the official will limit your flow.

Finally: cover design

The cover picture of the film and television interpretation of the cover design is generally a triple cover picture. One picture is switched into three pictures, and then placed on three videos. How to find the material for the cover designWe found two, one is anime movie, the other is TMDB.

The last one is release and operation:

Before the release, you should take the title of the video. The title of the film and television commentary is usually two or three paragraphs, which is to express the core of the film and attract others’ attention.

The second oneIt is to find the benchmarking. If you don’t know how to write the title, search the movie title you explained. Look at how the title of the peer is written and how the data is, and then you can change it accordingly.

The last one is the release time. The release time of videos is usually at the time of maximum traffic, such as 12:00 to 1 at noonIt will be released at 4:00, or from 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening.

Here is a summary:

The first is that the results are accumulated through actions.

The second is to make money by doing projects. It is not an instant way to make money. People who want to make fast money are not suitable for this project.

The third is that any projectThere are two or eight laws. What attitude you hold and what attitude you use to do directly determines what results you can achieve.

Disassembly of CCTV film and television interpretation project: 500-1000 per day


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