Zero cost just needed project, up to 50 per order, earning 300 per day!


Recently, a lot of partners came to me for consulting projects. They wanted to join our virtual resources and copy and paste projects. Recently, I haven’t been recruiting students. Someone asked me why I didn’t continue to recruit, because the project was in the off-season recently, and the effect was not very good.

Zero cost just needed project, up to 50 per order, earning 300 per day!

In addition, the platform is being reorganized in all aspects,I need to upgrade the playing method before I can continue to operate. Because of this decision, I now lose at least 30000 to 50000 dollars in a month. Some people say that I am a fool and don’t know how to make money.

But it’s worth it for me, because it’s too hard to accumulate trust. Everyone who can trust you deserves to be treated well,If the delivery is not good, it is better not to do it. Some money can be earned, and some money cannot be earned. I think it is OK to do what I think is right.

Today, I would like to share with you a zero cost just needed project, which is also relatively simple. This project is to attract new users, but not new users, but old usersYou can earn commissions. As we all know, Didi has been unable to register new users since last July.

However, the driver is still there. To activate old users, Didi has launched an activity to invite an old user to take a taxi. The maximum reward is 50 dollars, which can be withdrawn at any time,As long as we promote, we can still make a little money.

At present, the activity has only started recently, but some people are testing and promoting it. At present, it is not difficult to earn 1-2 hundred dollars a day. It is just necessary to have friends or groups and send promotion information everywhere. The following is the test results of other partners.

Specific operation incomeAccording to the rules, every time an old user is invited to take a taxi, refuel or drive on behalf of others, a maximum of 50 dollars will be obtained. Each category can be accumulated. If one category is completed separately, the corresponding reward for each category will be obtained. The highest reward for a taxi is 20 dollars in cash.

What will the promotion of this project do to the consumption of old usersThe benefits,

1. There is no limit on the amount of money that taxi users can spend. You can pay 5 dollars or 10 dollars for a taxi.

2. The activities are nationwide and there are no regional restrictions.

3. The reward is high, up to 50, and each category of taxi, refueling, price and freight can be completed separately or together.

4. By your invitation, enterAfter entering the platform, you can also get full or reduced coupons.

5. The platform itself has a large number of users. This is not to pull new users, but to activate old users.

To operate such a project, if we only send friends or group chat, we may not make much money and face the risk of being kicked, but we can go through other channelsOperation is to find groups. For example, we can go to QQ to search for Didi groups, which are basically related groups.

Get more numbers, directly upload the promotion information to the group file when you enter the group, or directly send it to the group, regardless of whether you will be kicked. As long as it works, you can make a lot of money online, spending 1-2 times a dayAn advertisement will be ready in three hours.

At the same time, you can also operate on other platforms. For example, in Meituan, there are many merchant customer groups that can enter for free. As long as your advertising copy is good, you can send it everywhere in large quantities.

The following is a detailed tutorial on obtaining and promoting links, which can be found directly in WeChat servicesGo to the Didi Trip applet to get it, or scan it directly, and enter it with the QR code below.

I put the specific operation steps below. Follow the steps to find your exclusive QR code link and send it to the friends circle to promote. As for the copy, you can think of one yourself, or go to the Internet to find some promotion copies and modify it.

The operation of such projects is relatively simple. It is a large number of promotions. Without any skills, successful invitations can make money. It is suitable for all kinds of people to operate. Interested partners can try to operate it. Don’t look down upon this commission. It is not a big problem to promote well and earn thousands a day.

The main disadvantages of this project areI don’t know how long this activity can be promoted. It may take one month or three months. But when it can be done now, just go crazy.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. I hope it will help you.

Zero cost just needed project, up to 50 per order, earning 300 per day!


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