Uncover the secret of the project of selling accounts to make money, and you can earn 1W by selling one account+


Today, I bring you a profitable project, which is the Tiktok Rising Pink Sale Project. This project can be used as a sideline, and of course, if you are good at short videos, you can play as a main business. The project has no cost, the only cost is to spend a lot of time on short videos.

Uncover the secret of the project of selling accounts to make money, and you can earn 1W by selling one account+

Without any experience,It is highly recommended that you take out a number for amateur operation, and then operate multiple accounts after you are proficient in various skills.

First of all, let’s talk about the income. One fan, one fan, that is, the powder mixed by men, women, old and young. The unit price is about five cents. If the account number is 100000 fans, it can be sold for about 5000 dollarsabout.

A precise and high-quality male fan is priced from 80 cents to one dollars. If your Tiktok account has 10000 fans, the account can sell for about 8000 to 10000 dollars.

A high qualityThe unit price of female fans is about one dollars to one dollars and five dollars. If your fans have 10000 fans, your Tiktok account can sell about 10000 dollarsAbout 15,000Although this price is a little exaggerated, it is roughly correct.

This picture is a random interception of the price information of an account trading platform. By this point, you may have the answer in your mind. As long as your account can increase its popularity, you can make money.

As an account seller, he has fans in his account, but notIf he knows how to realize it, he will certainly sell the account. This is understandable.

As an account buyer, does he buy someone else’s Tiktok account value? The reason why the other party bought your number is that they don’t know how to increase the number of fans. It is precisely your account that can meet the needs of the other party. The other party bought your number and sold it directly, selling tutorials, accepting apprentices, connecting with star map ads, making money by linking up small programs, connecting with commercial ads, 100000 fan accounts, a commercial ad worth two to 3000 dollars a month, and connecting three or four commercial ads can earn ten thousand dollars a month$

Some other friends asked, “Tiktok is very competitive. Is it easy to enter now?”? I tell you,As long as your work is goodThere is no problem with the expansion of fans. In essence, Tiktok is a decentralized platform.

To make novice friends understand, I compare the typical centralized platform WeChat official account with the decentralized platform Tiktok.

WeChat official account, the main audience traffic it carries is its own fans, if not its own fansSilk. When a novice makes a WeChat official account, the audience may not see your work. In addition, with more and more creators, the number of WeChat fans has become stable and will only become more and more difficult to do.

Tiktok is different. Tiktok is based on the algorithm of thousands of people and thousands of faces. It is to push good works to people who are interested in such works. Even TiktokOnline celebrity has a huge fan base, but based on this algorithm, novices can also stand out with excellent works. Online celebrities and novices are on the same running line.

Let’s talk about the types you can do.

Cure scenery, book number, hand drawn animation, copy number, page turning book, nostalgic video, music number, story meetingPositive energy, belle number, handsome boy number, cute treasure, music, animated characters, visual maps, and so on, as long as you are interested in it.

There is no difficulty in this kind of video. Let’s take a look at the case of a landscape video account, which has published 270 accounts in total, up 3.18 million dollars。

To do this kind of video, first prepare a beautiful landscape picture, and then click Google.

Search Pixabay on Google, the first website, where we will download beautiful pictures. The materials in this picture are free. After downloading, we will make the picture into oneA very nice video.

First open the Fox software. Then edit. Making such videos is a one click operation, which is really not complicated at all. If not, you can search for detailed tutorials on the site. Don’t sign up for classes or be fooled. Don’t say I didn’t remind you.

Talk about it laterthisHow to increase the popularity of projects rapidly.

First, mass publishing.For such mindless operations as scenic numbers, booklist numbers and hand-painted videos, fans can be obtained by the number of releases. Ten or eight of them may not have a sales order, and 100 of them will be issued consecutively. Based on the probability, there will be one or two sales orders. If there is a sales order, you can get more fans.

IWe are not selling goods. We are just selling our brands. That’s all. It is your choice to turn to other cash flows after your powder increase in the later period. I just introduce this project to you.

Second, imitate popular videos.By imitating, like high, on the popular video to increase popularity. For example, if you want to do a copy of the money explosionWhat about video?

Directly search the “Inspiration” drop-down box in Tiktok, there are many long tail keywords. We select one that belongs to our field, and then click Filter, click Like Most, and click Publish Video. We can find the most popular video of Inspiration Positive Energy in a day, a week, or even half a yearThen do a similar one again, and the flow must not be low.

Third, choose a good field.The choice of type is very important. It is highly recommended that you introduce male fans or female fans. Not only is the account sold at a high price, but also the fans are growing very fast. If it can be opened, it is also a good choice to show real people on camera.

Look at some pictures, some friendsFriends may say that I am ugly and shy of meeting people. In fact, ugly is also very good. Only when you are ugly can you appear innovative. Many people will roast and laugh at you. In this way, the machine algorithm will think that your video is of high quality, and then it will be pushed to more people, and the popularity will increase rapidly.

If you can’t save face, wearIt’s OK to wear masks. For example, with the economic confrontation between the two countries and the epidemic, people will have a hard time. If one day I can’t eat, I will do it without hesitation. When people are poor, their faces are not worth a penny.

The finished video can be released to WeChat video account with one clickHands, Weibo YouTube, Google YouTube, Yidian information, Baijia number, Penguin number, Dayu number, and there can be multiple cashing channels at the same time of increasing the number of fans.

Recently, several friends privately asked me some questions about choosing projects and the direction of entrepreneurship, and I will reply here in a unified way.

First of all, it is better to do projects, start businesses orIt is also good to do business. Don’t follow blindly, and choose what is suitable for you according to your own conditions.Many people are blindly following the direction of others. If they see others making money, they will do it themselves. But if others make it, it doesn’t mean you can make it.

When you think that someone else has completed the project for some reason, butWhat you don’t know is that the other party can make it, and there are other factors that you don’t know or have.

Whether you want to make money or choose a project, it is the same principle. Ask yourself what resources you can use around you. Of course, this resource can be either real material resources or past resourcesMy experience also includes some knowledge and skills I have learned.

Second, don’t pursue perfectionism, try boldly, and find solutions in trial and error。 In our past films, TV plays and books, we sometimes found that our perfectionism is a virtue, pursuing perfectionism, but in fact, perfectionism is a virtuePsychological defects have been demonstrated in many books on psychology.

The biggest disadvantage of perfectionism is postponement.We don’t do things. We always hope to achieve the best before we start. But when we achieve the best, we still feel inadequate, and then continue to make preparations. The action becomes endless.

It was not easy to start, but I found thatThe whole person began to collapse when some objective external factors led to the futility of previous preparations. In fact, such people are afraid of failure and dare not face it.

The correct approach is to do it first, and solve the problems encountered in the process of doing it, whether it is entrepreneurial direction, project selection, orThe actions taken to achieve the goals of a project can only be solved in trial and error, and the direction can be adjusted in solving problems.

Third, there is a high probability that what you are doing is just a certain point in your life journey, not the result. Only by constantly trying and making mistakes can you find your own direction in life.

When we went to school as childrenHou often said that we will be astronauts and scientists in the future. But when we grow up, some of us have become astronauts and some of us have become scientists. We are comfortable doing business and work. The sudden epidemic situation forced the business to stop and the company’s financial pressure was heavy, which led to mass layoffs of our business workersDo.

No one knows where to go next. The only thing to do is to keep trying and making mistakes.

Some people are lucky in the society. Find what is worth doing in your life. Some people can only find what belongs to them if they do it for a long time.

From the perspective of probability, error, failure, correction, failure again, correction again. No matter how creativeThe choice of industry direction and project, or to achieve a certain work goal, can always find their own way, and can always achieve our goals.

In a word, we are young. What are we afraid of?

Uncover the secret of the project of selling accounts to make money, and you can earn 1W by selling one account+


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