Can you make money by eating for a penny? Meituan-1 sub purchase is recommended for tens of thousands of sidelines every month


Just two days ago, when my friend and I went to the nearby food street, we were attracted by a little brother in a yellow vest. He held a brand in his hand and shouted that he had a free meal by scanning the yard. My friends and I thought to ourselves, what is this? How can there be merchants soliciting customers to this extent.

Can you make money by eating for a penny? Meituan-1 sub purchase is recommended for tens of thousands of sidelines every month

So I andThe friend went up and asked curiously. After a chat with the younger brother, he realized that the customer could have a “king’s meal” by scanning this code, and he could earn money himself. This is suitable for ordinary people. Why not? How can we find the channel to do this? What does it take to do thisWhat about the conditions? Now let’s introduce today’s project – Meituan-1 sub purchase.

Since the second half of last year, all platforms have been in a special stage of grabbing market traffic. Especially for local service providers, Tiktok launched Tiktok group purchase, Kwai bargain shopping and other major platforms launched short videosGroup purchase. Of course, Meituan is no exception. Meituan itself is the largest platform for the integration of eating, drinking, and playing. Compared with the hungry, Meituan has far more users than the hungry, but who would be disgusted with their high traffic, right? Therefore, we launched a food distribution activity.

The operation process is also very simple

First: order makingProcess: download Meituan APP and log in – scan the code – pop up a window and make a difference – manually select a food order to pay

Second: First download Meituan app, and then all permissions. Click Allow to open, and then log in. Log in first and then scan the code. Remember to log in first and then scan the code. After logging in, click Scan to scan the foodOne minute QR code will pop up directly for new users. One cent for delicious food, and then wipe it off. Catch the wipe and choose a penny nearby. Buy the goods, and then we will choose a designated business to write off.

How can we find channels to obtain promotion authority?

The ways to find such channels areTwo:

The first is to open the mobile phone Google and input the keyword “Meituan to eat a sub purchase” or “Meituan to eat a sub purchase”, and the relevant channel business information will pop up. You can also search for keywords such as “Ditui” or “Laxin” in WeChat, such as “New Code Google”, “Twitter Market”, “First Order”, etcA similar platform will pop up, and you can choose a platform that is more suitable for you according to your own judgment.

Note for operation: You must log in to Meituan app first, then use Meituan app to scan the code, and the scanning code will jump to the activity page – new food customers will have a coupon pop-up prompt – choose to close, and go to buy 1 cent goods, if no new customers appearPop up window, 0.01 points of goods, and new customers’ buy it now discount coupon when placing an order. All valid users select 001 points of buy it now goods. When paying, you must click “red envelope/credit coupon” to select new food customers 0.01$Buy it Now coupon “, otherwise it will be invalid. After the payment is successful, you can show the coupon code to the store for verification.

wantNote: After receiving the coupon, it must be written off at the store on the same day, otherwise it will be invalid. Pay special attention to that the operation code needs to be reported for filing in advance, and cross market operation is not allowed after it is approved. The customer must personally make money online and write off at the store. According to the information, this can be done all over the country at present, but we must pay attention to these hard conditions and not allow trans provincialA series of illegal operations, such as online promotion, remote verification, collection of customer verification coupon codes, and unified verification at the store, will not be settled. We must remember, otherwise, it will not be worth the loss.

Attention to promotion: no matter where you go, you should pay attention to the time arrangement. It is better to choose lunch. At this time, there is a large flow of people, so you can giveOur recruitment brings great convenience.

In the script, we can say that: we are the local promoters of Meituan’s “one meal to one” shopping. The official event now offers you one cent of milk tea and one cent of snacks. You can try it. The restaurants are all nearby, so you don’t need to go too far.

New customers mean they have never registeredUsers of Guo Meituan.

Frequent customers refer to those who have downloaded Meituan but have not bought products on the platform. These two customer groups are both effective users. Generally, the platform statistical data is T 2. After the data is calculated in the background, they will settle according to the specified commission and push the platform a lot because they want to attract more customersMany people go to recruit new employees, so their profits will increase, so it is relatively reliable.

If we want to increase the effect of new promotion, we can actually ask them to scan the code and add our WeChat. After their consumption verification, we can send a screenshot. We can also give them a small red envelope of one or two dollarsThe new traffic is retained. Moreover, we can also use these resources on other new apps, and those that can be added to WeChat can generally accept other new apps. In this way, we can get higher returns.

Some partners may have questions. For example, how can we be sure that there are so many people using Meituan nowWhich are the new users? It is very important to choose the crowd. We can think about which people use Meituan and which people don’t use it very much? The answer is simple. Most middle-aged and elderly people are useless.

It may be a little reluctant for social phobic people to push offline. In addition to pushing, we can also do it onlineIt is also possible to pull a new one, such as some release platforms, or some of our own resources, such as q groups and QQ spaces. Wherever there is traffic, we can operate it for cash.

The key is to work hard! I hope you can earn more money every day.

Okay, that’s all for this issue

Can you make money by eating for a penny? Meituan-1 sub purchase is recommended for tens of thousands of sidelines every month


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