Regular long-term profitable project, simple operation 300 per day


Today, I would like to share with you a semi unmanned live broadcast with small investment, easy operation and quick results, which is a regular long-term profitable project. However, there must be two problems with the low threshold. First, the threshold for unmanned live broadcasting is low enough to be easy to operate, but it is also very easy to violate the rules. Second, the threshold is low, so there are many people doing it, and the competition is very strongFierce. Many companies are doing matrix live broadcast rooms. A lot of numbers are running at the same time, fighting for probability. To sum upViolation and burning numberSo what we want to talk about is the live broadcast business that is not afraid of violations, does not burn numbers, has small investment, is easy to operate, and has quick results.

Regular long-term profitable project, simple operation 300 per day

There are three ways to get rid of the thousand fans when we start broadcasting,First, find the big bill you likenumber,Imitate his popular short videos, and shoot some to cast Dou . Choose to increase the number of fans. According to personal shooting level and luck, the cost ranges from 200 to 1000.Second, buy directly,At present, the quotation of a treasure is 288/1000 powder, obviously there is still a certain risk.Third, recognitionZheng Lan No. V,Zero powder opening cargo carrying authority, license 600 required$(If you need to open it, you can directly contact me).

There are three main points:

First, live broadcast of poem writing by name; Second, the advantages of the project; Third, the specific operation of the project.

First, live broadcast of poem writing by name,nameThe word display live broadcast is to take the computer Word document as the live broadcast background, and the host sits in front of the computer to writenameIn the beginning of the hidden poems, you can get the playing method of rewards. You can search the data on Tiktok.

I used to squat in a live broadcast room and broadcast 2-4 times a day for 16-140 minutes,The average number of viewers per live broadcast is 34000, the average number of online viewers can reach about 610, and the average number of comments per live broadcast is more than 3000. No specific data can be obtained for live rewards. According to statistics, half an hour after the broadcast of the live broadcast room, the audience will give a gift equivalent$About 854$, according to the proportion of Tiktok 55Revenue of half an hour between broadcasts reaches 427$

You may want to know what kind of routine it is, and how to do it when the average length of stay exceeds one minute? After observation, I found that the live broadcast room did not sell products, but played the game of “stifling orders” like a thief. The anchor deliberately did not emphasize the rule of “poetry can only be written with rewards”, and only used low-frequency wordsUnder the guidance of art, “the doctor who rewards the gift tube gives priority to writing, and the others are the ones who see the number written”. The new audience in the live broadcast room probably thinks it is free. In addition to the warm screen painting atmosphere, they will also follow the trend and hope to be selected. In addition, it takes two minutes for the anchor to write a poem, so the audience has to be patient,Stay and interact directly.

We have seen several live studios, but we haven’t written for the audience who don’t give a reward at all. The interaction of pure whoring is just a waste of time. When there are few people, we put aside the audience who brush the screen, repeatedly emphasize the rules of poetry writing, or deliberately slow down the pace of poetry writing, and then wait for the commission users to come, so we don’t careThere are certain ways to do everything. As long as we master the methods, it’s not difficult. It’s just a matter of character and small details.

Second, the advantages of the project,Poetry writing is a fake talent, which can be publicized by using the Tibetan Poetry APP. It does not require high requirements for the anchor, and can read ancient poetry aloud and type. Write poems straightThe broadcast has its own interactive effect, which can improve the natural flow. It is observed that there are three types of active audience in the live broadcast room: those who seek poetry for themselves, their children, lovers or the company; Crazy screen brushing audience who want to write poems for free. There is also the audience who complain that the anchor writes poems poorly and only gathers words. In fact, only a few live studios are playingIt can be regarded as a blue ocean project, so we can immediately implement it after listening to it, and we can also connect our own thoughts, not necessarily playing in Tiktok, Kwai and so on.

Third, the specific operation of the project

Step 1Prepare a computer, mobile phone, and a Tiktok number, whose name is set to XX Poetry Writer, XX Poet,Make a precise bedding for your own content. Search the “generator of Tibetan poems” directly in the mobile phone application, and download 1~3 ancient poems to automatically generate APP.

Step 2Use the computer to open Word and write the red words “Write a poem for every name in the world”, and play the soothing light music as the background music, use the mobile phone to directly face the computer screen.

Step 3After the audience gives a reward, guide the comment area to post the name gender, then open the generator of hidden poems, input the audience’s name add any 1~2 common characters, generally write 4 sentences, and then select 5 or 7 words according to the audience’s needs, and then we can go to order itThere is automatic poem writing. The machine will inevitably have bugs anyway. Occasionally, it will generate poems with poor quality. Here is another change. You can directly generate satisfactory poems.

Step 4There is no need for too much interaction when writing poems. The poems should be typed out word by word, pretending to be thinking and pondering. The poems should be written in 3 minutesAfter that, we read it aloud with great emotion and voice, and guided the audience to save screenshots. During this period, we can interact at low frequencies, and guide the new audience to pay more attention. Thanks to the audience, we have sorted out some of the scripts referred to, including new scripts, interactive scripts, delivery scripts and single promotion scripts.

If it is useful, collect or save the screenshots. In order to avoid the demolition of the platform by the black powder, we set up the shielding words in the live broadcast room in advance. For the shielding words, refer to “hidden poems, automatic generation software, APP”. We directly screen these words, because many black powder will make trouble, and some people must know about these software. To avoidWe should shield these words directly.

Regular long-term profitable project, simple operation 300 per day


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