Moving video clip project, easy to operate, earn 300 per day!


Recently, I found an interesting phenomenon, that is, many old projects in the past. Changing the platform operation is a very good project. The main thing to do is to solve the traffic. Anything you can do with traffic can make money, but you can’t do it. No matter how good the project is, it’s useless for you.

Moving video clip project, easy to operate, earn 300 per day!

What I want to share with you today isIt is a car music USB flash drive project. This project was popular in Kwai before, but it has been popular again in Tiktok in the past two years. Recently, it has also been popular in the YouTube. Today, I see many YouTubes promoting this project.

I searched every short video platform and found that there are still many projects in operation, andThe sales volume of a treasure is also very good, and the cost of its main products is relatively low, which can also be regarded as a profit-making project.

The main operation of this project is relatively simple. It is to edit popular video clips, and then add the current popular songs to basically complete a work.

It’s not difficult to edit five to ten videos in an hour,In addition, this kind of works has a large flow and is easy to catch fire, especially some classic old songs, which are often brushed in Tiktok before, and the likes are all hundreds of thousands.

At present, in Tiktok operation, the main way of realization is to bring goods through the shop window and lead to the personal number to clinch a deal. Both methods are OK, but to the personal numberYou can also make money through other ways, such as teaching others to operate and selling project bidding agents.

So how to operate this project? First, search for peers, find benchmarking accounts, and then go through the process according to others’ advertisements to learn about others’ closing scripts and sales prices, and then mentionFor those services.

It can be directly imitated, and then you can make an account by making a profit online. You can directly go to a treasure to buy video materials$There are thousands of video materials. You just need to edit some and add music, and you can edit them directly by clipping. If you can’t edit them, you can find them in the Tiktok search tutorial. These are relatively simple。

The main thing is to make an account. With traffic, it will be very easy to realize. If someone needs to buy, they can just go out and place an order at sunset. Generally, the transaction price is more than 100, and one order can earn more than half. As long as the traffic is done, it is still not much to earn 3-5 thousand a day for several ordersQuestion.

This project is suitable for multi platform operation. In addition to Tiktok, YouTube and Kwai, there are many people doing it, and the method mode is the same. In the early stage, you can test on multiple platforms. If the platform works well, you can mainly operate on that platform.

This kind of project can be operated for a long time, and this kind of product can be repurchased by old customersThey also have a lot of music, because the music will be updated every once in a while, and they will be tired of listening to the same music all the time. They can also make a profit by updating their USB flash drives later.

Interested partners can have a try. There is basically no investment in the early stage. Just take the time to operate. If you want to get started quickly, you can go directly to,People with results can study.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. I hope it will help you.

Moving video clip project, easy to operate, earn 300 per day!


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