Blue ocean project, no need to promote, no need to source customers, the fastest day to see revenue


Today, let’s share aMicro headline blue ocean project, no need to promote, no need to source customers, the fastest day to see revenue。 Just use your spare time to write stories every day, and you can earn hundreds of dollars a day, thousands a month if it is less, and tens of thousands if it is more. Besides, the project has quick effect and simple operation, and you can see it in two or three daysIn terms of income, it is good to be a minor sideline and earn an extra mobile phone every month.

Blue ocean project, no need to promote, no need to source customers, the fastest day to see revenue

WeChat headline is a sub function of today’s headline, which can be interpreted as a function similar to that of friends circle or QQ dynamic. You can think about how we send friends circle. One video can be used for one paragraph. So can WeChat headlineWrite a short story of two or three hundred words,

It can also be a few pictures. It doesn’t need to be original. The threshold is very low. It is friendly for beginners, and the income is more direct. As long as there are more than 100 fans, you can open the subsidy income. After opening the income, you can see the income every day. It is suitable for friends who don’t have much time to operate。

How to do micro headlines? First of all, let’s talk about where to release it. Its release portal is in the APP of today’s headlines. Click the release in the upper right corner to go to the release interface,

CurrentlyKnowledge picture and textTwo types. Know what types to write after the release portal can make the income higher,It is recommended to write some stories about novelty hunting, such as the story of the son-in-law who came to visit, the story of remarriage, and various gossip stories in life.

Everyone is curious. With the attribute of hunting for news and gossip, the reading amount is basically not low. In addition, people who like to read micro headlines are older, so they especially like this kind of contentIt’s also easy to explode, hundreds of them$So far, the following cases are the stories of the son-in-law who came to our house. You can refer to them.

What if some people can write stories? If you don’t know how to write a story, you can listen to it and read it,

For example, in Yilin, story meetings, variousFind classic stories in magazines and distribute them to micro headlines through adaptation. To give you an example, this is found on the Internet. How can we rewrite this story after reading it.

“I was a son-in-law who came to my house and was recently laid off by the company. My wife beat and scolded me severely and asked me to take care of my daughter at home every dayWe will change this paragraph to give a demonstration to everyone,

It can be changed to: “I have been unlucky since I became the son-in-law at home. I was dismissed by the company, had no status at home, was beaten and scolded by my wife, had a baby and had to follow her name, and did housework every day until it happenedAfter that, I decided to… “.

Let’s see the comparison.

Both of them told the same story, but the words changed after dictation. In this simple way, we can turn this paragraph into a new original story. So we should listen to and read moreSay it again,

In this way, it becomes a new story, which can be directly published to the micro headlines to earn income. Although the whole process is very simple, there are also some details to pay attention to. The benefits of learning these details can be doubled.

First, we must attract attention at the beginning,The most attractive part of the whole story should be told at the beginning,This allows readers to click on our micro headlines.

Second, quantityThe maximum number of posts is 10 per day, and more than 10 posts have no income.

Third, release timeThere is no special requirement. You can send it at any time.

Fourth, mentalitySome people broke through 100 fans on the first day of their career and began to earn moneyMy friend hasn’t met the requirement of 100 fans for 3 days, so I’m in a hurry

Therefore, we must keep a good attitude. We should stick to writing 2 or 3 articles every day, and send them as a circle of friends. It is also very good to be thousands more a month. So we must keep an optimistic attitude and do it as a minor sideline.

Make one lastsummary, currentlyIt is said that the threshold of micro headlines is low, the platform needs content, and we need revenue, so it is win-win. In the next year, this project will still be a blue ocean project, even some full-time operators, with 20 accounts in hand, and thousands of revenue per day$In a word, whether the project is good or bad, it depends on who does it.

Blue ocean project, no need to promote, no need to source customers, the fastest day to see revenue


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