The novice earns 1000 more every month by sharing the notes of the best project,


Today’s dismantling is to use the reverse thinking operation project to realize the monthly income of more than 10000 dollars. Many big men have been exposed to this sideline in the early stage, involving two groups of people who have strong payment ability, so they can achieve the monthly income of more than 10000 dollars. The most important thing to have income on the Internet is traffic, and products and services without good traffic can not be promotedget out.

The novice earns 1000 more every month by sharing the notes of the best project,

There is a group of people who have a strong desire for traffic. They are even willing to spend money to buy traffic, but they also need to get it. This group of people has heard about it for a long time. It is the WeChat business group, which is dominated by housewife. The main mode of WeChat business is to sell goods from one layer to the next. We can find traffic through WeChat chat groups. Here’s how to disassemble itDo this project.

Step 1. Preparations

You need a housewife image. First, prepare a WeChat account to create a housewife image. For example, you can search Google for “cartoon parent-child” avatars, and select a suitable one to use as the avatar. The circle of friends should also create the image of housewife, which is conducive to making money after the transaction.

When we putAfter WeChat is ready, we need to use WeChat to add treasure to mom groups. The picture on the left isSocial networking sitesScreenshot ofSocial networking sitesThe search for housewife group will bring out many kinds of groups, including idle childcare, education, etc. These groups can be added, and they are free.

The picture on the right is a screenshot of Tiktok, which is also entered in the search boxEnter housewife Group and join various free groups. It is not difficult to add 10 or 20 groups a day under normal circumstances, because such groups are distributed every day. After adding groups, you need to do three steps in the group to facilitate subsequent transactions.

First, communicate and be active in the group

Let the group leader and friends think I am familiarThey are not salesmen, but real treasure mothers. They can usually ask some questions in the group, such as how to deal with children’s grinding teeth? What brand of diapers is better.

Second, you can send a message after mixing in the group

For example, my sister’s baby carriage is not used. It is quite new. If there is anyone in the group who needs it, it can be exemptedThe fee will be given to everyone. At the same time, we can go to Amazon to find a picture and send it out together. At this time, the housewife in the group will take the initiative to join us. The next day, they will ask if the stroller is still available, and we will say that it has been sent out.

In this way, many housewife fans come to our WeChat, and they areTake the initiative to add. You can ask them if they have any idle groups or communication groups, and ask them to invite them to join. In this way, I don’t need to find groups every day. These treasure mothers will continue to provide us with new WeChat groups.

Third, add the WeChat business hidden in each housewife group,If we go to add them, they will basically pass.

lowerTell me how to make money

First, there are two methods for WeChat group charging

The first is to sell salted fish

The second is to sell to WeChat merchants in the circle of friends,This is also the reason why we need to add a lot of WeChat quotients

Since a large number of housewife groups are added in the front, which is just what WeChat businesses need, we can publish a circle of friends and click oneSales at a fixed price, such as entering a group 2$10 groups will have discounts, and what we need to do is to bring WeChat merchants into the group,

Novice just started working for dozens of days$It’s also relatively easy. The more WeChat businesses and groups we add in the later stage, the more we earn. It’s normal to earn one or two hundred. The largest part of our income is the fees charged by our friends circle. When we accumulate a lotAfter housewife and WeChat, there are seven or eight hundred people in WeChat, who can play for a fee in the circle of friends.

First, sell various materials for WeChat merchants

For example, there are 100 ways to attract WeChat merchants, and how to sell goods quickly. These materials are sold on Amazon$To dozens$No, it can bubbleBuy a few online earnings, break the content into a file and send it to the circle of friends. If these WeChat merchants want to see all the content, set up a member, 99 or 199, and update these data every day.

Second, for housewife in WeChat, you can teach them this game

Let them learn how to add groups and sellData, WeChat group receives hundreds$The tuition fee will be enough. After hearing this, you should understand the logic and ideas of the whole project. Why did many big guys do this project in the early days? Because there are many variations in this project, and some people even started companies.

Overall, the difficulty of the whole project is lowResources, products and customer acquisition are combined. Novice as a sideline is a good choice. The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to enlarge, because the threshold of this project is low. You can learn it as long as you study hard. Projects with low threshold are competitive, and you have to accumulate a long time to get high income.

The novice earns 1000 more every month by sharing the notes of the best project,


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