Tiktok sideline money making project, suitable for beginners


Today, I will disassemble it for you. It is suitable for beginnersNoviceThe money making project of Tiktok sideline is simple and easy to start, which is mainly divided into three directions,First, the principle of short video project; Second, short video project preparation; Third, short video project production process.

Tiktok sideline money making project, suitable for beginners

The first point is the principle of short videoIn fact, we canSome funny videos are used to get traffic and fans. Look at the following two pictures, and you can enjoy them very much. In addition, you can directly hang the product window in the later stage. Each video has played hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of times. There is no problem for you to bring goods through this aspect, and the sales volume is very high.

Second, short video project preparation

Do TiktokLaughing video is a topic video about “smart navigation”. If you don’t understand it, you can go to Tiktok to search the content of smart navigation. What you need to prepare is a DASH CAM video, or take a video while sitting in the copilot. If you don’t have a car, you can take it in a taxi,

Or walking in front of a horseRoad shooting and video shooting are original, which can bring better advantages and play volume. You also need to prepare the music that your peers make online, just collect the music directly. If you can’t collect music, you can save the whole video directly, and then extract the music of this video when you use it later.

Third pointVideo project production process

Step 1: import the captured video into the clip;

Step 2: There is an audio in the lower left corner. Click the Tiktok collection directly to import the collected music. Click on the audio to see it. If the video was saved before, there is an extracted music in it. Click to extract the music in the videoThe music was completely extracted.

Step 3: Choose 16:9 as the ratio. When you shoot the material, you should shoot it on the horizontal screen. Click Export to combine the sound and video, so that you can extract the subtitles later.

Choose a lighter color for the background canvas style, and never choose a heavy colorIf the color is heavy, the color of the video has no obvious contrast.

Drag to the bottom column bar. After clicking the background, we add the text. Click the text directly below, create a new text, and write the corresponding title. Remember to drag the rhythm bar of the text to the corresponding video, so that the entire videoThere are captioned words frequently.

After the title is finished, the relevant subtitles are extracted, and the subtitles below the subtitle point can be recognized directly. Then adjust the size of the subtitle, and change the font and color of the subtitle. It is better to use black. It should be combined with the video, rather than words that are too small or unclearLocation of.

Click the plus sign of the video behind. There are funny clips in the material library. You can select the clips you need and add them directly. In fact, it is to use voice, add voice text, not video images. Just to cooperate with voice, you can understand it by searching for “Bar Navigation”.

Click when finishedThe video export is complete. When publishing, you can choose three funny topics to publish, such as: exclusive treatment of unhappy people, watching a laugh, and smart navigation. Note that you should always publish in this field, and the growth rate is relatively fast.

Don’t worry about cashing out. In the early stage, take the fansAccumulated, it is possible to bring goods and Taoists in the later period. Combined with the official account, it will be channeled into the private domain flow pool, and you can do whatever you want to cash in.

Having said so much, we still need to be able to implement the project. No matter how much we talk, it’s useless not to do it

Tiktok sideline money making project, suitable for beginners


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