Let’s share 4 websites that make a fortune and meet different Amazon customers


Let’s share with you four websites where you can make a fortune and see different Amazon customers.

Let’s share 4 websites that make a fortune and meet different Amazon customers

Do you think the process of becoming a Amazon customer is to attract more people, attract WeChat groups, advertise in groups, and earn commissions from friends?

Today, I would like to share with you another kind of Amazon customer who makes money: tool Amazon customer, guideAir Amazon customers, brand word Amazon customers and subdivided IP Amazon customers.

They don’t attract customers. They all actively search for customers and then actively purchase things through their links.

We judge a shopping website. It’s not whether the traffic is large enough, but whether the conversion rate of users is high.

One has a priceWorth buying websites must have:The user’s portrait is accurate, or the conversion rate is high, or the user is willing to collect.Any of these three items is very powerful.

Today, I would like to share with you four small websites that can make money in a boring way, and take you to know different Amazon customers.

1. Tool Amazon customers

Historical price query website: wwww.lsjgcx.com

This is a typical tool Amazon customer. You must have never thought that websites with such ugly interfaces are very profitable. The search traffic is thousands a day. All the users come to Amazon, Tmall and JD to compare prices. Think about how valuable these traffic is.

The biggest highlight of this website is that there are manyPeople collect. This is 666!

2. Navigation Amazon customers

Official website: guanwangdaquan.com

This is a navigation Amazon guest website. This is a website that makes advertisements into content. The whole site is full of advertisements and content. Users come in to see advertisements

This isIt is another version of hao123. This website has achieved the utmost traffic. Google has a weight of 6. The website has 100000 search traffic every day. The advertising of Google alliance can earn a lot of money.

This website is a Amazon guest by doing weights.

3. Brand word Amazon guest

Quanyou Home FlagShip shop: http://www.quanyou-shop.com

This is a Amazon customer website with brand words, and it uses Quanyou Home flagship store as the key word of the website.

What kind of people are most likely to buy Quanyou home? Is it the person who wants to decorate or buy furniture?It’s not true. People who search the flagship store of Quanyou Home are most likely to buy it.

Don’t look at this website ugly, small traffic, but it does not affect people’s money. The flow will come up as soon as the rush arrives. Moreover, the unit price of this furniture is high, and a single order may be worth a day’s advertising in your group.

4. SubdivisionIP Amazon guest

This is a personal ip blog that teaches you how to choose cigarette machine. The entire website is to teach you how to select cigarette machines and evaluate various cigarette machines. The best way to sell cigarette machines is to teach people about cigarette machines, which is called content e-commerce.

This website may be abandoned this year, but it’s not important. The blogger has completed the original websiteInitial private domain traffic accumulation.

Become an industry expert, no matter it is a real industry expert, or it looks like. It’s not important. The important thing is that you have a staff and people believe in what you recommend.

Cigarette fans are a small category. Can we copy to the water heater, treadmill, sweeping robot… theseIn the sub category.

For Amazon customers of such category IP, the more subdivided, the better, and the customer price must be high. It is better to pay the commission for one order, or to offset others’ many orders. In this way, the input-output ratio of your online earnings is worth it.

Here comes the point. After looking at these cases, can we copy our homework? Certainly.butWe need to change a way: dislocation competition.

It is a popular saying recently that all businesses are worth doing again with Tiktok. When you create an idea, you are a blue ocean at the beginning.

1. Change the dimension: can I make a paid query when others query the historical price for free?

2. Track change: othersCan I do it on the mobile terminal? Can I change the app to an applet?

3. Change the industry: other people’s entire online shopping navigation, can I do the entire fishing navigation.

4. Category change: Others can do the range hood IP, but can I do the dishwasher IP?

5. Change the crowd: everyone is grabbing the C terminalAmazon customer, can I be a Amazon customer on the B side. How explosive is the B-end user? One user is one group.

After sharing, finally say something:The competition between cognitive difference and information difference is not competition, but compaction.

I have seen many websites made by people who know technology. Their websites are very beautiful,It has many functions, but it doesn’t make money.

The four website cases shared today are all ugly and low in technology. Except for the first price comparison website, they all use ready-made templates. Some traffic is not high, some even ugly. But they all have one key point in common. They make a lot of money!

I hope it can give you different thinking and inspiration. Jump out of the problem itself and look at the problem. It may be another blue ocean.

Let’s share 4 websites that make a fortune and meet different Amazon customers


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