Share 6 small projects that make money. Simple and rude can be magnified. Novice can start to practice immediately after watching


Today, we have six ways to make money by selling virtual goods as a sideline, which is worth ten thousand dollars a month$There is always one of the six playing methods that is suitable for you. It is recommended that you just start to operate part-time, and then enter the site full-time after stability. These playing methods are not limited to Pinduoduo, but also Amazon or other e-commerce platforms.

Share 6 small projects that make money. Simple and rude can be magnified. Novice can start to practice immediately after watching

Play method 1: sell all major appsShort term or experience member

For example, Google Netdisk 7 days members, WPS15 days rice husk members, Sohu, Netease PPT, Himalayas, Mango, Youku, Tencent iQiyi, etc. These are businesses that encourage old users to use for free in order to attract new users.

Experience the short-term membership cards you see on Amazon or PinduoduoSuch as coupons. The seller does not have any cost. It not only earns users’ money, but also gets some promotion fees from the official.

Channel source of virtual goods

First, Google, Quora, WeChat search Google members for 7 days, iQIYI experience members and other related keywords can find this type of member information and directly hang it in their own storesShop for sale.

Second, various official APPs, official websites, and official WeChat official account will introduce various discounts from time to time to experience activity information and pay attention to it$, if any, it can be sold directly.

Third, directly place an order to buy the products of the same industry, and then act as a collaborator or channel businessTalk with the official about cooperation to obtain activity information.

Game 2: The middleman of the white wolf will earn the price difference with nothing

If you don’t know anything, it will be very difficult to open a Amazon shop, or edit videos and beautify pictures for others by Pinduoduo shop. The correct approach is to imitate the shop decoration with good sales of peersQuestion, commodity details,

Then the goods will be put on the shelves. After there are customers, they will directly place orders from salted fish or transfer. When the buyer asks what information, they will directly copy and paste it to salted fish or inquire about the seller, and the seller will directly copy and paste the response script.

The seller sends you a virtual source of goods, and then directly copies and pastes the goods to the buyer,Whether it’s art design, editing, design, programming, SUV optimization, logo design, and other businesses, you can play like this,

It is strongly recommended to open one or more stores that sell virtual goods without a deposit of 40000 dollars. The novice may have several questions about why they place orders for salted fish or transfer. Their prices are low and they earn moneyGrid error.

Why is it strongly recommended to open one or more virtual Pinduoduo stores free of deposit of 40000 dollars? This store has a write off function. Write off before shipping. After write off, the transaction has been completed,

Buyers who attempt to whore for nothing or are dissatisfied with the goods have no choice but to find customer service, which greatly reduces the probability of customers’ refundsIt is very helpful for the seller to waive the deposit of 40000 dollars.

Play method 3: find e-books, movies, TV dramas, tutorials, papers, original pictures, APP, etc

In order to save money and time, many people ask others to find virtual resources at a low price. There is no cost to play this. Go to know about the source of goods. Search for movies on the B stationE-books, search tutorials, etc,

It contains all the skills to find these virtual resources. As long as you learn patiently, you can meet 99% of the customers’ needs. Basically, you can find them. If you can’t find them, you can get a refund without any loss.

Game 4, payment on behalf

The project has a huge consumer marketThere is a demand for things, but they don’t use PayPal or Visa. People abroad are interested in domestic things, but they don’t use WeChat, Alipay or look at these two pictures. Interested friends can study them by themselves. Because the topic is sensitive, we won’t discuss them here.

Play Method 5: Sell Virtual Tutorials

The purchase channels are search engines andIn the same industry, compared with foreign countries, the copyright awareness of domestic creators and infringers is relatively weak, and most domestic creators have no awareness of protecting their own tutorials,

The creator has created a tutorial, many of which add their own contact information, hoping that others can resell it to achieve secondary communication. Few creators attach importance to the tutorial。

Because of the high cost of protecting rights in China, the failure to protect rights generally requires the infringer to delete the matter, which causes the secondary traffickers to take advantage of loopholes. Imagine that you are the person in charge of a certain tutorial organization,

I want to know if my tutorial has been sold twice, whether it is in the search engine and major e-commerce platformsTaiwan searches for its own brand words to see if there is a second piracy, but there is no way to avoid the brand words in the title and details pages of the sellers.

Now let’s talk about the copyrightless materials that can be sold: these are copyrightless materials that can be sold with confidence. Here we share two sources of virtual tutorials.

firstThe search engine searches for the keywords related to the tutorial. After the tutorial appears, the download will require you to become a paid member. Generally, one or two hundred can be settled. Before you buy a member, you should ask the webmaster if the tutorial is encrypted, and you must not pay for the encrypted tutorial.

The second is to buy peer tutorials and then sell themThe replicability of the imitated goods and the operation of reselling the goods of the same trade do not involve infringement, because the products have no copyright ownership.

Before talking about the sixth play method, let’s talk about the operation and marketing strategies of the first five play methods. No matter whether you have the ability to continuously update, you should always say that they are continuously updated,

Whether it’s a starter or not, we should sayIt is the first launch. No matter whether the peers copy or not, they should say that the peers copy your products. The core meaning is to be forever imitated and never surpassed.

Say it againThere are two ways to play the operation strategy

First, sell at a low price in the early stage, and sell at a higher price in the later stage, first exchange the price advantage for the sales volume, then increase the price for the profit, and when appropriate, you can drive a through trainFor paid promotion, as long as dozens of sales are stabilized and dozens of comments are made, the order can be issued naturally.

Second, take the high price route, high price=high quality=high service=high product, open multiple stores to store a large number of products on the shelves, and under the replication of a large number of natural flow, the high price still sells a lot of income, so as to make good use of itWith two strategies, you can definitely play with the first five ways of selling virtual goods.

Play 6, divert customers to WeChatThere are various ways of diversion. For example, when selling short-term members of iQiYi, the customer orders and tells the other party to add WeChat to send the members for two days. If it is selling courses, the other party buys courses related to network operation,

Let’s say that adding WeChat to deliver VIP drainage courses worth 1999, or their own virtual products, is 15$, say add WeChat exemption three$, trade on the platform to eliminate the other party’s concerns about trading outside the station.

In a word, we should try to divert to WeChat, and what should we do with the WeChat diverted by fans? Selling CPS, members, tutorials, apprenticesRecruiting agents, selling fans, and selling accounts,

Anything you want can be sold. There is a saying in the circle that traffic is king, and a 5000 followers of WeChat can easily break the ten thousand$

Share 6 small projects that make money. Simple and rude can be magnified. Novice can start to practice immediately after watching


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