A profit of $3 is earned and the monthly sales are more than 20000. Very few people know about this unexpected project!


Poor information is the king of making money on the Internet.

A profit of $3 is earned and the monthly sales are more than 20000. Very few people know about this unexpected project!

Many people say that it is difficult to make money through the Internet, and sidelines do not know how to cut in.

In fact, generally speaking, it is relatively easy to find information gaps on the Internet, meet one’s needs and make money. No capital is needed. I will give you a share todayEnjoy a low cost and high profit information difference project.

First, I’ll show you a picture. Do you know what it is for?

This is actually registrationGmailPage of.

Google email is also called Google account. One Google email account is not only used for many Google products, but also can be quickly registered andLog in to most other foreign platforms or app applications and games.

Foreign software such as Twitter, tiktok, ins, Facebook, and dnf mobile games can all be registered through Google Email, which is almost a universal email, and must be used for foreign trade related businesses.

But youI also saw that since Google quit China, Google Email can no longer be registered in China. As long as you register with a domestic mobile phone number, it will pop up“This phone number cannot be used for verification”Information for.

This sets an insurmountable threshold for those who want to register their Google email accountsCan you go to buy a foreign card in order to register a foreign email account?

At this point,Google email accountIt has become a profitable outlet business. Many people have seized on this wave of unexpected demand and made a lot of money. Open Amazon and you can see that there are many people looking for this service!

Take the head shop in my screenshot as an example,Random account 4.9$, customized account 19.6$, monthly sales of 20000 , even excluding the direct train cost, the monthly profit is no less than 10W

Moreover, this shop is not the only one. After searching other Amazon stores, although there are not tens of thousands of exaggerated sales, hundreds of thousands are not thereA few.

This is only based on the fact that someone knows how to go to a treasure to find this service.

There are many people who do not know this service at all, and they will subconsciously seek help from the almighty Du Niang. So I also went to Google to search randomly, and the results are amazing.

As can be seen from the places marked in the red circle, there is a search demand that is equally troubledamount25 million person times, we can see how big the market is!

Many people do bidding ads in Google, and they can pay for them by directly jumping to the website.

The willingness to spend money on this new project shows that there are huge profits to be made. You should know that today’s high cost of bidding click advertising is not enough to support any small project.

And the next oneThe website not only sells Google accounts, but alsoTwitter, Facebook, YouTubeAnd other account channels.

In this way, as long as the operation is good and the traffic is settled,

There is no upper limit on income.

In the same way, I found that other platforms such as Tiktok, Xianyu, Quora, Tieba, Toutiao, etc. also have this kind of demandIt means that whoever can lay the pipeline can receive a large number of orders.

But we also need to think deeply, what is the profit model of these people and how much is the cost? I can objectively tell you that the cost is almost zero.

Because it is not only time-consuming, laborious and successful to register email manually one by oneVery low, so the best way isGo to buy Google email that has been registered by others, buy low and sell high to earn the difference.

Let’s go to the purchase website to see how much the purchase price of such a Google email is, as shown in the figure. If you buy one from the following website, the price is 2$About, the longer the account is, the better it will be。

If you buy in bulk, the price is more attractive, even two$If we can’t get the price, we can get it.

Then let’s compare Amazon 5~20$We will find that the intermediate profit is very considerable. The vast majority of people do not understand this, and this bet is definitely a partial moneymaking business.

After the customer places an order, let’s go to this platform to buy, and we can earn the price difference smoothly by simply reselling.

We lead to WeChat, a customer, from 10 to 50$Free quotation. We act as an agent. If one account earns 10%$Money, selling 100 mailboxes a day, the net profit is 1000.

wrongIt is often a simple project of reselling.

Of course, there are not only Google accounts, but also some other accounts. I see that there is a very large price difference.

The operation of the whole project is very simple. The professional work should be handed over to the professional people. Only the flow should be done, not the technology. The order should be handed over to the technical cooperation teacher. That’s OK.

In additionPeople resources are needed. We need to know not only the friends of the source of goods, but also the merchants of the same industry, both of which are indispensable.

If you are interested, you can find a business on Amazon or Xianyu to set up a relationship, and then ask him to help you get started$The red envelope of money is worth it.

If we encounter a good project, noneIn terms of tuition fees or apprenticeship fees, these money must not be saved, but must be spent, because learning with people who have already made money can make money faster.

A profit of $3 is earned and the monthly sales are more than 20000. Very few people know about this unexpected project!


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