The actual measurement shows that the methods for the unexpected projects that Erlengzi can do are all written


The thing is, I’mSocial networking sitesLi Fa works.

The actual measurement shows that the methods for the unexpected projects that Erlengzi can do are all written

I met a college student who asked me to help him with his problem for a fee. I was a little disgusted at the beginning, but after I thought it over, it was really a good project.

On the one hand, the attitude of the other side is very urgent. On the other hand, I see a wide market space.

Let’s talk about my ideas first。

Nowadays, students are generally too lazy to do the exercises, or their grades are poor to do the exercises. They will try to complete these exercises when they are about to review for the exam.

It’s just that I don’t do it myself, and I’m looking for people everywhere to pay for help, so I define this project as “doing it on behalf of others”!

Next, the demand mainly depends on eachThe search intention of the platform includes two points: related search content and drop-down keywords.

For example: I take Google search to analyze, and through a series of observations, I have been a bit Daodao.

When I search for “Do it for me”, the drop-down list shows the relevant demand words.

Including paid (receivableMoney), how to find people, the platform for problem solving, software and other needs.

To make a conclusion, this project can be realized directly. It is just a problem solver.

Ordinary students will search for the person who does the work for them to pay for cooperation, while the person who does this kind of business can usually find it by searchingDon’t find the contact information of the other party too directly.

To make it easy to receive orders is naturally to expose the post bar ranking. Smart peers will use the platform with higher weight to expand their business and place keywords on the title.

Of course, when it comes to giving questions to people, you need to give complete and correct answersThis can not be done, it will be difficult for many people, so only those who understand the routine operation can take over the item.

The method I want to say is to use some software to complete, and the answers are very accurate and rich.

The principle is as follows: type in the title of the question you want to do, search for detailed answers, and someStudents often use this tool.

Therefore, since my title is good for this project, I will write the whole operation completely for everyone to practice and realize.

This app is called “Not failing the exam”.

After downloading, the interface opens as follows.

Two main functions are used here, text search and photo search.

Text search: copy the title of the question, and then search for relevant answers.

In a word, all topics are professional, even if you don’t understand anything, you can simply copy the title and search in.

I also tested this, and the effect is really good.

You can find many answers byGather all these together and come up with a rich answer.

This operation is both intelligent and efficient. No matter how many lists to answer, it can be completed in a very short time, and it does not cost money to ask someone to do it.

It is to move bricks. First copy, paste and search, and then copy, paste and extract answers, which completes the customer’s question.

againTalk about how to promote.

Because no project can be separated from traffic, no customer is all bullshit.

Now I give several drainage schemes.

Type I: Self built platform

Create a business website similar to “acting as a topic”, use SEO to rank all kinds of precise words, and establish a long-term flow pipeline.

Such a colleague is a classicFor example, I set up a website dedicated to this kind of list and collected money to help people do their homework.

In addition, this kind of business can not be found on Amazon. It may be a bit biased.

Therefore, it is the only way to lead traffic to personal accounts. As for how to charge, you can go to the peers to explore the bottom and see how they charge.

Second type: multi platform pushwide

When it comes to promotion, I personally think it covers a wide range.

From small children to the workplace, all kinds of subjects, resources and tutorials can be distributed.

For example, you can go to Google Library, Douding, and Taoist Babali to find materials for taking college students’ test papers as a list.

Several screenshots, sent toSocial networking sites, short video, BStop, so the traffic comes.


Final summary:

When you see any information, put yourself in the other’s shoes and do market analysis, there will be different directions.

At the same time, under the epidemic situationIt is more and more difficult to sell physical products. The difficulty is not that the products are not good, but that many people are not satisfied with express delivery. Therefore, it is better to make such products if you can make online profit.

It can be done in minutes when someone places an order and sends it directly to the online disk or email.

One more thing, you’d better not go to the store if you can’t. First, the money is paidSecond, it is easy to break the rules.

The best way to achieve sustainable cash flow is to steadily make flour every day, and then steadily collect money, which is the long-term way.

The actual measurement shows that the methods for the unexpected projects that Erlengzi can do are all written


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