As a sideline project of making money in silence, he can earn 30000 dollars a month with this move


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As a sideline project of making money in silence, he can earn 30000 dollars a month with this move

I believe that many friends use short video platforms such as Tiktok and Kwai to watch all kinds of girls dancing and photos

To tell the truth, I sometimes do, because food and sex are human nature. Don’t be embarrassed, because what? Because nobody knows

And then, let’sIn China, there are many homestead men, and how many market segments are derived from here?

Videos, photos, authentic, chatting, making friends, etc.

Every year for this$Are there fewer sideline projects in the market? Not a bit

After all. If there is demand, there must be a market. Right? There is a market, there will be deliveryEasy.

Master this$I dare not say that any subdivided corner of the field will make you rich, but what. There are still eight thousand in January.

Then subdivide these fields and rank them according to the degree of difficulty:

Photos and chat are basic operations. The video is original

I recommend photosslice

Chat words. There have been so many platforms since last year that you can make money by chatting. But who knows if the avatar is a tough guy or a real girl?

According to some friends who are operating, as long as you can endure all kinds of teasing on the opposite side every day, you will successfully join the chatting army.

Of course, I hope you are strong willed. Don’tIt’s bending

In this case, chatting is definitely not suitable for me, and we don’t have video, so let’s go to the photo$Go to investigate

Before we start, we should first consider the liquidation mode. If this is not well considered, how do you realize it?

So photos, this one$。 What is the realization mode?


For the time being, these two categories are suitable

When selling goods. Not that this type of traffic is not suitable, but it is a little threshold

Then let’s go to the photo$Go deeper

Photo drainage

There are several directions

Tiktok Kwai Beauty Atlas
Social networking sitesrecommendnote
Beauty official account

Among the three directions, the fastest and most direct way to obtain income should belong to the official account

Directly rely on the main cash flow
Receive various advertisements
Go back to personal account, and decide what to sell

Recently, I saw a friend, who is the kind of house in the end. It is also called a dead house. Fuck himThe model is also very simple, that is, the beauty official account

As for the method, it is not difficult to explain it thoroughly.

It is to constantly collect beautiful women’s pictures, and then copy and paste them on the official account to make a photo album

See this picture?

It’s all a photo album of beautiful women

Someone asked: Does anyone watch this official account?

Ask thisThe friend in question shows that you are still too young to understand the world of otaku (of course, I also don’t understand)

Many homestead men like girls very much. What kind of wallpapers, wallpapers and desktops. All have

Moreover, the most important thing is that these are free. What you need to do is to attract their attention and follow them in

It doesn’t cost any money. Is it just suitable for us, the curtilage men who are locked in by thieves?

All right, let’s not talk about the reason, let’s talk about the process

Find some targeted official account
Then register your own official account
Try to remember the name as easily as possible (although it doesn’t matter)
Try to use beautiful women as avatars
Then go to Tiktok KwaiSocial networking sitesDistribute works (complete quotationStream)
Then, you can copy the tweets sent by the targeted official account from yesterday (copy and paste them, but you should control the image scale and see if the targeted official account tweets are original)
Stick to the operation every day, repeat 56 steps, and complete it within one or two hours every day

First pile up the number of readers and fans

See the screenshot data above?

Although the number of readers is about 6000, the number of fans is about 20000 to 20000

Like it not to mention, 100 start

As long as you stick to it, after the number of readers and fans is piled up, you can connect with the advertisement, and then contact the advertiser (because the advertiser’s advertising is based on reading and fansSilk price), which can be realized gradually, of course. You can sell photos if you want

Tonight, I talked about the process and play method of the beauty official account. Although it’s a bit rough, don’t mind

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As a sideline project of making money in silence, he can earn 30000 dollars a month with this move


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