Monthly income of 2000 , quick realization of small projects


We are always difficult to fully analyze and evaluate our own thinking, lacking insight into the problems existing in our thinking, and lacking any motivation to make significant changes to our thinking.

Monthly income of 2000 , quick realization of small projects

For most of us, our attitude towards something is either black or white, or one or the other. If we cannot succeed, we will fail.

WeYou can go far, but you can’t go near. Don’t be confined to the habitual thinking that “there is no scenery in the familiar place”, and turn a blind eye to the experts and learning resources around you.

Just like we make money, we always waste the good resources around us and look for them everywhere.

Listening to music, for most people, has been linked with ourLife is one.

Can we use this to make money?

Today’s project is related to music. Next, we will introduce in detail:

1. Project idea:

Make a video of the ranking list of popular songs on Netease Cloud or other music platforms, and publish it onSocial networking sitesPlatform, when the number of fans of the account increasesAfter ten thousand, we can consider realizing it.

When our fans exceed 10000 fans, we can sell them on the new media trading platform. The number of fans is directly linked to the price. The more fans, the more beautiful the price is.

2. Operation steps:

1) Account registration

The steps to register an account are not detailed hereYes, but one thing must be noted: the name of the account must be related to music. Such as XX Love Music, XX Selected Classical Music, etc.

2) How to find song resources

This is simpler. There are so many music platforms, such as QQ Music and Netease Cloud.

This is based on your favorite platformThat’s all right.

Open the music software and find the leaderboard. These are some recent popular music, which can be used as the material of our video.

3) Video production

There are a lot of software for video production, such as clip and image. Remember to add some background images and beauty when making videosCopy of.

Of course, we may not have a clue at the beginning, which reflects the importance of peers.

We can take a look at how peers make videos, and use their good ideas for reference.

4) Account No. out of S

There are many We Media trading platforms, so you don’t need to searchA5, fish claw net can be used.

Let’s take A5 as an example;

Search A5 on the webpage, open it and you will see various transaction information, and then search in the search barSocial networking sites, you will see the relevant information:

It can be seen that the number of fans is about 5400, and the price is 1000$about.

One thing must be noted,That is, the account should not be real name, otherwise it will affect the sale.

It may be that when we first started making videos online, the number of videos played will be very low, but we must stick to it. We can send more videos every day, saying that a lot of videos will work wonders, and there will always be a lot of videos played.

Today’s project is like this. For ordinary people,There is no difficulty or investment. The only cost is to pay our time.

No matter what the project is, it is always inseparable from persistence. If you want to make money, you must put aside our habitual thinking.

I always think we can’t do this or that. In the end, you may not be able to do it。

Everything depends on people. No matter what, there are always people who do well, and there are always people who do not.

Think carefully, why can’t you be the one who does well?

Monthly income of 2000 , quick realization of small projects


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